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Chapter 324 - Two birds in one stone - Part 3

Wang Jing was so shocked and furious when he heard that his daughter needed to have sexual intercourse that he almost killed Godly Doctor Gam Rosu. But he had to stop when he heard who the old woman was. And there was no way to reject the idea when the best-known doctor in the entire Jianghu was telling him that that was the only way for her survival.

‘But it’s something that even the great monk of Sorim failed…’

He was more hesitant when he heard that the procedure was once tried years back, involving a powerful warrior like Monk Gu Hur. Godly Doctor explained the only way to save his dying daughter was to break the yang energy into her beginning at the start of the explosion, which was thevagina.

‘I thought this kind of treatment only existed in a book..’

Hu Bong might have agreed wholeheartedly if Wang Jing had said this out loud. He then felt powerless as he couldn’t do anything for his dying daughter. And just like Wang Jing, Chun Yeowun was also going through hard times.

“A mating… mating… uh… ”

Mun Ku had been repeating the word over and over, looking dumb as she spoke. Of course, there was no woman who would like to see her loved one having a sexual relationship with another woman.

‘I don’t want this.’

She became tearful as her head dived into her arms.

“Whew,” Yeowun sighed. Yeowun was also very depressed to see Mun Ku in such a way. Others might have liked to take this chance and have mysterious and beautiful Yogun for himself, but Chun Yeowun did not want this.

‘Another woman…?’

Yeowun decided that he would only love one woman in his entire life. After experiencing the tragedy that revolved around the six clans, Yeowun had learned that having many wives and children only brought chaos.

‘My Lord…’

All members who had seen Yeowun from the days at the academy all sympathized with him. Also, Chun Yeowun was a man who always stuck to his morals and decisions. It wasn’t easy for him to break his own vows for such matters.

‘But it is best that we save that woman, even if that requires him to break his vows.’

Even Hou Sangwha thought as such, although she was very close to Mun Ku. Without considering emotional issues, this was a good chance for the Cult will befriend one of the powerful top five warriors of Yulin. Moreoever, it was also a chance that Wang Jing might become Yeowu’s father-in-law if everything worked out.

“We don’t have time.”

Gam Rosu told them to hurry up when everyone became hesitant.

“Hah… hah…”

Yogun panted as her breath turned white when it left her mouth. She had needles all over her body that were put down by Gam Rosu so that she would be a bit warmer at least. But this in no way would allow her more time in life.


Bunwang called out to Wang Jing. As expected, he was the eldest child of Dual Martial Sword, Wang Jing. His real name was actually Wang Bun.


“Father… I don’t like the idea, but I think we must focus on saving Yogun’s life first.”

“Do you think so?”

“…Nothing matters if she dies.”

Wang Jing became grim at Wang Bun’s words. Even if it was to save his daughter’s life, it was hard to admit such behavior as he was still a father. And even if it was to save his daughter’s life, he didn’t want his daughter to have such a relationship with a man for just a day. That kind of behavior should be followed with the responsibility of lifetime commitment.

‘Give my precious daughter to that man?’

Of course, the background was perfect. He was the Lord of the Demonic Cult, one of three factions of the entire Yulin. And also, Yeowun was powerful enough to be considered one of the top five warriors already. But Wang Jing also could see what was going on.


He didn’t mention it, but he already saw Yeowun being concerned about another woman in the corner, depressed and sad as she sat down by the wall. She seemed to be well trained in martial arts and also very beautiful and elegant, which proved she was from a good family in the cult. It seemed she was the future wife of the Lord.

‘My daughter, daughter of Wang Jin, is to become the second wife of the Cult’s Lord?’

Wang Jing had many enemies that made him hide, but he was still very proud of being one of the top five warriors. His pride didn’t make him comfortable with the fact that his daughter would become a second wife. Wang Jing looked back at Yeowun again.

‘But if he’s concerned about his future wife, he’s not the type to seek women.’

He had heard Lords of the cult historically had many wives, but Yeowun seemed to be different from the way he acted. That was a relief at least.

“Hah… hah…”

As Wang Jing thought things through, he heard his daughter’s panting. He then figured there was no time to waste and simplified his thoughts.

‘You are fool, Wang Jing. You should only think about saving your daughter’s life.’

His daughter’s life was at risk, so it wasn’t time to think a lot of things. Wang Jing then walked up to Yeowun and bowed, “Lord Chun. I, Wang Jing vowed to never bow or ask favors to anyone in my entire life. But today, I will break that vow.”

Wang Jing then went down on both knees. Everyone around became shocked at his sudden action. Wang Jing, Dual Martial Sword and one of top five warriors of Yulin came down on his knees.

“Sir Wang Jing…!”

Yeowun frowned and tried to have him stand up but Wang Jing refused as he shook his head. He then spoke in begging voice.

“Please. Save my daughter’s life. I ask you, not as a martial artist, but a father.”

Wang Jing then bumped his head down on the floor. He had thrown all of his pride away to beg for his daughter’s life.


Yeowun became troubled. He was given no choice anymore. With Wang Jing begging for his help like this, it was certain that he will turn against Yeowun if Yeowun refused to help him.


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