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Chapter 326 - Two birds in one stone - Part 5

Chun Yeowun had learned about women for the first time when he spent the night with Mun Ku, who he was in love with. But that was just once, so even if Yeowun was usually very calm and cold, it wasn’t easy for him to undress a woman whom he had met for just a few hours.

Yeowun carefully pulled off the clothes that Yogun had over her. The blue outer robe was pulled off, revealing her underwear. It was very shallow and thin and it showed her pale white skin underneath. Yeowun blushed with embarrassment. But he still had to proceed to make her become naked if he was to proceed with the treatment. Yeowun then reached out toward the underwear slowly.

It was then.


Yogun suddenly opened her eyes. It had been only a few minutes that she was sealed with blood point seal before she was taken in here, but she was waking up already. Yeowun clearly heard that her infinite amount of cold yin qi was circulating around her, putting out the blood seals placed by Wang Jing.

‘So, even the blood seal won’t work against her anymore.’

Yeowun didn’t think she would wake up before undressing her. Yeowun quickly tried to pull her skirt down but cold energy unleashed out from her, sending Yeowun up into the air.


Yeowun was struck into the ceiling as he was sent upward. The ceiling and its roof shook.

“HUH? What’s with the roof?”

Among everyone staying outside the guesthouse building, there were two people who reacted most strongly toward the sound. It was Martial Dual Sword Wang Jing and Yeowun’s woman, Mun Ku. Both of them turned toward the roof and while Wang Jing frowned, Mun Ku bit her lips.


One was the father, and another one was the lover, so it was obvious that they didn’t like how things were going.

“…Uh, I think they are really going wild.”


Hu Bong mumbled awkwardly as he became dumbfounded and tried to ease the atmosphere, but Wang Jing became uncomfortable and walked away from the building.

“How can you say such a thing!”

Mun Ku also became teary and glared at Hu Bong as she too walked away.


Hou Sangwha then slapped Hu Bong on the back of his head. Hu Bong was very loyal, but he sometimes didn’t know when to stop.


That’s when they all felt the shivering cold energy and turned back toward the guesthouse. After the crushing sound, they now saw the wall of the guesthouse freezing up.


“The building is freezing!”

Hou Sangwha and Hu Bong realized something wasn’t right so they tried to run toward the building but Gam Rosu stopped them.


“But Granny Gam, our Lord is in dang…”

“Don’t you even think about it! This is happening because that Miss woke up. If you go in now, you will ruin everything!”

It was as Gam Rosu said. If the treatment was to be interrupted, there was no way to save Yogun who now had yin qi spread all over her body. Hu Bong and Hou Sangwha became concerned but they had no choice but to stand and watch things unfold.

The building trembled as if there was a huge fight going on, rather than sexual intercourse. But after a while, the sound of loud banging and explosions went away, and they heard faint moans.


‘H-huh? OH!’

Hou Sangwha’s face became red from embarrassment as she realized what the moaning of a woman meant. She was taller than most men and had a manlike character, but she felt embarrassed as she heard it and closed her eyes and plugged her ears.


But Gam Rosu brightened up. This moaning was the sound that showed that the mating had started. If Yeowun now extracted and sent out the yin qi within Yogun’s body, it was going to work.

“Hah… Ah…. Aaaaah…”

The sound of heavy breathing and moaning and flesh striking against flesh filled the area. But the cold air coming into the burning yang qi made everything foggy that no one could see anything through it.

Yeowun was focusing on sending out hot yang qi from his body and into Yogun. If he made a mistake, then there was a chance that Yogun’s veins would freeze up immediately, freezing her to death.

‘I was told to take this yin qi into my body, instead of fighting it.’

Gam Rosu said that if Yeowun tried to fight back or push out, it will only cause the energy within Yogun to go out of control.

‘Okay. Now, circulate the yin qi through me and out of my body.”

That was the theory that the Godly Doctor had created. She was massively helped by Monk Gu Hur to come up with the idea. Gu Hur said that a warrior at the supreme master level can change the environment’s energy into one’s own, so it was better to take in the yin qi then send it out.

‘Let’s try it.’

Yeowun tried the method that Gam Rosu had told him. He focused on the yin qi coming into his body while sending yang qi out of his body. When the yin qi came into contact with Yeowun, the yin qi seemed to be unresponsive.

‘There we go.’

Yeowun felt yin qi coming into his body. The huge and powerful yin qi made Yeowun shocked.

‘This is amazing. How did she maintain such large energy?’

It was astounding. It was something that no normal human could do. Yeowun then tried to circulate the yin qi around his body, in order to put it out from him.


That’s when something unexpected happened. With the infinite and natural source of yin qi coming in, another power that resided within Yeowun had woken up.

‘Sky Demon Energy?’

The terrifying energy had woken up from its slumber. The energy began to grow without being controlled by Yeowun now. It began to suck up the yin qi that was surging through Yeowun’s body as if it met some kind of prey.

‘W-what is going on…?’


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