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Chapter 328 - Two birds in one stone - Part 7

If Yeowun had lost control over himself, he had to awaken. If a warrior at the supreme master level suffered from circulation failure, it was likely that a massacre would ensue afterwards. It was going to destroy everything in the area.

‘This is bad. He can’t hear.’

Wang Jing then decided and tried to push Yeowun down and away from the building. If he were to fight Yeowun at this moment, there was a possibility that his daughter Wang Yogun might become troubled.

Wang Jing grabbed Yeowun and tried to pull, but Yeowun swung his hands and thrust toward Wang Jing. Wang Jing tilted his head to avoid it.

His reaction was good, fitting to be one of the top five warriors. But avoiding it was not the issue. He had to take Yeowun down from the building so that Yogun can be safe.

“Please excuse me as this will be rough.”

Wang Jing gathered his hand and swung across with a powerful attack toward Yeowun. Powerful energy came upon Yeowun and when Wang Jing raised his hands up, Yeowun’s body was thrown up into the air.

‘That’s amazing!’

Mun Ku, Hu Bong, and Hou Sangwha became astounded as they looked at what was happening. There was a possibility that the energy could injure the target, but Yeowun didn’t seem to take any damage whatsoever and was just thrown away. Wang Jing was surely a powerful warrior.

‘There we go. Let’s pull him.’

Yeowun’s body was pushed back by Wang Jing’s force energy as Wang Jing tried to throw him toward the garden where no one was at the moment.


But the sword energy that tried to move Yeowun quickly exploded and countered. With Wang Jing’s efforts being cancelled, Yeowun jumped in the air and charged toward Wang Jing as if Yeowun now was thinking Wang Jing was his enemy.


Wang Jing then took steps to move behind and out of the building. Chun Yeowun then turned and chased after him. When Yeowun reached out, something jumped out behind the building debris. It was one of Yeowun’s unique weapons, White Dragon Blade.

Yeowun snatched it from the air and charged toward Wang Jing. What was interesting was that Yeowun’s White Dragon Blade was unleashing cold energy coming from within.

“Wang Bun!”

“Yes, Father!”

Wang Bun understood what his father was implying, and immediately took out one of the greatswords from his back and threw it. Wang Jing grabbed it in the air and swung it to defend himself against the White Dragon Blade.

With two moves colliding against each other, the sound of iron clashing filled the area. An energy storm came upon them, and the ground cracked.


It was a pressure that Gam Rosu, a normal old woman, couldn’t take. Her body was thrown back and Hou Sangwha ran to receive Gam Rosu.

‘Is our Lord really under circulation failure?’

Yeowun’s members all thought the same thing that Wang Jing thought. If Yeowun had lost his sanity and was attacking them, circulation failure was an only possible outcome for such symptoms.

Wang Jing narrowed his eyes as he stood against Yeowun. He knew that Yeowun wasn’t just like any man from the beginning, but the energy within Yeowun was almost equal to Wang Jing’s. What was more troubling was the cold energy.

‘I can feel the cold energy through this greatsword.’

The coldness coming through made his greatsword icy cold. Wang Jing was using his energy to melt it down, but Yeowun’s coldness seemed infinite just like Yogun when she was under Cold Blood Blockage.

‘Wait. Did he absorb the cold energy instead of sending it out?’

Wang Jing then suddenly came up with a guess. He heard from the Godly Doctor that Yeowun was going to send out yin qi coming into his body through mating. But it seemed Yeowun had absorbed it instead.

‘Why did he do such a foolish thing?!’

It wasn’t something a powerful warrior at the supreme master level could do. Even they were at the stage where they could control the energy of the environment, when a warrior trained in yang qi absorbs yin qi, it was going to create an inbalance within the body.

‘There’s no choice. If he went through circulation failure because he absorbed it, then I have no choice but to put him down.’

That was the only possible answer. Most warriors would go berserk until they died under circulation failure. But they were against Chun Yeowun, a powerful warrior. Even Wang Jing would have a hard time overpowering Yeowun who was almost equal in strength.

“Wang Bun!”

Wang Jing reached out on his left hand and Wang Bun threw another greatsword toward Wang Jing.

“W-wait! Mister Wang! What are you trying to…”

Mun Ku became shocked and shouted while Wang Jing grabbed the two greatswords in his hands. Wang Jing shouted, “Miss! If we don’t stop Lord Chun now, all of us will be in danger!”

And Wang Jing then charged and tried to cut Yeowun’s right arm so he would lose the intention to fight.


Mun Ku and Hu Bong became pale and tried to stop him, but it was too late. Wang Jing’s greatsword was already almost upon Yeowun’s right shoulder.

‘I’m sorry.’

But it was then. Yeowun’s black armguards around his arms came apart and got back together as a black sword and defended the attack made by the greatsword.

‘Whoa. This is interesting. That was a sword?’

Wang Jing became shocked and jumped way to the back.

“Ah! Sky Demon Sword!” Hu Bong gasped. The Sky Demon Sword moved on its own to defend its master. But this didn’t happen because the sword had its own will. The Sky Demon Sword floated in the air as it moved down into Yeowun’s right hand. Now, Yeowun had the White Dragon Blade on his left hand, and the Sky Demon Sword in his right hand. Wang Jing became surprised.

‘Right Sword Left Blade.’

He too had earned the title of Martial Dual Sword by using two greatswords at once, but Yeowun’s seemed weird with two weapons that were different from each other. That’s when something amazing happened.


The Sky Demon Sword was soon embraced by ominous, black-colored force qi. That was astounding enough, but something more astounding happened. White blue qi with shivering coldness came out from the White Dragon Blade.

“I-is he using both energies at once?’

Wang Jing had never heard of such a thing. No one had ever controlled such a massive amount of extreme yin and yang energy within the body together.

‘That’s not circulation failure…!’

Wang Jing had thought so at first, but it wasn’t. And Wang Jing became surprised as Yeowun’s eyes began to return back to normal.


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