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Chapter 305 - Disaster above a ship - Part 4

“Yes, master.”

Yeowun then walked forward. He pulled out the White Dragon Blade from his waist and swung it across the floor. The blade qi coming from the pure white blade made a large cut on the wooden floor of the ship. Pirates became confused and Yeowun warned them.

“I will kill whoever crosses this line.”

Nobody could even dare to speak up at such a terrifying voice. Chun Yeowun’s presence was that terrifying that the pirates’ huge number made no use. It felt like they would all die if they even tried to cross that line.

‘Ugh… how can such a monster come out like this!’

Bok Hosun became grim at such pressure. The clear difference in power even made him terrified. That’s when the man sent him a telepathic message.

[Captain Bok… is the baby inside the room?]

[Oh! You want to use that baby? There’s a problem. I know you told me to, but my First Mate asked me to hide the baby in my room so I hid it there.]

The man then rather became relieved at Bok Hosun’s answer. He was from the Forces of Justice, so he actually didn’t like the idea of using the baby as a threat even if that was why he asked.

[Ugh. I should’ve taken the baby with me if I knew this would happen.]

[They wouldn’t know, so it doesn’t matter.]

[Oh! You are right. They don’t know where the baby is!]

[Stay still.]

The man then walked up and shouted at Chun Yeowun.

“I know you are a powerful man, but are you sure you can take that woman out safely from this ship?”

He threatened Yeowun that he would go for the woman instead of Yeowun. The man already guessed why Yeowun and his group were trying to take Gam Miyan with them. Gam Miyan was a must-have to make the Godly Doctor work for whoever’s plan as that was the doctor’s only weakness.

‘I won’t let you go with the Godly Doctor’s granddaughter!’

That wasn’t allowed. The Godly Doctor was the one who knew the grand project that the Blue Sky Brotherhood had been working on. If she decided to help them instead, it was going to be problematic.

‘If they can’t rescue Gam Miyan, the doctor will see no point in helping them.’

The man knew what kind of person the Godly Doctor was. But he didn’t know the other person. Yeowun didn’t budge at the threat and spoke.

“Come fight if you think you can stop me,” Yeowun shouted as he aimed his blade at the man. It was just a simple action of aiming the sword, but the powerful energy proved that Yeowun wasn’t joking.

‘Ugh… he is as arrogant as he is powerful. I have no choice.’

The man then decided to resort to the final choice. He glanced at Bok Hosun and Bok Hosun shouted.

“Hmph! We have her husband and baby! Do you think she will help you?”


Yang Danwa and Bakgi became surprised and turned to Gam Miyan. She couldn’t say anything as her blood point was sealed, but her eyes became reddened with tears falling from it.

‘So, it was because of a baby.’

They did think her action was inexplicable. Whether it was forced or voluntary, she had a baby with the First Mate of the Yongho Family, and had to help the pirates for her baby who had now become another hostage. Bok Hosun shouted threateningly so that Gam Miyan could hear.

“If I give the order, the baby inside the room is as good as dead! If you even put your finger on my crew, or if Lady Gam leaves this ship, I will kill that baby! Do you hear?!”

Gam Miyan began to shake with fear. Tears kept falling from her eyes, showing how much emotional pain she was in.

“Y-you bastards! You now even take the baby as a hostage?!”

Hu Bong glared at the man with a frown. He knew people from the Forces of Evil didn’t care what it took in order to achieve their goal, but he didn’t imagine that would include having a baby as a hostage.

‘I feel sorry for her, but we have no choice.’

They too had no intention of giving up the chance to persuade the Godly Doctor. This had to be stopped. With Yang Danwa, Bakgi and Hu Bong all frustrated on what to do, the man confirmed that his threat worked.

‘It worked!’

“Give us the woman, and we will let you return safely.”

The man suggested his side of the offer. The baby wasn’t on the ship so their threat was hollow, and if they tried to threaten further to give up the Godly Doctor, it was likely to backfire so the man tried to seal the deal here. But Yeowun did not act according to his prediction.

“What if I say no?”

Bok Hosun and the man became grim. They didn’t think Yeowun would say no even if threatened with the life of a baby.


Gam Miyan also became so shocked that she stopped crying and glared at Yeowun with her eyes wide from shock. The man frantically sent a telepathic message to Yeowun.

[HAH! You are bluffing. Your choice will kill the Godly Doctor great-grandson. Do you think the doctor will help you even if that happens?]

But Yeowun did not respond to the telepathic message and spoke.

“Kill the baby.”


The man became shocked.

“D-do you know what you are talking about?!”

“Of course, I do.”

At that moment, Yeowun threw the White Dragon Blade toward the crowds of pirates. The blade then shot through the six pirates, penetrating through them and killing them instantly. With Yeowun reaching out, the blade flew back to Yeowun’s hand. Bok Hosun shouted furiously.

“Y-YOU!! What are you doing! Do you really want the baby to be killed?!”

Yeowun then answered casually.

“I thought you’d kill the baby if I laid my hand on your crew? Are you not the leader here? Was your threat just a bluff?”

“Nnnngh! Y-you want to do this the hard way?!”

Bok Hosun knew that he had to keep his stance so that his threat wasn’t bluffing. He had to make it sound as if he really was up to the threat.

“When my hand drops to the ground, kill the baby!”

“Y-yes, Captain!”

Pirates answered to Bok Hosun to play along as Bok Hosun raised his hand in the air.

“This is final warning! If you don’t hand over Lady Gam…”

But before Bok Hosun could finish his words, Yeowun’s body became blurry, and a trace of him appeared from behind and then reappeared in front of Bok Hosun.


Bok Hosun became shocked and tried to back away immediately, but Yeowun’s White Dragon Blade was faster. The blade shot upward like lightning. Bok Hosun’s left arm that was raised in the air was cut down and dropped to the ground. Bok Hosun grabbed his shoulder and fell to the ground, screaming in pain.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!!! M-my arm! My arm!!!!”

He was the Captain and the leader of the Yongho Family, an admired super master level warrior, but he was nothing against the supreme master level warrior, Chun Yeowun.


The pirates became shocked and Yeowun smirked to them as he said, “What are you doing? Your captain’s arm dropped. Weren’t you ordered to kill the baby? GO ahead.”


It was impossible to kill a baby that wasn’t on the ship. With all the pirates too terrified to even speak, Yeowun shook his head and stomped down on Bok Hosun who was rolling on the ground from pain.


“Do you think you can fool me with your bluffing?”

Bok Hosun finally realized with a pale face that he had chosen the wrong person to mess with.


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