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Chapter 318 - Cold blood blockage - Part 3

Yeowun’s left hand reached toward Yogun’s chest to seal her down. But when his hand almost reached her chest, white frost gathered up and created an ice barrier around her. Yeowun narrowed his eyes.

‘This is interesting.’

Yeowun stopped and sent energy into his hand to penetrate through the ice barrier at once. But Yogun then let go of Bunwang in that short moment and swung her hand against Yeowun. This time, it wasn’t done to freeze him directly. With his hand swinging through the air, cold air stormed up and pushed Bunwang and Chun Yeowun toward the back.


Bunwang, who almost had two of his arms frozen, couldn’t balance himself and was thrown back. Bakgi ran toward him and grabbed him before he fell.


Bakgi did grab him, but the energy still pushed both of them way back.

‘This is powerful energy.’

Bakgi knew the power was strong just by looking at the air churning around, but this was beyond his imagination. He had to drag it out almost 20 steps to stop.

“T-thank you.”

Bunwang showed his gratitude. Bakgi then realized Bunwang was very straight in the way he expressed his emotions.


Bunwang then looked down at his frozen arms. He protected them with his internal energy, but the skin was completely frozen. Bakgi looked at Bunwang in pain and silently sent his energy into the frozen body part to help him increase his temperature.

“You’re a good man.”

Bakgi raised his eyebrow at Bunwang’s complement and answered, “Stop jabbering and concentrate on sending out the energy.”

“Y-yeah. But we have no time to waste. It will be worse if we don’t stop my sister.”

His sister went berserk once before, but his father was here, so it was possible to seal her down before her yin qi was completely exposed. But now, his father was not here.

‘Replenishing her yang through medicine is only temporary. You need to solve it with a definite solution or she will soon go berserk.’

Gam Miyan warned so, saying that she wasn’t good enough to heal his sister. Gam Miyan said only the Godly Doctor would be able to heal her, so his father had been traveling through the lands of Yulin for over an year. Yet he couldn’t find her yet. Of course, his father had to hide his identity so it only made things harder.

“I didn’t think it would be this bad.”

This amount of energy was beyond what Bunwang could ever be prepared for, and required his father to solve it. But that’s when he saw something amazing.


Chun Yeowun, who Bunwang thought would have been thrown back, was only pushed back five steps and was using his white blade to defend the cold energy.

‘I expected him to be strong but…’

This was more than he thought. He didn’t think it to be that way, but he kept comparing Yeowun to his father. Bakgi mumbled, “If he can’t stop it, then we are in trouble. But I doubt that will be the case.”

Bakgi couldn’t imagine Chun Yeowun losing ever since they met. Even if he was against Cold Blood Blockage, Bakgi believed that there Chun Yeowun could lose to no one.

‘So he considers that man like how I consider my father.’

Bunwang saw the strong trust and concentrated on himself to send out the cold energy. As Yeowun continued to withstand the cold energy, Yogun’s white eyes began to turn transparent. Then the air around her began to grow more violent and created white frost all over the place. The frost that only surrounded her now began to increase in radius. Yeowun frowned.

‘Is her energy really infinite?’

It was hard to believe that her energy was only growing even when it was already so powerful. Yogun then reached out toward the air. The frost gathered up in the air and became hundreds of ice particles.


Yeowun’s grimness turned to surprise. Yogun was showing terrifying skills; it was hard to believe that she was just going mad.

“W…what is that?”

Bakgi and Bunwang also became shocked. They weren’t sure if they were actually looking at a normal person. Yeowun was now trapped within the ice particles that circled him.

‘How can he protect himself from that?’

Bunwang thought about himself being inside and concluded that he would die if he was in there. That’s when Yogun gestured grabbing her hand and hundreds of ice immediately came down on Yeowun.

“N-NO!” Bakgi shouted with shock. But it was too late. Hundreds of ice flew from all sides, trying to skew Yeowun. But Yeowun’s choice of action was very simple.

‘Nano, activate Augmented Reality. Show me the pathway of all ice particles coming in.’

[Activating Augmented Reality on user’s sight.]

Nano’s voice rang through his head and Yeowun saw augmented reality being activated over his eyes.

[Calculating the direction of all projectiles and projecting.]

White light began to beam through the ice particles and soon created red lines of the ice particles’ movements.

‘I see it.’

With each direction being drawn, Yeowun was able to see the way out, whereas it wasn’t visible with naked eyes. Yeowun jumped out and charged through. Becoming a supreme level warrior made him very fast, and he saw ice particles coming at him slowly in his eyes. Yeowun swung his White Dragon Blade to destroy the ice particles on the way. He couldn’t stand still to protect himself from every ice particle, so he chose to charge forward and only defend against those coming from the front and the sides. His choice was correct. All the ice particles were shattered away as soon as they touched the blade. Yeowun charged through ice prison coming down upon him.

“I-it’s amazing!”

Bunwang shouted with astonishment. He didn’t think Yeowun would try to charge through like that. It was a bold move. As Yeowun shot past it, he was relieved that his guess was correct.

‘The ice particles do not have energy in them.’


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