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Chapter 325 - Two birds in one stone - Part 4

‘That is not the problem.’

Yeowun had became the Lord of the Demonic Cult after going through many hardships. Having one of the top five warrior siding against him was not something that was afraid of. And Yeowun was a cultist of the Demonic Cult, not a member of the Forces of Justice, so he did not bind himself to the fact that he had to help out people in trouble.

‘I must keep my own will.’

He vowed that he would only have Mun Ku by his side. It was a shame that he was going to loose the chance of having one of the top five warriors by his side, but Yeowun had to look things further in the future. If he took another woman here, then there was a chance he would see the tragedy that revolved around him with the six clans again. A bloodshed between families in search of power.

‘If another woman has my baby other then Mun Ku, it will bring about another tragedy.’

Yeowun had gone through and killed others in revenge, but he didn’t want his children to do such a thing. That’s when Yeowun heard Nano’s voice.

[If user wants birth control, it is possible to go into self-sterilization mode.]


Birth control meant preventing pregnancy. But what was sterilization?

[Nano machine will block the vas deferens to prevent the sperm from reaching semen while the user is going through sexual intercourse. This is more effective than actual vasectomy.]


Yeowun became shocked. This meant that he can only make the woman he chooses to be pregnant. Nano had given the information as Yeowun was worrying if he might impregnate Yogun.


Yeowun became wordless at the information. If what Nano said worked, then it was possible that Yeowun could have only Mun Ku be pregnant with his baby.

‘But even then…’

But it seemed a bit sad to have the woman not have a baby when Yeowun already had a relationship with her.

‘This is troubling.’

That’s when Yeowun heard Mun Ku’s telepathic message.

[My Lord.]


He turned and saw Mun Ku. She had raised his head up and was looking at Yeowun with a determined look.

[I am really, really sad and heartbroken.]

Yeowun couldn’t respond to Mun Ku’s words. Yeowun had promised to Mun Ku on that night at the inn that he would only love her and take her as his only wife.

[Mun Ku…]

[But you know what, business is still business.]


[I am a woman that you love, but before that, I am also cultist of the Great Demonic Cult and the Lord’s trusted servant. I see no reason to decline the help which would benefit our cult.]

Her eyes were determined but still teary. Yeowun became sad and apologetic, but he still felt that she was cute in some way.

[…So, take the request and help Sir Wang Jing.]

This was her conclusion. After thinking it through herself, Mun Ku realized that this event would eventually bring benefit to the Cult and Yeowun and the only downside was if Yeowun refused to help. The only thing that bothered her was that Yeowun will not be her only man anymore.

[Mun Ku… if you don’t want this, I am not willing to do this.]

[Of course I don’t want to! Do you think you’ll be okay if I, like, take all those handsome guys and, like… uh, do that?!]


Yeowun became wordless at that. Actually, the only one who could react and speak in such a manner in the entire Demonic Cult was Mun Ku. She was the only one who made Yeowun become comfortable. Yeowun laughed.

[Are you laughing? Are you that excited? Sleeping with that pretty girl, making an excuse that you are helping her and…]

Mun Ku’s two large eyes dropped tears as she spoke. It seemed she was still very uncomfortable and heartbroken by the idea. Yeowun smiled softly at Mun Ku and sent back a telepathic message.

[Pretty? The only one I consider pretty is you, Mun Ku.]

Mun Ku then looked back at Yeowun.

[Hmph! I thought you were shy guy. Guess you’re not.]


[…How can you speak such… embarrassing words like that.]

Mun Ku blushed and lowered her head back down into her arms. Yeowun felt like running up to her and hugging her tight at such lovely sight, but there were too many people around and Wang Jing was still in front of him with his head down on the ground.

[You are still the only one in my mind.]

[Hmph! We’ll see about that. And… I know this is the wrong time, but you’re not allowed any one else other than Miss Wang! Never!]


Yeowun felt more relieved as Mun Ku accepeted it. Mun Ku was a very wise woman, enough to make Yeowun’s worries go away. Yeowun then went down and helped Wang Jing up and spoke softly.

“How can I refuse to help a father trying to save his daughter?”

“Lord Chun!”

Wang Jing became brightened up at Yeowun. The only one who could save his daughter around here was Yeowun. Wang Jing had enough power to withstand yin qi, but he couldn’t do the required treatment by himself.

“Please… save my daughter.”

“I will.”

Wang Jing pleaded as he held Yeowun’s hand. His only purpose for life after his wife passed away were his children. Gam Rosu then walked up to them.

“Hmph. It’s good that we’ve decided. We should make haste. We might not even get the chance to do it if we don’t hurry.”

“…So, what should I do?”


Gam Rosu then glanced around at the question. Wang Jing and members of Yeowun’s forces then walked out of the guesthouse with embarrassment. After all of them left, Gam Rosu explained the procedure that Yeowun had to take. After explaining everything, Gam Rosu reminded Yeowun of the most important thing.

“She will resist strongly while you try to mate her. This will be a serious fight, but you must not stop in the middle.”


That was hard to even respond to. Yeowun just nodded and took Yogun into by his arms and went into a private room inside the building. After putting down her on the bed, Yeowun took a deep breath.


‘I have to open up her blood point seal first.’

Doing this would make Yogun wake up again. It was likely that the fight will ensue.

‘Oh, maybe I should undress her first just in case.’

If Yogun resisted heavily, then it seemed it would be hard to try to force her into intercourse. Yeowun then reached out with shaking hands from nervousness toward Yogun’s clothing.


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