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Chapter 310 - Dead man tells no tales - Part 3


Gam Miyan, whose blood points were sealed, moaned as she couldn’t scream. Her eyes turned red from tears as she saw hundreds of pirates being massacred. Her movements and voice were sealed, but it didn’t stop the tears dropping from her eyes.

Bakgi then silently turned her around, as he thought she was probably too sad to see such a cruel sight, even if these enemies were pirates. But her eyes were actually that of a person who was actually truly sad, as if she was mourning for them. She looked like she wanted to say something.

“This will be over soon. We will have your baby here too.”

Bakgi spoke, but she glared back at him furiously.


It seemed she wanted to say something. But even with the baby hostage, the woman set traps before so Bakgi thought he had to be safe and ignored her. Hu Bong glanced at her and sent a telepathic message.

[You know, I didn’t want to think it this way, but she seems really angry at us as if she doesn’t want to be rescued. Don’t you think?]


Bakgi did not respond to Hu Bong’s uncomfortable look.

At the same time, Fourth Elder Yang Danwa quickly killed tge pirates on tge watchtower and infiltrated the half dismantled shack. There weren’t much people around as most of warriors were already on the ship.

‘The only ones left are the women and children.’

It seemed like all the warriors who could fight were on the ship, with only a few pirates left behind to stand watch.


Yang Danwa went up to another pirate on watch and snapped his neck. He then quietly hid the body in the corner.


Yang Danwa silently killed all pirates that were on watch. There was no need to kill them all as their identities were not revealed, but there was no need to leave any potential dangers behind.

‘And the women inside shacks…’

He decided to leave them behind. There was no way those people who hid inside shacks knew what had happened. Even the man with bamboo hat thought Yeowun and his group were from the Blade God Six Martial clan.

‘Is that it?’

Yang Danwa quickly found the captain’s shack. It was one of the largest and most lavishly-decorated shacks so it was noticeable. The large tiger pelt covering it was a dead giveaway.

‘I sense two inside.’

Yang Danwa carefully walked over and heard the sound of breathing, and footsteps walking across the room. He opened the shack and walked in. The middle-aged woman who was gently caressing baby became shocked and tried to scream.


Yang Danwa quickly sealed her blood points to make her pass out and snatched the baby before it fell to the ground. The baby tried to cry, so he pressed on the blood point so the baby would fall asleep.

Yang Danwa then looked down bitterly at the woman. It was an ordinary woman who had not learned any martial arts, but there was no choice as she shad seen Yang Danwa’s face. He then snapped her neck without hesitation and left the shack. Yang Danwa quickly stepped through and returned to the riverbed near the ships.


Yang Danwa became astonished. The fight had yet to start when he left, but there was no sight of the five other ships that were connected to it. Even the large ship that was loading cargo was now sinking beneath the river.

‘He killed everyone in this short amount of time!’

It was possible for Yeowun’s monstrous power. The level of supreme master warrior was enough to be considered one of the top five warriors of Yulin. But the speed was still too fast.

‘Did he use that technique from before?’

Yang Danwa still had the sight lingering on his head, where hundreds of swords had massacred the pirates. It was a technique that no powerful warrior Yang Danwa had ever seen before. It was enough to even make him become afraid.

[Elder Yang. This way.]

He then heard Hu Bong’s telepathic message and turned toward the direction. Hu Bong was waiving at him around the hill toward the mountain. And as he ran up there, he found Yeowun’s group waiting for him behind bushes.

“I did as you ordered.”

“Good work.”

Yeowun nodded after checking the baby. Yang Danwa then glanced to see Bakgi hanging a man drenched in blood on by the tree. By looking at him with two of forearms missing, it was easy to see who had done it.

‘The Lord did it again.’

It seemed like anyone who came across Chun Yeowun as an enemy would lose an arm or two. Yang Danwa then remembered that more than half of princes had lost their arms in the competition. This gave him chills.


He then realized Gam Miyan was a bit strange. She couldn’t move with her blood points sealed, but she was crying and she shook.

“Lieutenant Hu, what is up with her?”

“I’m not sure. We didn’t set her free as it doesn’t look right, but she’s been like that ever since. She’s looking at us as if we are the bad guys.”


Yang Danwa became confused. He then thought maybe she was worried because she didn’t see the baby yet, so he took the baby and showed it to her.

“We have your baby here.”

Gam Miyan’s eyes then turned to relief as she looked at the baby. Yeowun then let them free her to speak. She was unstable up until while ago, but she now had seen the baby so he figured she would be fine. But when they freed Gam Miyan, she began to scream. The noise even woke up the man who passed out.

The man slightly opened his eyes to check the situation and realized he was kept alive.

‘What should I do?’

He then pretended to stay passed out by closing his eyes. He couldn’t run away as he was tied by rope anyway.


Yang Danwa grabbed her mouth. He thought about putting seal back so she’d be silent, but he then became curious and asked, “What are you doing?”

She then glared back at Yang Danwa as if she wanted to say something.

“If you scream again, I will make you silent again.”

Her eyes rolled up and down, nodding. Yang Danwa then let go of her mouth and Gam Miyan spoke with rage.

“Hah… hah… you just let my husband drown underwater. Do you think I will be grateful for that?”

“Your… husband?”

Yang Danwa, Bakgi and Hu Bong all frowned at that. They couldn’t understand what she was saying. Yang Danwa then asked her.

“Are you talking about that First Mate?”

“Yes! You all heard that he was my husband and you just let him die anyway!”

Surprisingly, Gam Miyan thought the dead First Mate was actually her husband. Bakgi then became dumbfounded about Gam Miyan’s tears back on the ship.

‘So, she cried because she really was sad for them?’

He thought she cried only because she was afraid to see such a cruel sight. The reason why she passed out when the ship sank was because her husband, the First Mate, sank along with the ship. She then glared at Yeowun and spoke.

“And our warriors… how could you kill them in such cruel ways?! Just because you have powers, you can’t kill people like if they are animals! You devil!”



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