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Chapter 309 - Dead man tells no tales - Part 2

Yeowun quickly withdrew his hand and the storm disappeared, cutting both of the man’s arms below the elbows.


The man fell to the deck. His skin was ripped and forearms were cut, so the man kept screaming in pain. Yeowun walked up to him.

“Your hat is destroyed but I still can’t recognize your face. Well, it doesn’t matter.”

Yeowun placed his hand below the man’s stomach. The man flinched and shouted.

“A…aargh. W-what are you doing…!!!”

“I am doing this.”


Yeowun immediately destroyed the man’s internal energy. With extreme pain coming from all his wounds, the man passed out. Yeowun then sealed his blood points and threw his body with force energy toward Hu Bong and Bakgi.

“Hu Bong, make sure he doesn’t die.”

“Yes, Master.”

Yeowun then turned toward pirates.

“It’s your turn now.”

Chun Yeowun never left any potential dangers behind, even if the enemy was weak.


The pirates were all terrified by what they just witnessed.


They began running to all sides frantically.


“Jump into the water!”

They didn’t care if they outnumbered their enemy. They didn’t care the river water was too fast for them to swim. They just had to get away from the monster. But…

“Who said you can go?”

Yeowun gestured of picking something up by his two hands, and the weapons that the pirates dropped while running away immediately rose up in the air. There were about 60 weapons. Yeowun ordered to Nano.

‘Nano, self-targeting mode.’

Nano’s voice rang through his head.

[Activating self-targeting mode on 63 weapons. Locking onto targets…]

Yeowun saw tiny red circles appearing over the pirates who were running away in all directions. Over 60 weapons shot up and circled around the ship, aiming outward. The pirates all became shocked to see weapons floating in the air and stopped. They became terrified to see the weapons aimed at them.

“L-look at that…”

“T-that’s too much!”

The pirates were too afraid to even move. They had many experiences as martial artists of Yulin, but they never heard or saw such terrifying skills. Yeowun then flicked his finger.

[Initiating the attack.]

A total of 63 weapons began to move. This was a spectacular sight of countless weapons moving through air to kill their target.


“I don’t want to die!”

The ship became mess. It was like a battlefield where all pirates trying to run, and some were trying to defend themselves against impending doom. But the result of the battle was a massacre. With weapons stopping them from jumping off the ship, the deck turned into a bloodbath.



Tens of pirates were killed by the weapons moving on their own. The technique easily killed top-level masters even by using rusted swords from Sword Creek, so the effect increased when it was used with normal weapons against weaker enemies.

“Y-you devil!”

Some of the pirates shouted angrily at Yeowun who was observing them coldly while the massacre took place. He was looking them as if all of this was normal.

“I-I have to get away!”

All ships were interconnected with chains, so they couldn’t even run. That’s when one of leaders came up with an idea.

“Y-yeah! HEY! Destroy the chain!”

They already saw the air sword losing control when it became far away. The river flow was quick, so it was going to send them away from the ship faster.

‘I can’t save everyone. Let’s cut the ties and get away while we can!’

Over 30% of all the pirates had died already. It was a matter of time before all of them were wiped out.


“Destroy the chains!”

Pirates who ran into another ship banged on the chains to breakthrough. But then some of air swords that were massacring the pirates flew up and destroyed the chains for them.



There was no way that Chun Yeowun would let them go. It was hard to understand, but they soon learned why. Some of the air swords then changed direction and penetrated through the bottom of the other ships, making large holes. The ship began to sink.

“T-the ship’s sinking!”

“Dammit! He was after the ship!”

Yeowun was destroying all other ships except the one that he was on. The sinking was slow however, so the pirates who tried to destroy the chain to get away became pale. Their last chance of escaping was gone.

“P-pull up the anchor!”


They at least hoped that the river torrent would push them away. But the ship was already sinking so it didn’t move as they hoped it would.

“I-it’s not working! The ship isn’t…. UGH!”

The pirate who tried to move the ship died with a sword penetrating through him.


The leader pirate who ordered to destroy the chain screamed his name with despair. He then slumped down and glanced over at Yeowun.

“T…that man is a devil!”

It seemed he was trying to kill everyone above the ship. The screaming heard throughout the ship was like the song Yeowun was making as he moved his arms.



And pirates finally realized while they were dying that the worst disaster had hit their ships.


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