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Chapter 316 - Cold blood blockage - Part 1

Opium was once made from opium poppy which was spread among the Jianghu and became a problem. The Emperor directly ordered to stop the production of this opium but it was still widely consumed behind the scenes. Those who were addicted to this were labeled as drug addicts. It was natural for Bunwang to become dumbfounded. Yang Danwa shook his head and told Hu Bong to stay out of their conversation.

“So, what was the medicine for?”

“My… sister is sick.”

Bunwang hesitated for second and briefly explained his reasons.


“Yes. My sister has a disease that no other doctors can mend, but the medicine made by that woman worked quite well.”

If what Bunwang said was true, Gam Miyan was surely trained in medical practice. If she was already medically talented, and if she wasn’t killed by Yeowun, maybe she might have become the future Godly Doctor.

“I see. I guess you have the right to be angry when you saw her dead, then.”

Yang Danwa spoke understandingly, but he was still eyeing Bunwang suspiciously. This was because Bunwang said he would say everything, but he wasn’t going into the details.

‘He’s hiding all the specific details.’

Of course, there was no torture or threats involved, so maybe this was because Bunwang was relaxed. That’s when Yeowun who had been watching silently walked over.


Bunwang found himself becoming afraid of the man who made him pass out with a simple finger snap. Yeowun seemed to be even younger than him, but the power was enormous, as if Bunwang was in front of his father.

‘Maybe he just looks younger because of body reconstruction.’

He heard that when one that reached the end stage of the superior master level, they would go through body reconstruction to look younger. His father almost swore that no one ever reached the end stage of the super master level warrior other than Bungwang.

‘Yeah. That must be it. He should be way older than he looks.’

Bunwang felt a little better after thinking of it that way. Chun Yeowun then walked up to him and looked down coldly as he spoke.

“You misunderstood us.”


“You think we want a friendly chat? Answer correctly if you want to live. If you skip all the details again, I’ll destroy your internal energy and feed you to wild animals.”

“Ugh! Isn’t that too… okay.”

Chun Yeowun then got back and retreated to his seat and watched Yang Danwa. His threat actually worked.

‘Dammit. That guy is cold-hearted.’

With Yeowun’s cold threat that had no sign of any jokes, Bunwang had to go into the detail he hid at first. He felt like he would die if he didn’t.

“…Actually, my sister is in a serious state.”

“What disease does your sister have?”

“Other people just call it blood blockage, but that woman doctor told me it’s Cold Blood Blockage.”

“Cold Blood Blockage?”

Yang Danwa became shocked. He seemed genuinely shocked, so Yeowun did not know about the name, became curious and asked Nano, ‘Nano, do you know what that is?’

[There is no recorded data regarding said name of illness.]

Nano did not know. Of course, even blood blockage wasn’t what was known in the future. Blood blockage was a disease where the yin side of qi in the body was too strong and it blocked the blood circulation, where many young girls of Yulin suffered. But the Cold Blood Blockage was similar and also quite different.

[Elder Yang. Do you know what that is?]

Yeowun asked and Yang Danwa explained what he knew. Cold Blood Blockage was a legendary disease known to be uncurable even in Yulin. The person who suffered from the disease was said to acquire an infinite amount of yin qi. But this was also sort of a qi where a patient was said to be allowed to contain an infinite amount of internal energy full of yin qi. It looked good on paper, but the human body had to balance the yin and Yan. With only yin taking over the body, it directly impacted the lifespan. It was known that the person who suffered from the disease would die before the age of 20 due to severe side effects of broken balance.

[That’s interesting.]

[I have never heard of the disease existing in real life until today.]

Yang Danwa heard this was a legend, but if the granddaughter of the Godly Doctor identified it as such, then it wasn’t to be ignored. Bunwang became grim after explaining his sister’s state.

‘I used all of the medicine I had… and her seizure is increasing. What should I do now?’

The reason why Bunwang came here was to get the medicine from Gam Miyan. He then remembered Yang Danwa saying they were here to rescue Gam Miyan because of her grandmother asking them to rescue her. Bunwang asked carefully, “Uh… is the grandmother of that woman also a doctor?”

Yang Danwa narrowed his eyes. It wasn’t because he asked the identity of Gam Miyan’s grandmother. It was because of the fact that the man, seemingly the successor of Martial Dual Sword Wang Jing, was in need of an exceptional doctor.

[My Lord. Did you hear what he said?]

[…Maybe we can use it to our advantage.]


Chun Yeowun was also thinking of similar things as Yang Danwa. Sister of Bunwang must have a relationship with Wang Jing, so if they helped her, it might be likely that they can be friends with Wang Jing. And even if Bunwang wasn’t Wang Jing’s successor, it looked good enough to befriend such a powerful warrior. Yeowun nodded and Yang Danwa spoke to him.

“Yes. Actually she is a better doctor than Gam Miyan ever was. Gam Miyan herself learned from her grandmother.”

“Oh! I-is that true!?”

Bunwang became excited. This was the good news that he could ever hope for. Bunwang became excited and asked, “I-if it’s not too much, can I ask her to take a look at my…”

That’s when a chilling presence of energy unleashed, making everyone around to feel a large explosion fill the entire mountain. All of them turned northwest.



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