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Chapter 334 - Return to the Demonic Cult - Part 2

Gam Rosu was told that the Blue Sky Brotherhood killed her granddaughter. It was a lie, but it was better that way as Yeowun and their group couldn’t bring Gam Miyan back alive as it was certain that she would try to get in the way in any way possible.

‘It’s good that she still has her grand-grandson.’

That was huge in this case, as Gam Rosu grieved the death of her granddaughter, the existence of her granddaughter’s son would ensure that Gam Rosu would not make extreme choices. It was likely that she would live to avenge and raise her only family.

“Those devils!” Gam Rosu wailed heavily as she cried vengefully, and Yang Danwa thought as she looked on, ‘Keep that anger within you for the Great Demonic Cult.’

It could feel bad to lie and use her like this, but they were not Forces of Justice. This was the way of the Demonic Cult.

At the same time, in the medical room by the main building of the outpost, there was a room with many beds. On one of them, a silver-haired woman was sitting on it while talking with someone. They were Martial Dual Sword Wang Jing and his daughter, Wang Yogun. Her cheeks now had a reddish tint as her condition normalized and Wang Jing seemed to be really happy to see his daughter well. Her hair was still silver in color, but that was okay. Wang Jing had waited to see this moment for so long.

‘Gayen. Our child is so beautiful!’

Wang Yogun’s beauty doubled as she recovered from being weak and pale. She was already very beautiful while she was deathly pale, but now she was like a flower that any man would be tempted to take. It was likely that she would easily be considered one of three most beautiful women in the entire Yulin.


Wang Jing had been coughing since while ago.

‘It’s good that she became healthy but…’

They had been talking and chatting until a while ago, but now they were dead silent. It was time to speak about an important issue that they didn’t really want to talk about. Wang Yogun had to sleep with Chun Yeowun for her treatment against her will. Wang Yogun knew this and understood this fact. She actually woke up during the act, and she also vaguely remembered what happened when she went berserk. But even if it was an act of medical treatment, it was man and woman having a relationship so they had to talk about marriage.

‘Lord Chun is enough as a candidate.’

Wang Jing asked for the treatment to save his daughter at first, but he came to like Yeowun more as he got to know him. Yeowun seemed like the best son-in-law now that he thought about it.

‘He’s really powerful too.’

After the duel, Wang Jing now knew that Yeowun was like a monster. Yeowun was still young, but he had defeated Wang Jing. Even if Wang Jing did not use all of his skills, there was no way to deny that he had lost.

‘There’s a monster in the east, but Lord Chun might be the strongest warrior of the entire Yulin in the end.’

There weren’t many who were titled as the strongest warrior in Yulin history. But it seemed very possible that Yeowun might just be the one as he was still very young. And since he was the leader of one of three largest factions of Yulin, it was likely that his daughter would be safe in Yeowun’s hands.

‘I know you might not like this, but maybe he is your destiny.’

There was a chance that his daughter would refuse, but there was no choice. Wang Jing didn’t want his daughter to live in solitude either. Wang Jing decided and opened his mouth to speak.

“Hmph. Yogun…”



It seemed Yogun had something to say too. That was why she had been looking down, not meeting her father’s eyes until now. After a bit of hesitation, she spoke.

“I-I heard you lost to Lord Chun. Is that true?”

Wang Jing frowned. He had not talked about this issue to her because of his pride as a warrior and father.

“Who told you that?”

“…A man named Hu Bong told me.”


‘That fool!’

Wang Jing became furious when he heard the name. He didn’t think that Hu Bong might have told the result to his daughter. It seemed that Hu Bong, when he came to fetch Godly Doctor Gam Rosu, spoke a few things to Yogun. At least Yogun did not talk about the fact that Hu Bong addressed her as ‘Lady’ as if Yogun had already married Yeowun. That part was omitted in her explanation.

‘So, it was true!’

She was really surprised as the reaction of her father confirmed it. His father was not a talkative type, but was very revealing on what he thought from his emotions. The way he was acting was absolute proof that he actually lost to Yeowun.

Wang Jing became angry at Hu Bong who spilled his loss to others like this, but he pushed it down and tried to speak what he wanted to say at first.

“Yogun, I…”

“Father, I’ve decided. If you allow me, I want to go with Lord Chun.”


Wang Jing became dumbfounded when his daughter claimed to want to go with Chun Yeowun first.


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