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Chapter 335 - Return to the Demonic Cult - Part 3

Wang Jing became dumbfounded at the unexpected reaction from his daughter.


Wang Yogun told him the exact thing that he himself wanted her to do, but it didn’t feel all that good to hear her say it willingly. As far as he knew, his daughter was not the type to fall in love just because she had slept with a man. She did not have a mother growing up, but Wang Jing raised her well.

“…Are you saying that because I lost to Lord Chun?”

If that was the reason, that could have been very disappointing and sad. Of course, Wang Yogun was a person living in Yulin who might admire a powerful martial artist, and considering the fact that Chun Yeowun was young and handsome with the potential to become the strongest warrior of Yulin, it certainly was possible that Yogun might fall in love. But what she said next surprised Wang Jing.

“No. Do you think I’d fall for him for such a reason?”

“Then why?”

“I heard from that Hu Bong and also from Bun that Lord Chun had a lover and still helped me regardless.”


It seemed Yogun had heard a lot of things in detail when she woke up. Wang Jing was more hesitant on explaining Mun Ku to her rather than proceeding with marriage, but Yogun already knew about her.

“It isn’t easy to do something like that when you have a lover, even if you want to save someone’s life.”

Wang Yogun blushed. Wang Jing frowned from unknown jealousy.

“Don’t you mind about that. Men are not as innocent and pure as you might think. I told you multiple times.”

Of course, Wang Jing knew that Yeowun was not that type as he noticed that Yeowun was concerned about Mun Ku. But he just said it anyway.

“You are a man too.”

“I’m not like any other man.”

Yogun smiled at her father’s concerning words.

“Of course you are not like any other man. But I think you’ve made a mistake.”


“I… I’m not saying I will need to marry Lord Chun just because I… did that.”


Wang Jing frowned at Yogun’s unexpected words. If Yogun was not thinking about getting married to Yeowun, then why was she going to follow him into the cult? Yogun continued, “Lord Chun saved my life. I would have died if it wasn’t for his help. How can I just ignore that debt?”

“Yogun. Are you saying…”

Something was strange. Her words implied that she wanted to join Yeowun as a servant, not as a wife. And Wang Jing’s guess was right.

“Yes. I want to repay the debt for saving my life by entering the Demonic Cult. You always said debts must be paid.”

Wang Jing sighed at the unexpected turn of events. He had not expected this kind of reaction from his daughter.

“Yogun. Do you know what you are saying? …I’ll be frank. Even if it was to save your life, you and Lord Chun still slept together. …And you do not want to marry him? Instead, you just want to join the cult?”

“Father. I am a woman living in Yulin. I don’t want to get married only because I slept with a guy once! Besides, he has a lover.”

“Nonsense! Him having a lover doesn’t stop you from marrying him! You are the daughter of I, Wang Jing! Why would you just be a servant?!”

He had many enemies and lived in hiding, but he still was one of the top five strongest warriors of Yulin; he had fame and honor. If he chose to join in any faction, then it was likely that he would be welcomed with open arms.

“If you are not happy with becoming a 2nd wife, then I will talk with Lord Chun about that, so…”

“Gosh, it’s not about that! Listen to me!” Wang Yogun burst out angrily. Wang Jing became dumbfounded as his daughter who never raised her voice to him started shouting back.

“Father! If you have to marry just because you slept with a guy, all women must be in danger! Everyone will try to sleep with a girl they like so they can marry!”


She was confident and smart. Her point was also logical, and that made Wang Jing be at a loss for words.

“I’m not that kind of woman. Besides, I have to know the person before I can even think about marriage!”

“I-I suppose you are right.”

Wang Jing answered and Yogun continued, “And… I want you and Bun to come with me.”


“You promised that you would protect me and Bun for Mother’s sake.”

In the end, Yogun was saying the entire family to join the Demonic Cult.


Wang Jing who was just dumbfounded and shocked by unexpected words, now realized what was going on. He just thought his daughter was having weird ideas, but that wasn’t it.

‘She was just..’

Yogun was screaming, as if she was fighting her father, but her eyes showed that she had hopes and concerns. Wang Jing finally realized what her goal was from the beginning.

‘You always have to look out for us while we hide from Forces of Evil and Justice. It should be safer if we go to the Demonic Cult.’

Wang Jing went into hiding only because he wanted to protect his children. He had to reveal himself because he thought his daughter was kidnapped, but he had never revealed his identity to others until now, even when he was one of the most famous martial artists. That made Yogun sad. Her father had the power and fame to live a life fitting for his position, but he sacrificed everything for his children.

‘Father will follow me if I say this much.’

She was raised very well by Wang Jing, and grew up to be very considerate. What she was doing was to give her father a reason to join the cult without bending his will. His father was from the Forces of Justice, so he did not have a good impression of the Demonic Cult, but they realized the cult wasn’t much different from the others after all.

‘My child has grown to be a very considerate and warm adult. Gayen, our girl has grown a lot.’

Wang Jing felt his heart warm up from Yogun’s thoughts. He then realized it was actually stupid to force marriage upon them just because his daughter had slept with Chun Yeowun. It was better that she work for Yeowun to repay the debt.

“Hmph. If that is your wish, you leave me with no choice. If you do not have any feelings for Lord Chun… then do what as wish.”

Wang Jing coughed but brightened his face. He was especially glad that his daughter was concerned about him, not the man whom his daughter had slept with. But Yogun’s next comment made Wang Jing frown.

“I-I am not sure yet. I might come to like him if given some time,” Yogun blushed as she said and looked away.


Wang Jing frowned and soon laughed.


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