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Chapter 327 - Two birds in one stone - Part 6

Yeowun tried to ease the Sky Demon energy down, but the energy kept on absorbing the cold energy and began to grow.

‘Ugh. Then I have to send out the yang qi out of my body to have it in balance.’

Even if Yeowun could use energy from the environment, Yeowun couldn’t take in energy that he couldn’t wield at the moment. He had to sent out the yang qi to make room for the incoming yin qi. It was now past the point where Yeowun was just saving Yogun.

That’s when the change began. By taking the yin qi away from her, Yogun’s transparent eyes began to return to normal.

“Hah… Hah…”

And when the blockage began to be opened through, her eyes returned to a normal brown and she became like any other normal woman. Her pale white skin also found back some of its pinkish color as warmth returned to her skin.

‘It’s working!’

Yeowun became surprised. At this rate, it seemed it was possible to ease her from the yin qi inside her that would put her in a rage and change her fate. But now, the problem wasn’t with her.

‘This is cold. It feels like my blood is going cold.’

Yeowun felt cold air coming out of his mouth. His body temperature was decreasing due to the powerful Yin qi inside his body. Of course, Nano existed to help him in such cases.

[Increasing user’s body temperature.]

Millions of nano machines inside Yeowun activated at once to warm himself up. If Yeowun did not have Nano, it could have been very dangerous.

‘This is crazy. Too much yin qi came in.’

The Sky Demon Energy greedily absorbed all yin qi so that it wouldn’t be sent out, and now, Yeowun had almost same amount of yin qi as his original yang qi within him. And Yeowun began to undergo a change.

It was after about 30 minutes. Martial Dual Sword Wang Jing who went away from guesthouse returned and was waiting for the treatment to be over. He decided he would do anything to save his daughter, but it still felt uncomfortable as he was a father.

‘Gayen… what would you have done if it were you?’

He thought about his wife who had passed away. After looking up at the blue sky for a while, Wang Jing felt something within.

‘Huh? W-what is that?’

It was a strange, ominous energy that he had never felt. He felt the coldness subsiding slowly, but the energy equal to the cold energy exploded.

‘A cold energy? No. What is this terrifying energy?!’

It felt like if a terrifying monster was roaring. Wang Jing figured something had gone wrong and jumped toward the guesthouse. As he got up, Yeowun’s members and Wang Bun were already waiting there.

“W-what is going on?!”

“This energy…!”

No one dared to move at the ominous energy coming from within but just kept watching.

“Godly Doctor! What is going on!? What is happening!”

Wang Jing shouted at the Godly Doctor who was looking at the guesthouse dumbfoundedly. But she had absolutely no idea what was going on.

“I-I don’t know what’s going on either! Aaaah!”

She had never learned martial arts, but the ominous energy even made her realize it as it brought fear upon her. It felt like if she was standing in front of some kind of predator. It was then.

The frozen wall of the guesthouse cracked and was soon destroyed. The entire guesthouse exploded and came down in ruins. And through the destroyed building, two figures appeared through the dust cloud.


Hou Sangwha became shocked and looked away. She knew that these two were within the building, but it was still too embarrassing to watch. Yeowun was revealed with no clothes over his well-built muscular body. The only thing he was wearing was black armguards.

“My Lord!”

Mun Ku who came later after hearing the commotion called out to Yeowun with a concerned look. But Yeowun didn’t seem to be listening.


He couldn’t hear, and also a ominous energy was being unleashed from within. And toward the back of Yeowun, a beautiful woman with an alluring body and silver hair was lying down naked.


Wang Jing became shocked and shouted at his daughter. But his daughter, Wang Yogun, was dead silent.

“Lord Chun! What’s going on here?!”

Wang Jing called out to Chun Yeowun, but there was no response. Wang Jing’s decision was simple. Wang Jing quickly ran up, trying to check if his daughter was okay. But when Wang Jing came close, Yeowun suddenly reached out to him.

‘Oh no!’

It seemed like a simple hand movement, but Wang Jing realized the powerful energy wielded in the hand and deflected it. As Yeowun’s hand was thrown to the right, powerful energy was sent out and cut the ground within the guesthouse’s courtyard.


Wang Jing who stood in the way of energy quickly moved to dodge it. The energy was similar to blade qi, but it expanded outward and even destroyed the guesthouse building. And what was more surprising was…

“I-it froze?!”

The ground that was cut down by energy was frozen solid. It was just like the cold energy unleashed by Wang Yogun after she suffered Cold Blood Blockage. But now, the area around Yeowun was turning icy cold.

And Wang Jin heard the small but clear sound of breathing from Wang Yogun. Wang Jing glanced toward his daughter and was assured that his daughter had gotten better by looking at Yogun’s skin color coming back.

‘Ah…! So it worked! But what is up with Lord Chun?’

It was hard to explain. Wang Jing then realized that there was the cold energy of Cold Blood Blockage and ominous energy coexisting within the body. But Yeowun’s eyes looked out of focus as if he was in a trance.

‘Was he sent into circulation failure?’

Circulation failure was something one could suffer while wrongly maintaining qi within the body. The symptoms varied but there were some martial artists that went mad from circulation failure and attacked people around.

“Lord Chun! Wake up!”


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