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Chapter 317 - Cold blood blockage - Part 2

Bunwang, who was tied on the tree, frowned. His internal energy was sealed from circulating, but this unique chilly feeling was familiar. It was the sign of his sister going berserk.

‘No way. It’s only been four hours!’

It hadn’t been that long since Bunwang gave her the last dose of medicine. He thought it would last at least a day, but it was frustrating that he felt the energy which proved that her state was going worse.

‘It’s close.’

Yeowun narrowed his eyes.

“M-master! What is this energy?”

Yang Danwa became shocked. The energy was coming from the northwest, near a mountain hill. It was close, but it was still astounding to feel such cold energy clearly coming towards them. Bunwang shouted frantically.

“I-it’s my sister!”


“She’s going berserk!”

“This energy is coming from your sister?”

Yang Danwa became grim. He heard the legend that the one who suffered from Cold Blood Blockage would have an infinite amount of yin qi, but this was more than he imagined. He didn’t think that the energy would be so vast that they could feel it clearly from such a distance.

“I have to go take my sister down, or it will become dangerous. Please let me know.”

“H-hmm… I guess this amount of energy is surely dangerous for her.”


Bunwang couldn’t correct Yang Danwa, the danger wasn’t only directly from his sister in this case. He couldn’t even imagine what his sister would do if she went full berserk. That’s when Yeowun unsealed Bunwang. Bunwang’s internal energy began to circulate and revolve around and Bunwang, ripping the rope that tied him apart. Yeowun ordered, “Take the lead.”


Bunwang nodded and charged out toward the direction, while Yeowun and Bakgi followed. Yeowun ordered Yang Danwa and Hu Bong to stay behind with the baby. After moving through the mountain for about three miles, they soon arrived at the place.

It was late spring, with trees turning green but the area around was like a harsh winter. Everything was cold and all the bushes turned white from being frozen. All the leaves froze up and dropped to the ground, only to be shattered and even the branches were frozen solid. This area of this coldness was only growing toward the west. Toward the center, Yeowun and his group ran straight in.


Bakgi was astounded each time he let out his breath when it turned white. This was quite astonishing as they were far out from winter. And the coldness only grew stronger as they walked toward the center. They would have died from the coldness if they didn’t control their temperature through internal energy. Soon, they were at the center of the coldness.


Yeowun moaned silently as he found a beautiful woman at the center of the coldness, with long silver hair and pale white skin even whiter than Chun Yeowun. The unique beauty even felt mysterious in some way. The woman was moving somewhere with her eyes not focusing correctly. And what was more surprising was…

‘The energy is vast.’

The energy that revolved around her was so powerful that the air around was freezing. And it froze up debris that was floating as it followed her path. The ground that she walked past was frozen white, creating a path of white frost as she walked through.


Bunwang shouted toward the silver-haired woman. Her sister’s name was Yogun. But the woman seemed like she couldn’t hear and kept on walking.

“She’s gone mad. I’ll have to seal her down so I can block the energy flow.”


Yeowun felt something was off and tried to stop Bunwang, but Bunwang had already started running toward his sister. Bunwang already stopped her sister from going berserk multiple times. But the amount of power unleashed this time was much greater.

‘I-it’s too cold!’

He was protecting his body by using all of his energy, but it was still too cold.

“Yogun! It’s me! Wake up!”

Buwang called out to her at close range, but Yogun kept on walking.


Bunwang then walked past the ice debris floating around her and tried to seal her down.

‘I’m sorry. I’ll have to put you to sleep for a moment.’

He felt his skin being cut off from the ice debris that he walked past. After going through all that, he reached out to his sister to put her down.


Yogun suddenly turned against Bunwang and looked straight at him. Her eyes had turned white. She was his sister, but it was still a scary sight.


Yogun then grabbed Bunwang’s wrist. At that moment, powerful yin energy began to seep into Bunwang and his wrist began to freeze up.

“Aaaaargh! Y-Yogun! Stop!! Stop it!”

He tried to bring up internal energy to defend, but nothing worked. Bunwang shouted at his sister to stop, but she didn’t listen.

‘D-dammit! I have no choice!’

Bunwang figured he might freeze to death, so sent internal energy into his foot to kick her away. He still couldn’t use his greatsword against his sister. But his choice was wrong. His kick did not reach Yogun as a barrier formed with ice stopped his kick.


Yogun reached out toward Bunwang and held his other shoulder. Cold energy seeped into his shoulder and Bunwang became terrified.

“Y-Yogun! Aaaaaaaargh!”

The sharp pain of his body freezing up made Bunwang scream. Yogun went berserk and didn’t seem to recognize her brother. At this rate, Bunwang was going to die at hands of his own sister. It was then.

Someone broke through ice debris surrounding her and came down from the air. Yogun’s whitened eyes turned against the person.

“You should stop here.”

It was Chun Yeowun. Yogun took her hands off from Bunwang’s wrist and swung at Yeowun. But Yeowun easily snatched her hand. Yogun tried to send cold energy down to Yeowun to attack.

“W-watch out!” Bunwang shouted. However, Yogun seemed to be shocked when the powerful energy was blocking her energy from entering the body. Her wrist that was grabbed even became hot.

“I told you to stop.”

Yeowun spoke and quickly thrust his palm at her chest.


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