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Chapter 307 - Disaster above a ship - Part 6


Yeowun then raised his arm and swung his arm toward the dead bodies of the pirates. And with that, the six swords that the pirates used floated up into the air.


“S-swords are moving!”

“G-get out!”

Pirates became terrified and began to move frantically, trying to run away from it. But swords did not come after them. Yeowun got up to the ship’s end and glanced toward the river and shouted to ask the man.

“I see that they are swimming!”

The man became shocked. He was concerned when Yeowun walked toward the deck, but it was now confirmed that Yeowun knew the man’s warriors were down at the river.

‘H-how did he find out?!’

He ordered silently while Yeowun was handling the Captain. Even if Yeowun had a strong sense to sense people, it was impossible to sense those who snuck out of the ship when there are 300 warriors around.

“Do you think I will not get to them if they are swimming in the river? Hmm… I think they are still within my range.”

The river moved very fast, so those men in the river were already quite far from the ship. But Yeowun said it was enough.

“What are you…”

The man then realized what Yeowun was saying.


Yeowun’s hand then reached out toward the river, and six swords immediately shot out like lightning toward the river.


The man took steps to charge while pulling out his blade. Blue force qi shot up from his blade and he threw bullet force qi toward the swords that shot through the river. It was his last resort to stop the attack, but there was no way that the force qi would catch up to the sword that was thrown ahead.

And those warriors of the Blue Sky Brotherhood who were swimming through met their end without suspecting it.



Their bodies were penetrated by swords as they were not ready within. They met unexpected death and were drawn into the river water. But not all was struck down.



Homeng and another man who heard the screaming dove underwater. The sword that killed five people lost its power to move and drawn into the water as it got too far away from the ship.


The man then became relieved. It seemed that even the supreme master level warrior couldn’t maintain the control of the sword with that far distance. There were only two warriors left, but that was enough for the job. He then shouted.

“You cannot stop them! I’m sure you know where they are headed! Do you see that we are not bluffing now?!”

The man became confident that he now had the upper hand. He didn’t think that threatening with the life of a baby was a shame anymore. But Yeowun shook his head and turned.

“Yang Danwa.”

“Yes, Master.”

Yang Danwa let go of his blade, and the blade stopped in the air. Yang Danwa then jumped on the blade. With his foot stepping on the blade, Yeowun swung his arm in a long stride, and the blade that had Yang Danwa above flew out of the ship.


Yang Danwa then jumped up from the blade once it got close to the land, and landed on the ground.

‘Yes, I did it!’

Yang Danwa was actually worried since this was his first time, but he brightened up when he succeeded. The man became dumbfounded and watched in disbelief. His two men were still in the river, but Yeowun’s man was already on land.

“T-this is impossible!”

The man shouted.

‘He used air sword to use as method of transport!’

This was something nobody had thought about. Yeowun could have done this method to send his members up on the ship while ago, but that was too obvious and noticeable, so Yeowun chose to sneak in with the boat. Yeowun then spoke to the man.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I think I will take the baby with me also.”

The man became furious at sarcasm and shouted, “Dammit! Do you even know where the baby is?! I’m sure you don’t!”

“Wasn’t the baby at the captain’s quarter?”


Yeowun spoke casually and the man became dumbfounded. That was the exact location of the baby.

‘T-…this is impossible!’

He didn’t think much at first, but he now realized that something was strange.

‘How can he know what the captain told me through telepathic message?!’

This was only explainable if Yeowun could overhear the telepathic message. An ability beyond understanding gave something more awe to a person. It gave fear.

‘The baby nor the doctor isn’t the problem.’

The man finally realized what danger really was. That monster disguised as young man was not only dangerous in its martial power, but with an ability beyond the wildest imagination. If that man could truly overhear telepathic messages, then this was a terrifying ability.

‘I have to find a way to either kill him here or escape alive to tell this to the others!’


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