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Chapter 333 - Return to the Demonic Cult - Part 1

 Three Mountains, southwestern side of Kangsoh Castle. This mountain was located near the Yangza River which ran through the middle of the mountain and split into two. With three peaks in the north and south side, that contributed to its name. And near the mountain, there was a large palace-like mansion. The size of the mansion would have the name of something that showed what it was, but it had no name.

Its outer wall was placed like a giant maze, with over 26 small and big buildings scattered over the entire premise. And in the middle of everything, there was the main building. Inside this building, there was an office with a middle-aged man with long hair and narrow eyes listening to a briefing. But he didn’t seem too happy to hear what was being told. After listening to it for a while, the man asked, “So, you are saying the centipede for Yi Baek exploded?”

“…Yes, sir.”

“And you did not go down there to pick it up?”

The man said ‘it’ but the one who was reporting understood what it was. It was referring to the treasure that was left by their founder.

“No, sir.”

The man answered and the middle-aged man banged on the desk with his fist. The fist wielded powerful energy that shattered the desk immediately. As the middle-aged man showed his discomfort for the first time, the man flinched and became afraid.

“Then you should’ve at least went down there and picked up the body!”

“I-I’m sorry, sir.”

The middle-aged man was angry at the death of the man named Yi Baek. Of course, it was because this middle-aged man was the brother of the dead Yi Baek, Yi Wook.

“We sent agents who were nearby immediately to search, but we couldn’t find the Sword Master’s body. And we didn’t find any of his soldiers’ bodies either.”

Yi Wook raised his eyebrows.

“What? The entire Sword Group squadron disappeared?”

It was a group of 150 elite warriors, with a superior master level leader. Their power was enough to make three or four clans extinct in just one night.

“Not all sir. There are 105 bodies missing, with 59 bodies that fell into the hands of the Blue Sky Brotherhood.”

“Blue Sky Brotherhood? They did this?”

Yi Wook seemed unconvinced. When Yi Baek was ordered to so go down to the Sword Creek, he had investigated the forces residing within Sword Creek already. They found out that one of their officers was staying by the hidden mansion, but other than that, they only had 40 men.

“That’s impossible. That’s not enough to defeat our entire squadron.”

“There were no other signs of any other forces from the Blue Sky Brotherhood making a move, sir. It seems someone else is involved in this.”

“Aaaaaargh! Who dares to interrupt our work!”

They had eyes on every faction of the entire Jianghu very closely. Starting with the Forces of Evil, the Demonic Cult and Yulin Forces of Justice and its secret organization Blue Sky Brotherhood were all carefully kept on watch. But none of them made any movements.

“If we didn’t even get the book, then my brother just died in vain!”

Yi Wook was more furious that his brother had died without achieving anything. If he was able to find out who was behind this, he wanted to go and rip the culprit apart to kill him. That’s when the man who was reporting pulled something out from his back.

“…I know you must be furious, but please keep calm. ‘Blade Master’ told me to give it to you.”

“What’s this?”

It was a scroll wrapped with red silk and golden dragon embroidery. Even the rope that tied the scroll was made of gold color.

“This is the letter you’ve been waiting for.”


Yi Wook quickly untied the rope and opened up the scroll and checked it out. It was a letter with beautiful writing, marked with a dignified looking seal at the end.

“So, the third step of the Grand Plan will now begin.”

His eyes shook with excitement. He had been waiting for this time for so long. But it was also sad that his brother wasn’t here to walk the same path. After reading through the letter, Yi Wook frowned.

“Tonghu Bay? Isn’t this bottom of the place? Aren’t we doing it in that place?”

“I heard it’s not always there.”

“…Well, I guess we don’t need to take such risk. It doesn’t matter. Whatever the location is, the plan is always the same.”

Yi Wook clenched his fist. He had been hungry for blood to ease his anger anyway.

The northern outpost of the Demonic Cult at the Honam Region. An old woman was wailing and mourning while she hugged a baby tightly. She was the muscular old lady, Godly Doctor Gam Rosu. She had been crying so hard that her face was red and eyes were swollen. The baby in her arms was also crying heavily that the 2nd guesthouse was filled with noise.

In front of them, a man with an eyepatch stood. It was Fourth Elder Yang Danwa. Gam Rosu had been crying for over 20 minutes, with the baby crying and sometimes stopping before starting to cry again.

‘She must be really sad.’

It was easy to see why Gam Rosu was crying so hard, as she was crying by the body of her granddaughter Gam Miyan. There was no way she would be okay to find her granddaughter, who she wanted to rescue so badly, return with a dead body.


Yang Danwa volunteered to do this, but it was frustrating nonetheless. He didn’t think the wailing and mourning would last for days. After wailing for a long time, Gam Rosu held the baby in her arms and caressed Gam Miyan’s cold face and mumbled.

“How dare… how dare they kill my granddaughter! I will never forgive them!”


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