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Chapter 332 - Extreme - Part 4

 “Yes, of course.”

“Can you show me the understanding you learned by reaching the end stage of the supreme master level?”

They had checked each other’s power enough. What Wang Jing now wanted to know was the best power that Yeowun had achieved after reaching the end stage, even if that would result in an injury for Wang Jing. He wanted to feel the power of a martial artist who had achieved the legendary stage.

“…Are you sure it’s okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“It can be dangerous.”

“Haha. Don’t worry. I am weaker than you, but I am still one of the top five warriors for a reason.”

Wang Jing reassured Yeowun who seemed to be concerned. Wang Jing had not used his best skill yet. If things turned dangerous, he still had that to defend himself.

“…I understand. If that is your wish.”

Actually, Yeowun wanted to check it out for himself, the understanding he found while reaching the end stage of the supreme master level.

Yeowun returned the Sky Demon Sword back into its armguard form. Wang Jing became surprised. Taking the sword back meant Yeowun was showing something that had to do with the form of energy. Yeowun gathered his fingers and aimed at Wang Jing.

‘What is he trying to do?’

Yeowun then opened his mouth as if he had read Wang Jing’s mind.

“I have learned a total of two things.”

It was then. The energy coming out from Yeowun became powerful as it filled the entire area. Its energy was very cold that reached out over 1,000 feet from where Yeowun stood. Then black ice began to form an ice sword. It was just like the skill that Wang Yogun showed when she went berserk.


Wang Jing knew that Yeowun absorbed yin qi, but didn’t think such a thing was be possible. He moaned in astonishment. But that wasn’t over. The number of ice swords was over 100, floating in the air and they circled around Wang Jing. Wang Jing clenched his greatswords. This was power beyond his imagination.

“…This is unbelievable, Lord Chun.”

This was a skill that would make Yeowun be considered a legion of troops with him alone. Wang Jing checked the direction of the ice swords that were aimed at him in the air. Then all the ice swords suddenly shattered. Wang Jing who had been preparing to defend against them became dumbfounded.

“What is this? Lord Chun… are you trying to make fool of me?”

“No, sir.”

“Then why did you stop the attack?”

“It’s not the best compared to the second understanding I had.”

“What are you…”

Then, a blue light appeared around Yeowun. All of those blue lights began to gather and started to shape into a sword. Wang Jing became shocked. His disappointment disappeared immediately and became shocked.

‘…This is unbelievable!’

That blue light formed like force qi. But it wasn’t just any force qi. It didn’t form over sword or a hand, meaning it was energy on its own. A warrior on the level of supreme master could use technique called Air Sword. One that became an established supreme master was then given the ability to use force qi over the air sword.

‘H-how is that even possible?’

But what Yeowun was doing was creating force qi over in the air where there was nothing. The number of swords formed was twelve. Yeowun spoke to Wang Jing who seemed to be shocked.

“This is my finding.”

With a deep and complicated understanding of energy, Yeowun was finally able to use such a powerful skill.

‘I can barely maintain it over a minute, but it’s enough.’

“Then, be ready!”

Yeowun reached out his hand toward Wang Jing and all twelve sword force qi immediately charged like lightning toward him.


Wang Jing became shocked and swung his greatswords. He tried to keep his distance by swinging his greatswords, but all twelve swords divided up and attacked from all angles, as if they were all used by Yeowun himself.

Wang Jing rapidly moved his swords to defend, but it was too much. It was like he was up against twelve powerful warriors at once.


Wang Jing’s back waist was cut from one of the swords and Wang Jing turned to strike it down.


But as a sword was struck down, another replaced it to keep on attacking. Wang Jing became busy just barely defending himself.

“By the gods…”

“What in the world am I seeing it?”

Those who watched close up became shocked. Air sword was already a powerful technique, but it used too much energy and was only effective against weaker enemies. But when it became true force qi, the situation was overturned.

Yeowun was standing from afar as he moved his arms. Wang Jing was being pushed around, trying hard to defend against twelve sword force qi, but he was getting slower.

“S-sir Wang is becoming slower!”

Hu Bong shouted excitedly. It was an unbelievable sight to see one of the top five powerful warriors of Yulin in such trouble.


Wang Jing was frustrated.

‘Is there no end to the energy?’

It seemed that a slight mistake would result in his death. He merely withstood it for a few seconds but it was just too much. Without knowing when Yeowun would lose all of his energy in controlling the swords, it was hard to defend against them.

‘N-No! I can’t do it!’

After defending against frantically, Wang Jing shouted, “L-Lord Chun! Stop!”

The swords in the air immediately came to a stop at once. Wang Jing dropped both of his greatswords onto the ground. His face was drenched in sweat.

“Hah… Hah…”

He was really exhausted. Yeowun looked at him and asked, “Will you continue?”

Wang Jing looked back at Yeowun dumbfoundedly and shook his head.

“Hah… hah… I lost. You win, Lord Chun.”

Wang Jing declared his loss and Yeowun smiled.

With this, one of the top five warriors of Yulin had accepted a loss against Chun Yeowun.


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