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Chapter 331 - Extreme - Part 3

The party chose the Grainsgate Plains, not too far away from the northern outpost of the Honam Region of the Demonic Cult. It was not a large area, but there were no people coming across the region, so it was a fitting place to fight. It was a duel held in secrecy, so warriors of the outpost stood guard with a 3-mile perimeter.

It was a duel of a century that any martial artist would pay to watch. It was a fight between the strongest warrior of the Demonic Cult, Chun Yeowun, and one of the top five powerful warriors of Yulin, Martial Dual Sword Wang Jing. Normally, a simple duel would be done with wooden swords but this didn’t work for them anyway. These two strongest warriors of the entire Yulin were weapons themselves even without any weapons on them.

Explosions kept erupting throughout the plains. Those who were watching from afar away turned to where the sound was coming from and were shocked.

“I-is that a fight between martial artists?”

One of the warriors from the outpost gasped in astonishment. The plains were being bombarded by a fight between two powerful warriors. What was interesting was that no one was able to clearly see the fight between these two individuals, and yet they could not pry their eyes away.


Wang Jing’s sword formation used by two giant greatswords was amazing. His two greatswords had a much longer and wider range than any other sword. Thanks to this, their distance never closed against each other.

‘I was blocked again.’

What was more amazing was that Wang Jing had defended against all of Yeowun’s formations in one way or another.

‘Those giant swords are in the way.’

Two giant swords covered in force qi made it hard to penetrate through. Any slightest moment of sluggishness would have given Yeowun a chance, but Wang Jing never gave such chance, fitting to be considered as one of the top five warriors of Yulin.

But Wang Jing also felt the same thing. He had to keep creating sword movements with his greatswords constantly to keep Yeowun at a certain distance.

‘I can’t have him move back. Lord Chun’s sword formation is too dangerous.’

Wang Jing had come across the formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon for about three times as they started. The bloodstain on his right shoulder was a result of it. He was able to defend against two formations, but the third formation had slightly cut his right shoulder. It was dangerous to collide against Yeowun if Yeowun was using the formation.

‘This is getting harder.’

He felt the sword in his hands becoming heavier. He was holding out for as long as he could, but it was obvious that the fight would result in his loss if this continued. He was already lacking in internal energy.

Yeowun jumped up to find an opening and struck down with the Sky Demon Sword that wielded black force qi.

“A powerful attack. Great!”

Wang Jing spoke and defended the attack by bringing up his two greatswords. But when Yeowun struck down, he kicked his foot in the air, and the air pushed him away, disappearing.

‘Huh?! He stepped in the air!’

It was the top level of using the Wind Step God skill, allowing one to step in the air to change direction in the air. Wang Jing quickly thought it through as he lost the trace of Yeowun in his eyes.

‘My only opening right now…’

The only opening was in back. Wang Jing brought all of his might to twist and swung his greatsword in his right hand toward the back like a shield. His experience did not fail him as Yeowun appeared from behind and thrust his Sky Demon Sword.


Wang Jing was pushed five steps back after being struck by the Sky Demon Sword. He brought up 100% of his energy, but he couldn’t endure it. The astounding power was dangerous.


Wang Jing took a deep breath and let it out, with his breathe turning white. He had sent out the cold energy that came into him in that one moment. He protected his body through internal energy, but the black force qi covering the Sky Demon Sword easily penetrated his body.

‘This is crazy.’

If Wang Jing was to defend against a terrifying power, then the cold energy came into him instead. He didn’t imagine using two energies at once would be this frustrating to fight against.

‘I have to admit it.’

After fighting for nearly fifty formations, Chun Yeowun was a step stronger than him. They didn’t use definitive skills aimed to kill each other, but it was still enough.

‘Lord Chun is not using his best either.’

As expected, Yeowun didn’t use all of his might in the duel. He still had Right Sword, Left Blade, followed by the Sword Force of the Sky Demon and the Extreme Art of Blade God that would certainly lead the enemy into death that he had not used. It was still a duel after all.

“Wouldn’t either one of them get hurt from that?”

“W-whoa. This is terrifying.”

Mun Ku was concerned while Hu Bong was excited. Unlike how those two actually fighting thought, others who were looking thought the fight would result with someone dying.

Wang Jing spoke to Yeowun without easing down.

“A powerful warrior can check the opponent’s power just by exchanging attacks. I think we have enough exchange of formations, Lord Chun. May I ask for a favor?”


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