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Chapter 320 - Cold blood blockage - Part 5

There was a distinct scent to every person, whether it was coming from the skin or the clothes. It was something that could only be recognized by others. As such, qi also had a unique kind of feeling that warriors who were trained in internal energy could feel its difference. Its sense to sense such energy increased one became more powerful. Warriors at the supreme master level interacted with the energy of the environment so it was possible to sense the trace of qi, and the cold yin qi made a trace across the Yellow River.

There was one man who was running through with enormous speed. He had curly long hair and a short beard. His face was filled with wrinkles. He was running through while having his hands gathered at the back, but his body did lose balance as he ran through.


The trace of qi was going in that direction. He was running through, but he couldn’t yet get to the culprit who kidnapped his children.

‘Whoever it is, I will never forgive you. I will have you pay the price of taking my children!’

His eyes were cold but he was boiling from the inside. When Wang Jing returned from his travel, he found his hideout destroyed with ice all over the place, and he realized his daughter had gone berserk and was stopped by an unknown warrior and became concerned.

‘…That place.’

He then saw a large mansion in his eyes. On the gate, it read the ‘Demonic Cult’ on it. The cold trace continued into the outpost of the Demonic Cult. The man grimaced.

‘They were behind it!’

It was unexpected, but he didn’t care. There was no one he feared in this world anyway, so he charged toward the outpost.

At the same time, Gam Rosu was tending to Yogun, the beautiful silver-haired woman.


Gam Rosu had to stop eating her breakfast and tend to her patient as Yeowun said it was urgent. Her veins were expanding and cold air emanated from her, showing that Yogun wasn’t in good shape.


Mun Ku didn’t look all that well either. She asked Yeowun who she was, but Yeowun just said Yogun was in danger and quickly asked the Godly Doctor to watch over her. Mun Ku was now building up the imagination within her. Yogun was the most beautiful woman that Mun Ku had ever seen in her life, so she couldn’t just consider her a patient.

‘Why did the lord bring her here?’

She was very curious and concerned. It was Hu Bong who answered her questions instead. Hu Bong realized Mun Ku was worried about a mysterious beautiful silver-haired woman and explained what happened.

[…So he brought her here to have them become friendly with us.]

[Oh! I see. Whew… yeah, haha. I knew he wouldn’t be like that and all… hehe.]

She brightened up when he told her. The Yeowun she knew was never was tempted by the beauty of a woman. It was embarrassing that she became jealous.


But what Hu Bong said later made Mun Ku grim again.

[It’s not certain yet, but I read from some book… that Cold Blood Blockage will need the opposite energy, or a man with strong yang energy to keep the balance.]

[Keep balance? Yang?]

[You know… like how a man and woman find love… and the man’s burning st…]



Mun Ku’s face reddened as if she would explode and told Hu Bong to stop. Hu Bong always had all kinds of weird knowledge. It that seemed Hu Bong was actually teasing her as he was smiling.

‘He was playing with me! Ugh.’

“Hah…” Gam Rosu sighed. The air around Yogun was harshly cold. After enduring such coldness, Gam Rosu finished tending to her and spoke.

“Cold Blood Blockage…”

The Godly Doctor knew right away what the disease was.

“…I never thought I would witness this disease ever again my life.”

It seemed like it wasn’t her first time tending to a patient with said disease. Bunwang asked worriedly, “Is it bad?”

“I don’t know who did this, but someone created a medicine to replenish her yang qi. That prolonged her life. Honestly, it’s hard to live past 20 with this disease.”

‘Your granddaughter made that.’

The one who made the medicine was Gam Miyan, but Bunwang did not say it. Yeowun told him to stay silent about most of the things he knew if Buwang wanted to get help.

“What you just said… did you heal someone with this disease before?”

Gam Rosu became hesitant at Yeowun’s question and shook her head.

“What?! What are you talking about?”

Bunwang trusted that the Godly Doctor, the best doctor in Yulin, would be able to heal his sister. But Gam Rosu’s reaction seemed very untrustworthy. Bunwang raised his voice and Gam Rosu explained, “Hey, young man. Listen to me til the end.”


“I first came across this disease 30 years ago. I knew how this could be healed at the time, of course.”

“You know how to heal it?”

“Do you think I wouldn’t know? It’s just that this disease can be passed down in martial artists who train in internal energy, so that’s why it’s hard.”

30 years ago, Gam Rosu met a woman with Cold Blood Blockage. Her hair turned silver with her yin qi going mad, so Gam Rosu studied hard and finally found out how to deal with it. But this method required more than just medical practice. It required internal energy that was equally powerful in yang qi to penetrate the blocked blood circulation within it.

“Do you think it’s easy to find ones with such yang qi that can deal with an infinite amount of yin qi?”

“So, you couldn’t find one?”

“…I actually did.”

The Godly Doctor used all of her connections to find a powerful warrior, the leader of Sorim, Monk Gu Hur to help. Gu Hur was a respected monk of all martial artists from the Forces of Justice who valued life over all things and accepted to help.

“W-why did you fail then?”

“Monk Gu Hur had powerful yang qi within him. But it was the woman’s body that couldn’t endure it.”

When Gu Hur’s powerful energy penetrated through the nine blockages within the woman’s body, powerful yang qi began to affect her body adversely.

“So, she died with all of her veins exploding through the energy. It wasn’t the monk’s fault, but he resigned from leadership after blaming himself.”

“Huh? I think I heard about that incident.”

Mun Ku heard this when she was young from her grandfather Mun Yun. The incident of Monk Gu Hur, one of the top five warriors and leader of Sorim, resigning from the leadership and disappearing from Yulin was huge news.

“It was the first time I could not save someone in my long years of medical practice.”

There was no use even for the Godly Doctor. If she was a martial artist and knew about internal energy, she would have noticed the problem but this was first for her, so she couldn’t save the person’s life.

“Then what you thought of is wrong. You don’t know how to heal her.”

Bunwang spoke and Gam Rosu shook her head.

“I can’t call myself doctor if I didn’t study on what I failed to cure once. I found out the problem with my treatment later.”


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