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Chapter 321 - Cold blood blockage - Part 6

Monk Gu Hur told the Godly Doctor that by sending in internal energy to penetrate the blockage, the yin qi reacted to fight back, making Gu Hur increase the energy that was sent in. This was why the two energies colliding with each other grew too powerful for the woman to endure it.

“Then what would be the way? If it isn’t possible to send in the energy…”

“There are two other ways. Both have flaws.”

“What is it?”

“One way is impossible right now, and another one… I don’t think she nor you will like the way it will be done.”

What would be the way that he and his sister would not want? Bunwang asked, “And what is that way?”

“It’s very weird, but the starting point of energy explosion starts toward the vaginal area.”


Bunwang’s face became grim. He was able to understand what Gam Rosu was saying.

“Y-you mean…”

“Yes. It is a way to find a balance between yin and yang to decrease its reaction to have it take yang qi without a fight.”

With Gam Rosu’s words, Hu Bong became shocked and mumbled, “Huh? Y-you mean the man’s hot st…”

“Hu Bong!!”


Mun Ku became red and shouted and Hu Bong grabbed his mouth to stop. Mun Ku became worried. Hu Bong’s teasing seemed to turning into reality.

‘Ughhhhh! HU BONG!!!!’

Mun Ku glared at Hu Bong. His words had become reality.

“One must have powerful yang qi in order to take the balance…”

Gam Rosu then glanced toward Chun Yeowun as she spoke. The only warrior powerful enough to overpower Yogun who went berserk was Chun Yeowun, so her reaction was natural.


Yeowun frowned at the unexpected treatment method and asked, “What is the other way that’s impossible?”


That’s when Yeowun suddenly got up before he heard Gam Rosu’s answer. He was looking towards a place with a grim look. It was toward the outpost.

‘It’s astounding.’

The astounding power was coming from that direction. If no one here yet realized its power, it meant the enemy was powerful enough that only Chun Yeowun could sense it. It felt more dangerous than when Yogun went berserk.

“What is it, my lord?”

Mun Ku got up with a curious look and Yeowun warned everyone else.

“Everyone, stay here and don’t move.”

Yeowun then jumped out.

At the outpost, the gatekeepers were bleeding as they fell on the ground. Even the gatekeepers of this outpost were highly-trained warriors, but they were helpless against the intruder. Through the gate, there was a large yard with over forty warriors surrounding the middle-aged man with curly hair and a beard. Outpost leader Jiheng shouted to him.

“You should step back! Do you know where this is?!”

Jiheng felt sweat running down his forehead. The intruder wasn’t using any special energy, but his presence was enough to make all the warriors terrified.

‘Who is this man?!’

The area had been peaceful ever since the cult allied with the Yulin clan. It was shocking to find this monstrous man coming in here.

“Let me warn YOU instead. If you don’t want to end up like this, bring my children that you kidnapped.”

There were four warriors on the ground in front of the man. They charged at him when the man came into the gate, but they were quickly subdued in a matter of seconds. Jiheng shouted, “Why are you looking for your children here?! Who are you anyway!”

The man raised his eyebrow disgust. He still felt the cold energy within the buildings.

“So, you will lie. Then I will find them myself.”

The man took off his foot and Jiheng signaled his warriors.


All warriors immediately charged against the man. The middle-aged man then swung his hand and all the swords that the warriors held in their hands got out of their hand.


“M-my sowrd!”

Their swords then turned in the air and were aimed back at them.

“A-air sword!”

All warriors became pale. They figured they were against powerful warrior, but they didn’t realize they were against a supreme master level warrior.

‘W-why is such a powerful warrior attacking our outpost?!’

Even Jiheng couldn’t understand what was going on. He was able to barely hold onto his sword from being flown up, but all the other warriors were now being aimed at by their own swords.

‘It’s hard to control all of them, but this is enough.’

Even if it was a supreme master level warrior, controlling more than twelve swords at once was impossible. But he wasn’t using a formation so he only swung and stabbed, and this amount was enough. This was only done to threaten them.

“This is the final warning. I will kill anyone who stands in my way.”

The man warned again. He knew that killing this many warriors would have the cult come after him, so he was giving them a chance. But there was no way warriors who always stayed at war would succumb to such a threat. Besides, there was the Sky of the Cult residing inside today.

“Fool! You are underestimating us! Do you think cultists of the Great Dmonic Cult will bend to your threat?!”

Jiheng shouted and the man shook his head. He gave them the choice to leave, but that had been thrown out the window.


The man then raised his hand and the swords were ready.

“You have chosen then. Goodbye.”

The man swung and the swords then tried to strike down the warriors. Some closed their eyes while some tried to dodge. But an unexpected thing happened. All swords moved barely an inch and stopped.


They thought maybe the man had changed his mind, but it seemed that wasn’t the case. The man was shaking his hand as if someone was holding onto his hand.

‘What is going on?’

He didn’t imagine seeing such a thing. The air sword was almost taken away from his control. He tried to bring up more energy to overpower it, but it was no use.

‘Someone is infiltrating into my connection to the swords!’

That was the only possible explanation. That’s when the man saw someone coming out from the mansion. It was a young man with long black hair with pale white skin. It was Chun Yeowun.

‘ that him who’s doing this?’

The man looked at him.

Yeowun heard Nano speaking to him.

[Completed infiltrating into control system.]

‘Strike back, Nano.’

[Initating attack.]

Yeowun’s eyes shook and the control of air sword was now on Yeowun. Yeowun then pushed out his sword, and all forty swords immediately turned toward the man.

“Hah… ugh.”

The man became dumbfounded. It was the first time he lost control over air sword in the middle of controlling them.


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