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Chapter 306 - Disaster above a ship - Part 5

“Yes! Master did it again!!”

Hu Bong shouted with excitement. Chun Yeowun never fell in trouble against any enemy since the beginning, but Hu Bong thought that it was truly concerning this time. Nobody would have imagined that the enemy would threaten them with a baby. But Yang Danwa was actually fearful of Yeowun.

‘Was he certain that they were lying? The Lord sometimes makes me think that he is listening to other people’s telepathic messages or can read others’ minds.’

Every enemy who fought against Yeowun became shocked, as Yeowun found out their plans as if he knew it ahead of time. But that was impossible, so it was only explainable through boldness and excellent decision-making skills.

‘I see how he managed to defeat the six clans.’

It was only possible because it was Chun Yeowun. Yang Danwa then glanced behind to look at Gam Miyan, the Godly Doctor’s granddaughter.


She became relieved when she heard that it was a fake threat, and slumped down. Yang Danwa narrowed his eyes.

‘That woman is the problem.’

Whatever the case, the baby wasn’t here so it was likely that they had to return to the Yongho Family’s village to find the baby. She set them up to trap her own baby. It was understandable, but if they did not rescue the baby, then it was likely for her to repeat her actions. That’s when Yang Danwa heard Chun Yeowun’s telepathic message.

[Elder Yang.]

[Yes, my lord.]

The man became grim. Yeowun said that he knew that they were bluffing on the baby. They didn’t know how he found out, but he knew that baby wasn’t on the ship.

‘Did he find out by using his senses?’

It was curious, but what was certain was that they were no match against that monster.

‘We have no choice.’

The man then decided he had to take the chance when the man was only focusing on Bok Hosun. This was the only chance to kill the supreme master level warrior without much loss.


[Yes, Master!]

The man sent a telepathic message to one of the warriors hidden behind the pirates. It was a warrior from the Blue Sky Brotherhood who was hiding behind the pirates.

[I will buy some time… you swim to the docks to bring the baby here. If something happens while you do that, just kill the baby.]

[Kill… the baby?]

[If the Godly Doctor works with them, then our Brotherhood’s grand plan will fail.]

[…Yes, Master.]

Homeng became hesitant about killing a baby, but he answered. He then carefully moved toward the rear side of the ship. The water was too rapid so it would be hard to swim up, but if he reached the land, it was a short distance down to the village.

‘Let’s see what you do if our threat becomes a reality.’

He felt sorry for Bok Hosun who was pinned down by Yeowun, but there was no way to rescue him. They needed to buy as much time as possible as it would take at least 20 minutes for Homeng to return with the baby.

“Nnngh… P-please!”

Bok Hosun felt like he would die. He couldn’t push Yeowun away even with all of his power. Yeowun’s power was enormous, but so was his physical strength coming out from his strengthened muscles. Bok Hosun became terrified from fear of death and showed signs of surrdender.

“I-I will let you go… I mean, I will give you the baby! Please let me live!”

His crew was watching at him, but it was no time to keep his pride. But Yeowun wasn’t looking at him anymore. It seemed like he was deep in thought.


“Oh, I’m sorry. I had to listen to something.”

“I just said I will surrender! Please let me live!”

Yeowun then looked down at Bok Hosun and spoke casually.

“Well, I don’t think your friend shares your idea.”

“W-what are you talking about? What friend are you… wait?!”

“At least I know that I don’t need to talk to you anymore.”

“W-wait! WAIT!!!!”

Yeowun then increased pressure on the foot stepping on Bok Hosun’s chest. With the chest crushing down, with bones cracking up, blood spat out from Bok Hosun’s mouth as he screamed.

“Aaaaaaargh!!! Aaaarnrnnnghh….”

The scream did not last long as Yeowun’s foot crushed through, and stomped on the heart, killing him instantly.


“H-how dare you!!”

A few pirates became enraged by watching their captain dying miserably and charged at Yeowun.

“W-what?! Where is he?!”

“He’s gone!’

But their weapon shot through Yeowun as Yeowun was no longer there. Yeowun was already near the front side of the ship.


The man became confused. The captain just said he would surrender and also give him the baby. It was a good enough deal for him. But Yeowun just killed the captain without hesitation.

‘Ugh… I need more time!’

It wasn’t long since his warriors jumped down to the river. They probably were swimming through the river, trying hard to walk up to the land. That’s when Yeowun looked at the man and spoke.

“You have lot up on your sleeves.”


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