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Chapter 308 - Dead man tells no tales - Part 1

The man quickly analyzed the situation. One superior master level warrior had gone out of the ship to take the baby. This was actually a good sign.

‘That man is a supreme master level warrior but…’

If the man, who was superior master level warrior, fought him along with over 300 pirates, maybe he had a chance. There were more than enough of them here.

‘It’s enough if I can have pirates hold him down.’

He didn’t think about killing his enemy. If the pirates could hold the man down long enough so that he could escape, that would give him time to return and let people know the existence of this monster. And when he thought through his plan, he quickly moved to take action. He sent one of the leaders among the pirates a telepathic message.

[Ben! What are you doing!?]


[Are you going to stand there and watch? Your captain is dead! We are against strong enemies, but they are only three! We outnumber them by 300 people!]

[I know, but we can’t…]

It wasn’t only Ben, all pirates were terrified by Chun Yeowun’s monstrous power. The man urged more strongly.

[Will you not uphold the oath that your captain made with our Brotherhood?]

[I-I know about the oath, but how can we even fight that monster?!]

The man became frustrated. He wanted to use pirates to stop him, but he didn’t realize they would be too frightened. Even if they were pirates from the Forces of Evil who did not care about anything, it did not mean they did not know fear the impossible.

[It’s just one man! You’re warriors from the 18 River Family and you just…]

It was then. Powerful energy came upon him and the man threw his body backward. Blue force qi shoot past him. His head would have been cut off if he didn’t dodge it.



But with him dodging it, over tens of pirates behind him had their necks and chests cut through. Blood poured out from their bodies, covering the entire ship.


And in a slight second, Chun Yeowun was already standing upon the man. The man spun his body left and brought up his blade to cover and Yeowun struck it down.


He blocked it with the blade, but his body came crashing down on the ship’s wooden floor. The floor was destroyed half way with his body being stuck in there.

‘W-what is this power?’

He expected a powerful blow as the enemy was much stronger than him, but it was hard to even just defend it. He was able to hold onto the blade, but his hand became numb.

“You think I will give you time to play tricks?”

And with that, the man became shocked.

‘I-I knew it. He can hear telepathic messages.’

The man sent a telepathic message to pirates to make them attack Yeowun, but he did it partially to see if Yeowun could actually hear it. He thought if Yeowun did hear telepathic message, it was likely that he would make a move to stop him.

‘I have to escape.’

The man gave up on pushing the White Dragon Blade away from him. He then focused energy toward his back to utilize the power that Yeowun was using to hold him down.

The man’s body penetrated through the ship floor and dropped. His plan was to give up on fighting and escape by dropping below.

‘He won’t chase me while leaving the Godly Doctor’s granddaughter behind with all these pirates.’

As he dropped through below, he twisted to created blade force qi and destroy the floor below. But his body suddenly stopped in the air. Yeowun had used force energy to stop him in the air.

‘Ugh. You are a fool, trying to hold me by force energy.’

Force energy only worked on another man if the man was below superior master level warrior. A superior master level warrior can control their own qi completely, so it was easy for them to block enemy’s energy coming into the body.


The man unleashed his energy to free himself from the force energy. But he became shocked from what he saw. In that slight moment while he was in the air, Yeowun was already on the ship’s floor below him.

“W-when?! Dammit!”

He then quickly used the blade formation while he fell. It was a powerful formation, worthy of a superior master level warrior. His blade formation quickly attacked Yeowun.

“This is your mistake for taking lower ground!”

He was surprised, but he still had the higher ground. But Yeowun didn’t seem to be worried.

“Mistake? We will see about that.”

And with that, Yeowun’s White Dragon Blade unleashed powerful blade qi and stormed toward the man. It was one of the Extreme Arts of the Blade God.


‘How can this be? My power that strikes down should be stronger!’

The man’s blade formation was easily countered by the storming blade formation that shoot up. But the storm didn’t end there. Blade force qi that destroyed the man’s attack quickly stormed around him, trying to rip his body apart.

‘B-blade force qi is surrounding me!’

On top of the ship, pirates were looking toward the hole with a tense look. The sound was sure that they seemed to be fighting. Soon, it turned quiet.

“…Is it over?”

At moment, the man penetrated through the floor of the deck, and Yeowun’s body stormed up while he swung White Dragon Blade, like a rising dragon.


The man’s body was being slashed by force qi. It didn’t cut him entirely off, but his skin was ripped apart and cut down, making it gruesome. The man even thought it might be better to die.

‘I can’t let you die yet.’


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