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Chapter 315 - A successor - Part 4

It felt like if he was throwing an egg at a great stone. Throwing an egg to destroy the stone only resulted in broken eggs. Yeowun then brought up his other hand and placed it over the young man’s forehead and rolled his finger to grab it by the thumb. And that looked like…

“Finger snap?”



The young man was thrown way to the back, spinning three times in the air before he dropped. He tried to stand up, but he had a concussion and fell down.

Yeowun placed his hand over at his stomach to destroy his internal energy, but Yang Danwa quickly stopped him.

“My lord! Please stop!”

Yeowun stopped and Yang Danwa continued.

“This man might not be related to the Blue Sky Brotherhood?”

“What makes you think that?”

“You may have heard. Martial Dual Sword was shunned by both the Forces of Evil and Justice and disappeared.”

Yeowun narrowed his eyes. He knew this too, but Martial Dual Sword’s action that led to his disappearance seemed quite close to what Blue Sky Brotherhood was trying to do now. But as he wasn’t one of the Forces of Justice, it was likely that Yang Danwa had a point.

“Let’s ask him who he is and why he’s here.”

If he was related to Blue Sky Brotherhood or the Forces of Evil, there was no need to keep him alive. Especially when he saw Feng Muwar and Gam Miyan’s bodies. Yeowun placed a blood point seal on him.

“I’ll question him this time, My Lord.”

Yeowun was threatening whenever he questioned people, so Yang Danwa decided to do it this time around. Soon, the young man woke up.

“Uh… huh?!”

He looked down at the rope that tied him. It was drenched in blood, probably the same rope used to hang the dead he saw on the tree. He wasn’t sure why he was being tied around, and he soon realized what happened after feeling the pain on his forehead.

“I… I passed out to a finger snap?!”

The young man reddened from embarrassment as he realized this. He always heard his father saying he was probably strongest around his age, so he was very proud of it, but he didn’t expect he would pass out from a finger snap made by a man around his age.

‘I was knocked out cold by someone my age, Father.’

And he heard Yang Danwa speaking to him.

“Are you awake?”


He tried to bring up the energy, but he couldn’t. It seemed all of his body had become numb.

“W-what is going on?!”

“We sealed your blood point.”

“Oh… ugh.”

So, he was captured while he passed out. After realizing he was helplessly captured among the enemies, he began to think. After thinking it through for a short moment, he spoke out strongly.

“What are you going to do with me? Are you trying to kill me? I wasn’t going to say this but… please don’t kill me!”

“…Are you not ashamed to say that?”

Yang Danwa became dumbfounded. It was hard to believe that this was the same man who attacked them without hesitation. Yang Danwa had to find out who he was, and why he attacked them or came here.

“We could have killed you, but we wanted to ask you who you were first so that we wouldn’t kill an innocent person.”


The young man realized his answer could cost his life. He had to say the right answers to stay alive. After a short silence, he smiled awkwardly and spoke.

“Ask me anything. I will answer everything you want to know if I know the answer that is.”


Yang Danwa thought to himself that this young man wasn’t from Blue Sky Brotherhood, nor any others. Most of the warriors at his level of power who were from any organization would choose to die rather than spill information, but he insisted on asking him.

“Tell me your name first.”

The young man hesitated for a second and spoke.

“I’m Bunwang.”


Yang Danwa frowned as he looked at the man. If this man was the son of Martial Dual Sword just like he expected, he should have used the Wang family name in front.

‘Is he an apprentice?’

That was another possibility. But if he only spoke his name, it was certain that he wanted to hide his background at least. Yang Danwa continued, “Why did you attack us?”

Yang Danwa knew that Bunwang attacked them after looking at Gam Miyan’s dead body. Bunwang then glanced at the dead Gam Miyan again and spoke grimly.

“…I attacked because she was dead.”

It was as expected. Yang Danwa then waived toward the back and Hu Bong walked up to him. He had a sleeping baby in his arms. Bunwang mumbled as he looked at the baby.

“That baby…”

“So, you knew. It’s Gam Miyan’s son.”

Bunwang knew this very well as he had visited Gam Miyan’s shack multiple times already. Yang Danwa spoke with a disappointed voice.

“We wanted to save her and her baby, but we failed because of that man.”

Yang Danwa then pointed at Feng Muwar’s body. Bunwang frowned at the horrible state the body was in.

“You came to save them? What are you talking about?”

“We were asked by Gam Miyan’s grandmother to come to rescue her and her baby. But we were trapped so we couldn’t save her.”


Yang Danwa shook his head in disappointment and Hu Bong became astonished at Yang Danwa lying so well. They were here to save them, but Gam Miyan was killed by them intentionally.

‘Elder Yang’s good at this.’

Bunwang seemed to be fooled and his eyes shook. He seemed to be thinking that he misunderstood these people.

“…Did you really come because of her grandmother?”

“Bunwang. It’s us who have you captured. Why would we lie to you?”

Yang Danwa laughed and Bunwang became dumbfounded. He regretted attacking them and getting captured when they were not related to Gam Miyan’s death. Bunwang spoke apologetically.

“…I misunderstood your intention. I am sorry.”

“It’s okay. But why did you come to find Gam Miyan?” Yang Danwa asked.

Bunwang replied bitterly.

“I needed medicine.”


Yang Danwa became curious. Unlike his guess that Bunwang had some connection to Gam Miyan, Bunwang was actually here to meet a doctor. Yang Danwa then realized that the granddaughter of the Godly Doctor was probably well-trained in medicine and treatment. But Hu Bong shook his head and mumbled, “I’ll see how it goes. You’re a drug addict, aren’t you?”


Bunwang became dumbfounded as he looked back at Hu Bong.


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