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Chapter 314 - A successor - Part 3

Top five warriors of Yulin.

The martial artists of Yulin began calling the five strongest warriors of the entire Yulin and addressed them as such. It wasn’t sure why the number limited to five, but these five figures became like tradition in Yulin’s history. North Justice, South Demon, East Challenger, West Strong, and Middle Double.

North Justice Blade, Yi Mok.

South Demon Lord, Chun Yujong.

East Challenger God, Ark Wui.

West Strong King, Hang Yen.

Martial Dual Sword, Wang Jing.

North Justice Blade Yi Mok was the leader of the Yulin clan, and the clan leader of the Justice clan. Justice clan wasn’t one of the Nine Great Clans, but historically they had many of the strongest warriors in the Forces of justice.

As for South Demon Lord, it originally addressed Chun Inji, but after defeating Alliance of Forces of Evil at Sawon Plains battle, Chun Yujong succeeded the name.

Hang Yen the West Strong King had earned the title after fighting amongst warriors of the Forces of Evil to rise on top, who was powerful but also very keen on tricks and traps.

All three people above were the leaders of the three large factions that controlled the entire Yulin. The other two were ones that weren’t related to the three factions. They only achieved titles through martial arts.

East Challenger God Ark Wui was a very mysterious man that no one knew much about him. The only thing known about him was that he had become one of the top warriors without any weapons, so he earned the title Challenger God.

But Wang Jing was the opposite. His name was so famous that everyone in Yulin had heard about him.

‘Isn’t he the one responsible for the birth of the 18 River Families?’

Chun Yeowun thought of this when Yang Danwa said the name. This didn’t mean that Wang Jing was the one who created the 18 River Families. Originally there was a time when the Yellow River was infested with pirates. At the time, the name of pirates were 30 River Families, with over 10 thousand pirates controlling the entire Yellow River.

‘The man who killed over three thousand pirates singlehandedly.’

That was the Martial Dual Sword, Wang Jing. He was actually one of Jiang Hu Ten Strong (Now Nine Strong). After losing his wife in a certain incident, he became enraged and massacred over 3 thousand pirates, downsizing the pirate organization into half. This made Forces of Evil target him, and Wang Jing was also labeled as a murder from the Forces of Justice for killing so many, and disappeared.

‘This is bad…’

The young man looked troubled. He didn’t think someone would recognize the name just by him using two swords.

‘Father was right.’

His father always told him that he should never use two swords unless his life was in danger. He heard that his father had disappeared from Yulin for a long time, so if that man recognized him, then it showed that the man had experience in Yulin.

‘What should I do?’

The young man realized that the middle-aged man was stronger than him. He was angry each time he glanced at Gam Miyan’s body, but it seemed like there was no choice.

‘Oh well. Let’s escape.’

He then tried to turn away when someone charged up to him and kicked him. With over tens of kicks coming at him, the young man used his greatsword to defend it.

“Huh? You are…”

The young man became confused. It was the man with a scar on his face, which the young man thought to be weakest. They seemed to be around the same age, but this man was weaker.

“Who told you you can just run away?” Bakgi shouted as he kicked through. He then lowered his body to kick under him, as the greatsword would be hard to defend from below. But the young man struck down another greatsword that was held up to defend. Powerful energy shook his sword as Bakgi’s feet struck it. Bakgi was pushed back and the young man became interested as it was unexpected that Bakgi would be this strong.


Bakgi frowned as all of his attacks were blocked again. Yeowun smiled.

‘It’s the Bakgi I once knew.’

This Bakgi was just like when Yeowun first saw him at the Demonic Academy. They had been against many strong enemies recently so Bakgi couldn’t show his aggressive and competitive side.

‘I have underestimated him. Maybe I should let Captain Bakgi try this time.’

Yang Danwa also decided to let the fight be. The young man was at the end stage of the super master level, while Bakgi was established, a full stage lower. But the fight between martial artists didn’t always mean it was about power levels. Sometimes, experience and will changed the outcome.

‘Swords are large but he uses it without any issue. Then I have to make him show some openings.’

Bakgi was thinking about how to attack this young man.


But the young man was disappointed. He actually wanted to fight this similarly-aged warrior who seemed to be a good match, but he was concerned about the two others who he couldn’t sense. One of them even recognized the Dual Martial Swords. He shouted at Bakgi.

“Hey, Kicker.”

“What did you call me?!”

“I’m not afraid of you. But I’m busy, so I have to go, okay?”

The young man then created sword force qi over his two swords and jumped up.


Bakgi quickly tried to jump in to stop him, but the young man slammed the ground. And with two greatswords banging into the ground, dust clouds kicked up, sending rock debris and sands all over. The young man then turned to escape from the scene.

‘I have to tell my father that there’s someone who recognize… huh?!’

The young man became shocked when he saw another man with long hair standing in the direction he was going to run. It was Chun Yeowun.

“You heard what he said. We can’t let you go.”


The young man quickly brought his two greatswords and unleashed a sword formation. Yeowun then reached out his hand against the two great words coming at him.

“You think you can block my swords?!”

He tried to cut down Yeowun at once with the powerful energy. But…

“W-what?! It won’t move!”

He couldn’t move even an inch with Yeowun holding the sword with his hand.

‘H-he’s like my father!’


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