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Chapter 319 - Cold blood blockage - Part 4

The way it worked looked like Air Sword, but it was different. Yogun was just forming ice through her vast energy and threw at him. This would have been different if all of that ice wielded energy.

Yogun’s eyes shook as she noticed Yeowun coming straight toward her. She reached out with her another hand and gestured as if she raised it. Then the ground began to shake and a large ice wall was pulled up from the ground.

“I-I can’t believe it!”

Yogun’s powers that she used while her silver hair fluttered was astonishing. It looked like she was an ice witch. But this skill actually worked against her. Her sight was blocked and all ice particles that went after Yeowun stopped it.

‘This is the chance.’

Yeowun then swung his White Dragon Blade toward the ice wall. Blue force qi easily cut down the ice wall and made it fall to the ground. Yeowun then shot past through the wall.


“You’re late!”

Yogun tried to increase powerful energy to defend, but Yeowun’s hand was faster this time. His left hand struck her chest’s blood point. With the blood point stopping the flow of energy, the coldness began to subside.

‘What kind of yin qi can be this strong?’

Yeowun never used more than fifty percent of his energy even when he sealed a superior master level warrior. But he had to use 70% and he still couldn’t stop all of her energy. Her body still finched and Yeowun increased his energy to 90% so that she would pass out.

That’s when Yogun’s eyelids closed and she passed out. Yeowun sighed in relief.


He finally calmed her down. Bakgi and Bunwang quickly came up to them and Bunwang spoke excitedly.

“I didn’t think you would really put her down! It’s amazing!”

He was ready to see his sister going berserk until his father returned, but he was worried that she might die before his father came. It was fortunate that she was stopped before she used all of her energy.

‘He’s not in good shape either.’

Bunwang’s right arm was moving awkwardly. Bakgi helped him recover by sending energy, but Bunwang’s skin now turned purple, so it seemed that treatment was necessary. But Yogun was in worse shape. With the flow of yin qi being blocked, her veins were expanding. This meant her yin qi was still going berserk within her. Yeowun spoke to Bakgi.

“We have to move down to the outpost quickly.”

It was likely that the seal would be broken if she was left like this. Bakgi nodded and Yeowun picked up Yogun over his shoulder. Her yin qi was still coming out, so it was too dangerous for Bakgi to hold her.

“Uh, what are you going to do with my sister?”

“I’m taking her to Gam Miyan’s grandmother.”

“Oh! B-but even if her grandmother is a good doctor, I don’t think she can treat my sister in that state…”

Bunwang spoke worryingly. It seemed she now needed proper treatment as all other things just looked like a temporary solution. Yeowun then spoke to Bunwang.

“Well, if the Godly Doctor cannot heal her, then she’s done. We have to hurry, so stay close.”

“W-what? The Godly Doctor?!”

Yeowun then jumped out. Bunwang was dumbfounded and Bakgi spoke to him.

“…Gam Miyan was the granddaughter of the Godly Doctor.”


Buwang became shocked. The Godly Doctor that he and his father had searched for long time was actually Gam Miyan’s grandmother. He was also dumbfounded that Gam Miyan never told him that fact, even when he went to her multiple times for the medicine.

‘She should’ve told me earlier!’

The reason why Gam Miyan did not tell them this was because it was Gam Miyan’s medicine that stopped Bunwang’s father from trying to wipe out the Yongho Family.

“There’s no time to be shocked. Let’s go.”

Bakgi spoke and ran and Bunwang followed them. He had to save his sister first.

As soon as Yeowun got back to the others at the mountain, they went down to the docks. They just needed to cross the Yellow River and go south toward the Demonic Cult’s outpost at the northern end of the Honam Region. The Godly Doctor Gam Rosu, Mun Ku, and Hou Sangwha must have been waiting there. It was a dark night they probably couldn’t get a boat, but luckily they were able to find a boat that went across the river.

After crossing the river, they all moved through the stepping skill and soon arrived at the outpost of the Demonic Cult.

“Greetings, my Lord! Glory to the Demonic Cult!!”

“Glory to the Demonic Cult!!”

It was now early morning, but Yeowun’s visit had every cultist of the outpost coming out and bowing down toward their Lord. Hundreds of cultists bowing down made their entrance grand.

‘L-lord of the Demonic Cult?!’

Bunwang became shocked. He did become curious when Yeowun moved into the Honam Region which was controlled by the Demonic Cult, and even went straight into their outpost. He didn’t imagine that Yeowun was the Lord of the Demonic Cult itself.

‘I knew it. He must have gone through body reconstruction.’

The misunderstanding only grew stronger.

Yogun wasn’t in good shape so Yeowun quickly asked where the Godly Doctor was at.

“She’s at the guesthouse right now. This way please.”

One of the cultists guided them through the outpost and Yeowun followed. He then talked to Yang Danwa and Bakgi.

“You two wait in another building with the baby and the body.”

“I see. Understood, my lord.”

“Yes, my lord.”

They had to treat Yogun first, so there was no time to explain what happened at the Yongho Family’s village to Gam Rosu yet. Yeowun made Yang Danwa and Bakgi wait outside so that it could be dealt with later.

“Oh, there they are.”

The cultist pointed at the building patio where Gam Rosu, Mun Ku, and Hou Sangwha were eating breakfast. Mun Ku and Hou Sangwha were protecting her closely at all times.

“Oh! My lord!”

Mun Ku was glad to see Yeowun appearing in morning and got up immediately and ran down.


She then noticed the silver-haired beautiful woman Yogun. She frowned and asked,

“…W-who is that?!”


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