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Chapter 313 - A successor - Part 2

‘Namking Keng!’

Yang Danwa became shocked. The Namking family was the strongest family among the top five families of Yulin. Namking Keng was the house leader, one of strongest within the Nine Strong, and he was close to rising as one of the top five warriors in the close future.

“M..Mudan clan’s… Hing Wunja…”


They knew Hing Wunja was related, and it was confirmed that he was actually an officer. The Mudan clan was one of strongest, along with the Sorim and Flower Mountain clans among the nine clans.

“Tang Philson of Sachun…”

“…I expected as much from them.”

The Sachun family of the five families was one of the most aggressive people among the Forces of Justice. They walked the path of justice, but they still used poison and various traps. Tang Philson, a second rank in the family, lost his daughter in the war between justice and evil, so he hated the Forces of Evil with his heart. He wasn’t one of the Strong Nine, but he was known for his ability to use poison.

“And… and… Uaaaarg…”

The master then began to moan. Veins were popping up over his forehead, resulting in a severe headache.

[An overdose of truth serum seems to be affecting the target’s brain.]

Yeowun frowned at Nano’s words. That was correct, but it also seemed that this man was fighting the further spilling of information.


The man’s eyes rolled backward, showing the whites only. He trembled as he mumbled.

“I…I am Feng… Muwar… of Habuk family…”

This was the man’s true identity. He was from the Habuk family, known for their blood skill, and second in rank within the family. He was one of the Strong Nine.


[The target’s breathing is becoming weaker.]


Yeowun sent in his internal energy into Feng Muwar’s body so he could stay alive. But Feng Muwar without his internal damage was like a broken jar.

‘I have to hear who’s the president!’

Feng Muwar’s trembling began to die down, and Yeowun shook his dying body.

“Hey! Who’s the president?!”

Yeowun snapped his fingers at Feng Muwar’s ears. But he was almost dead.


Yeowun shook the body with one hand and snapped his fingers by the ear again and again.

“Presid…ent… only… speaks to… Namking…”

Feng Muwar died before he could finish his words. His injury was severe so he couldn’t withstand the amount of dosage of truth serum. Yang Danwa placed his hand on the chest to check and shook his head.

“He’s dead, my lord.”

But they had enough information needed.

“…Was he saying that Namking Keng should know who the president is?”

“It seems likely, my Lord. But finding it out from him would be hard.”

Yeowun nodded to Yang Danwa’s reply. Yeowun had learned a lot about Yulin after he became the Lord. Namking Keng was one of the 17 leaders of the Yulin clan. He was the third leader, while the 4th through 17th leaders were at the same level, those 3rd and above were ones that had true power over the entire Forces of Justice faction. Namking Keng was the Commander of the Demon Hunters, one of the two armies within the faction. The Demon Hunter army was literally created to fight against the Demonic Cult, and Namking Keng was its commander. He was the man who could order over 30 thousand warriors at his disposal.

“This is going to be hard. At least we have vital information we ne…”

But before Yang Danwa could finish, Yeowun turned his head around to a direction toward the river. It was a bit later than Yeowun, but Yang Danwa also noticed something and turned toward the river.

[My Lord. There’s someone there… he seems to be quite powerful. I guess he’s from Blue Sky Brotherhood.]

[…Seems so.]

Yang Danwa placed his finger by his mouth to signal Bakgi or Hu Bong to stay silent. They nodded and became silent but it was too late. The enemy didn’t sense Yeowun or Yang Danwa, but he had sensed Hu Bong and Bakgi.

Yang Danwa warned and the two of them readied with tense expressions. Soon, they heard the sound of something coming through bushes. The man appeared soon enough. He had two giant swords on his back with crumpled hair.

“Huh? Six?”

The young man’s face became weird. He thought he had sensed only two, but there were four more people, including two dead ones.

‘Oh no!’

He then glanced at Gam Miyan on the ground. She wasn’t breathing and didn’t even move with her skin going pale. She was dead.


The young man became infuriated and glared at Yeowun and the others.

“Did you kill her?!”

He then charged while pulling out his greatsword and went straight to Bakgi, who was closest to Gam Miyan’s body.

‘It’s huge!’

The sword was really huge, about 2 meters. The young man struck down his sword from above and Yang Danwa charged in to defend. Yang Danwa’s palm was surrounded by blue force qi. The greatsword also wielded blue force qi, but Yang Danwa was stronger with his energy, so the young man was thrown to the back. He flipped in the air and dropped to the ground and frowned.

“Dammit. I wanted to take out the weak one first.”


Bakgi became grim at the words as he was just talked down to.

[Captain Bakgi, he’s stronger than you.]


Yang Danwa told Bakgi to stand down. He knew Bakgi would not be killed at once, but he felt uncertain danger from the man and had to jump in. The young man spat and pulled out another greatsword from his back.

“Dammit. I don’t want to do this.”

It looked astounding to see him holding up two giant swords in his hand easily. There were very few who used dual swords within Yulin, as most warriors only concentrated on one weapon. Yang Danwa began to think.

‘I heard somewhere… about the one who uses two great swords… where did I…’

“Two great swords… two… OH! I know! Martial Double Sword!”

“Oh great…”

The young man frowned at Yang Danwa’s shout.


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