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Chapter 311 - Dead man tells no tales - Part 4

She seemed to be furious beyond reason. Most people would be too afraid to even speak to Chun Yeowun after seeing what he had done, but she didn’t seem to care.

‘I-is she really mad?’

Hu Bong became dumbfounded while Yeowun narrowed his eyes. Gam Miyan’s reaction was beyond logical explanation so even Yeowun became curious. Hing Wunja clearly said under the truth serum that the Godly Doctor’s granddaughter had been kidnapped.

‘Why is she siding with those pirates when she was kidnapped?’

That’s when Nano answered his thoughts.

[This seems to match the case of Stockholm Syndrome.]

‘Stockholm Syndrome?’

[It is a symptom where one finds sympathy with the aggressor in a mental and spiritual way. If it becomes excessive, it sometimes evolves into the feeling of affection such as love.]

‘What? I didn’t even imagine such a thing would exist.’

It was still hard to believe even after hearing it. But for the man who was tied on the tree, he was actually entertained by what was happening. He knew the state of Gam Miyan already because this was reported multiple times.

‘So, it was true that the granddaughter of the Godly Doctor became very close with the First Mate of the Yongho Family… haha.’

This was actually why Gam Miyan helped the man set up traps. She didn’t help just because she had to save her baby. For her, the Yongho family was actually her family and friends. A year in captivity had changed her very drastically.

‘There were sacrifices but this seems to be good. She will not try to help them.’

Was it going as the man expected? Gam Miyan glared at Yeowun and the others with vengeful eyes.

“You came because my grandmother asked you to? Then I’m sure you’re after my grandmother to make her treat someone. Isn’t that it? Isn’t that what you came here for?’

Gam Miyan was smart. She wasn’t all correct with her guesses, but it still was similar. Of course, the only thing was that her grandmother promised to serve the Lord of Demonic Cult in return.

“Calm down. We are here because your grandmother really wanted to rescue you. We heard you were kidnapped and that captain threatened us with the baby. How would we know that you became friends with them?”

Yang Danwa spoke to solve the issue, but there was no way the woman would change her mind when she thought she had lost everything. Gam Miyan shouted, “Bah! Nonsense! Even if that’s true, you still killed my people. You won’t get anything from me!”

“Hmph. That wasn’t our intention. I told you we didn’t know.”

“Is it fine because you didn’t know? Let me tell you clearly. I will not help you get whatever you are trying to get!”

“What? What are you talking about?”

Hu Bong, who had been looking at her dumbfoundedly, frowned and asked. Gam Miyan then shouted as if she was cursing all of them.

“I will not go to my grandmother. If you take me by force, I will tell her that she must not help any of you! I will do whatever it takes to do that! You will feel my pain when you lose your loved one that you are trying to save!”

She declared that she would get in the way by using all she had. She was being ungrateful of being saved. This was not expected at all.

‘Hahaha! This is interesting. You have the granddaughter but she will not comply, she will just be a nuisance to your plan! You all will not get anything!’

The man became excited while he was pretending to still be asleep. It looked like Yeowun’s group was going to have a hard time as they now had to find a way to bring this nuisance back. They had to take her, but she was going to be far from help.

‘You are paying the price for making me like this.’

And that’s when he heard Hu Bong speak.

“…What a shame. You think we are some weaklings from the Forces of Justice? And you’ll regret when you realize what our Lord will choose to do.”


Gam Miyan’s eyes became large from Hu Bong’s swords. The man also became shocked. There was only one who was addressed as a ‘Lord’ in the entire Yulin.

‘Lord… wait. Is that…’

Chun Yeowun then looked down at Gam Miyan coldly and spoke, “Do you think you are the only one who feels the pain of losing loved ones?”


“I don’t care if you loved those who kidnapped you, nor do I care if you are sad because they died.”

Gam Miyan was at a loss for words. This wasn’t the reaction she anticipated.

“And you said you will get in our way no matter what it takes?”

“O-of course! You killed my husband so I…”

But she couldn’t continue, as all of the people looking at her looked cold and emotionless. Yeowun shook his head.

“We will take you back no matter what you say.”

Gam Miyan then narrowed her eyes.

“Hah! That won’t be any use! I will tell grandmother to…”

“You won’t.”

“W-what? Of course I will tell her…”

“You won’t, if you are dead.”


Gam Miyan became shocked. The man who was pretending to be passed out also became shocked.

“Elder Yang, what do you say?”

“Well, it is common for hostages to die in huge fights. We’d be lucky to even find the remains. The Godly Doctor will be sad… but we have no choice.”

Gam Miyan became grim at Yang Danwa’s words. Their way of thinking and the action these people took do was different from normal people or people from the Forces of Justice.

“W-wait… are you g-going to kill me? A-are you out of your mind!? You are here to save me!”

“I saved you because you had a use.”

“A use?!”

“You are no use if you are not the granddaughter of the Godly Doctor. But you just threw away your only value.”


People usually changed their thoughts when their lives were in danger. Her senses that didn’t work while in fury now returned. But it was too late. Yeowun talked to her in low voice, as if he was whispering.

“It’s fortunate that your baby is asleep.”

Gam Miyan then became pale at the voice.

“Y-you dev…”

But Yeowun swung his hand before she could finish, and her neck turned around because of the powerful force of energy.


And with a gasp, Gam Miyan’s neckbone was destroyed and died. She was angered, but she paid the price of not choosing someone to mess with wisely by death.


The man became shocked.

‘T-these people are mad! They really killed her!’

He didn’t imagine that they would kill the granddaughter, the only possible piece that would make Godly Doctor work without hesitation, even in front of a baby. That’s when he heard someone walking over to him.

The man who came up to him grabbed his neck. He opened his eyes and saw Yeowun looking at him.

“Do you think I wouldn’t know you were pretending to sleep?”


The man became shocked. There was no way Yeowun would not notice the different breathing patterns after the man woke up.

“Now, it’s your turn.”

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