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Chapter 312 - A successor - Part 1

A dark night with only a few torches that lit up the area… someone appeared at the Yongho Family village that was surrounded by the forest near the Yellow River. The sound of small but constant footsteps proved that the visitor was a martial artist. But this man had very distinctive looks. He had two very large swords behind his back that were wrapped in a crisscross pattern on his back, with a tiger on his shoulder. He entered the Yongho Family village with a dead tiger.

As he got into the village, his face revealed under the torch. He had crumpled hair with clothing made from animal leather, and he was in his mid 20s.


He became surprised when he walked into the village.

‘This is strange. I’m sure it’s about time for the pirates to return and rest.’

He only felt about 50 people around the village, and all of them seemed to be either women or children.

‘Well, it’s none of my business.’

Whatever the case, his job was to see ‘her’, not the other pirates, so it didn’t matter. The young man walked straight to a place within the village as if he had visited this place many times. He was going toward a large shack, larger than any of the other shacks inside the village. As he neared the shack, he stopped as he felt something weird. He then went toward the area inside the fence where the jars were gathered.


There was the dead body of pirate that was folded over behind a large jar. The death was caused by the neck that had been snapped.

‘Was he folded so he could hide behind?’

The young man then realized something wasn’t right. He dropped the tiger on the ground and banged on the shack. The shack had to have ‘her’ and her husband but he couldn’t feel anyone inside. He couldn’t even feel the nanny who always resided inside the shack.

‘Ugh. I need that damn medicine…’

He glanced around and walked into one of the rooms inside the shack. It looked like a medicine room, so he checked to see if there was the medicine he needed there. But all medicinal herbs were in their original state with no sign of any mixtures.

‘Ugh. There’s nothing here.’

He then left the shack and went somewhere else. It was to ask someone for what was going on, as he felt the human presence nearby.

With a bang on the door, a middle-aged woman came out, woken up from her sleep.

“Ugh, who the hell is banging on the door at night… uh?”

She became shocked to see the young man. It seemed like the woman knew this man very well. She asked in shaking voice, seemingly afraid of him.

“W-why are you here at my shack? Aren’t you here to see Lady G… Oh!”

She then realized Gam Miyan wasn’t at her home. That was probably why this young man came over to her instead.

“Where is she?”

“Y-you are talking about Lady Gam, right?”


The woman told him that Gam Miyan was in the middle of the river by battleships. The young man thanked her for telling him that and disappeared. When he disappeared, the woman became relieved and fell to the ground and mumbled.

“Whew… that was scary. I hope we move our village fast.”

It was always scary to see this young man, as everyone was afraid that this young man might make that monstrous man appear.

At the same time, in the middle of the mountain right in front of the riverbed where battleships sank nearby, the questioning was being held on the man who was hung up on the large tree with missing arms. The man’s eyes were numb and he was mumbling something.

“…And that… makes up the Brotherhood…”


Chun Yeowun and his members were listening to him. Yang Danwa touched his chin and spoke.

“I didn’t imagine the Forces of Justice would have such extremists among them.”

Hu Bong answered as he was dumbfounded.

“These people are crazy. I understand a world of justice and all, but killing everyone related to the Forces of Evil and the cult to even distant relatives? It’s insane.”

Blue Sky Brotherhood. A secret organization within the Forces of Justice had the goal of making a blue sky. It was revealed that this organization was created with powerful figures of the Forces of Justice gathering together. All of these individuals were extremists within the faction. The man under the truth serum revealed everything about the Brotherhood’s purpose and how it was created.

“They are under a delusion!”

Hu Bong shouted angrily as he had been angry ever since he heard their motives. As mentioned, the goal of Blue Sky Brotherhood was to kill everyone who did not side with their justice. They didn’t care about how they achieved their goal, only if they got to it. This wasn’t what the Forces of Justice originally sought out to be.

“They have no right to speak of themselves as the Forces of Justice.”

Bakgi spoke with a frown. That method of thinking that sacrifice was more in line with what the Forces of Evil might do.

‘The president and the five officers…’

The organization had a leader called the president, five officers, and other powerful warriors. Five officers were called masters.

Yeowun continued with the question.

“Are the five officers ranked?”

With Yeowun snapping his finger, the man, who was revealed as one of the masters, spoke.

“No… besides … the president… we are all… equal.”

The master didn’t look all that healthy. The reason why he was talking slowly was because he was under a heavy dose of the truth serum.

‘His internal power is destroyed, but he’s still a superior master level warrior. His mental strength is powerful.’

The master resisted the truth serum strongly at first. He couldn’t think straight after the injection but he still resisted. This made Yeowun add more truth serum, but it made the man almost hallucinate.

‘I have to make it quick.’

His eyes were half-closed, so it didn’t seem like Yeowun had a lot of time.

“Tell me all the names of the officers.”

This was vital information, as this information would allow Yeowun to be prepared in the future. The master flinched at the question and began to resist. Yeowun snapped his fingers again and the master began to speak.

“N…Namking family’s leader… Namking Keng…”


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