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Chapter 322 - Two birds in one stone - Part 1

Forty swords were aimed at the man, about to fly down and penetrate him.

‘This is astounding. Taking over this many swords would require a lot of precision and control of energy…’

The middle-aged man was now very astonished by the action. His air sword was just using vast energy to control objects, but that young man was truly sending his energy correctly to all of those swords.

‘He looks like a young man.’

But the power was no less than himself, enough to be considered among the top five warriors of Yulin. If the man walked out from inside, then he must be one of the cultists. That’s when the man remembered the information he gathered recently. He heard this when he went to the Hao clan to buy information regarding the Godly Doctor.

‘Oh, I heard there’s a new young Lord at the Demonic Cult. Maybe…’

His guess was right. When Jiheng and the warriors found out Yeowun that came out, they all knelt with one knee and shouted.

“My Lord!”

“My Lord!”

The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes. So, the young man was truly the Lord of the Demonic Cult. He didn’t imagine to find the Lord at the northern border of the Demonic Cult’s lands.

‘Wait. Is that the one who kidnapped my daughter then?’

The only one powerful enough to do such thing seemed to be Yeowun within this area. There was one superior master level warrior, but the man’s level of that man was not enough to outpower the berserk mode of Cold Blood Blockage.

Jiheng got to Yeowun and knelt to report.

“Outpost Captain Jiheng, reporting.”


“That man infiltrated our outpost, killed our gatekeepers and a few guards and threatening us to hand over his children.”

“Hand over his children?”

Yeowun became surprised. He did expect as such, but his guess was correct. Father of Yogun, and considering the two greatswords that Bunwang used, it was easy to guess the name.

“Martial Dual Sword Wang Jing.”

Every cultists including Jiheng became shocked. There was no one in Yulin that would not be shocked when hearing the name. He was one of the top five warriors of Yulin and the infamous killer who killed over three thousand pirates in one night.

“Martial Dual Sword?”

“Were we just up against one of the top five warriors?!”

The atmosphere became frantic. Even if they were courageous warriors of the cult, it was rare that they got to witness a glimpse of the top five warriors. Yeowun then spoke to the man.

“Are you Sir Wang Jing?’

Wang Jing did not reply to the question. It was more of a silent nod. The man was thinking about what was going on.

‘If he knows who I am, then it must be the Lord who took my children.’

That was troubling. It was the leader of a giant faction, not comparable to pirates. It wasn’t sure why the man took his children, but it was likely that fighting him would cause much trouble.

‘Then other superior master level warriors will join in.’

It wasn’t going well for him. The man then collected his powerful energy back into him and the air around the courtyard became relaxed. The man bowed lightly toward Yeowun.

“It’s an honor to meet the new Lord of the Demonic Cult. I am Wang Jing.”


Chun Yeowun’s guess was right. Warriors gasped with astonishment. The man was Martial Dual Sword, Wang Jing. The fact that he was gathering back his energy meant that he wanted to settle things down by talking. Yeowun then pulled his hand and the swords dropped to the ground.

“My sword!”

Warriors quickly went up and picked up their swords. Yeowun then spoke to Jiheng.

“Tend to those warriors that are knocked out.”


Jiheng became confused. He thought the four warriors in front of Wang Jing were dead, but they actually just passed out.

“Thank you for going lightly on them.”

Yeowun bowed to show his thanks. Wang Jing actually did not kill anyone, even those gatekeepers because he felt his children’s presence within the building. If they died, things would have turned differently but he didn’t want to turn against the cult when his children were still alive. But he still showed his power so he could warn the cult to not touch his children, and also bring out those who overpowered his daughter.

‘But to think that was the Lord.’

That was only thing that was unexpected. Anyhow, the man who took his children was here, so he had to get into the point.

“I want to pay more respect to the leader of the Demonic Cult, but please mind my manners. I can sense my children’s presence here. I want to hear why you took them.”

He was talking politely but his voice had every sense of uncomfort in it. After he lost his wife, his purpose now only lied in his children.

‘This is a good chance.’

Yeowun then thought this was a chance. The man who he wanted to pay a debt appeared. Yeowun also knew that Wang Jing had been searching for the Godly Doctor.

“I am sorry for any misunderstanding here. Your daughter was in terrible shape, so I had to quickly bring her here to get treated.”


Wang Jing became grim. He was concerned about her daughter going berserk more often even with Gam Miyan’s medicine. He didn’t think the day would come to this when he hadn’t found the Godly Doctor yet.

“I guess I made a mistake. But the doctor that my girl needs to see is toward the…”

Cold energy began to rise at once. The air around turned cold immediately. Yeowun became shocked and turned toward the guesthouse.

‘The seals have broken again!’


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