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Chapter 336 - Return to the Demonic Cult - Part 4

He approached the two students, and asked in a small voice. It was because they could get caught by the teachers on watching. But they already have been caught because of these two yelling, if they were to be caught.

“A wol… wolf… wof…”

“The monster, monster wolf…”

The two Students were terrified and couldn’t speak properly.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“There was a monster wolf in the Ok Haemi Teacher’s residence!”

“Monster wolf? You must have seen something else.”

“Oh, no! It’s real!”

“Academy safest place in Murim!”

Then someone ran to them from far away.

“Who’s there!”

Seeing him running with the whistle, it must have been Teacher who was watching.

“Damn it! We got caught!”

Lu Churi looked around, and pulled the two student’s arms.

“No matter! Quiet! This way!”

He circled the fence with two students, and they disappeared from the scene. Upon arriving there, teacher sighed.

“They disappeared again? That T.Y.C punks!”

There was no way to go somewhere else. Once they disappeared, they never showed up again, and there was no sign of where they had disappeared to.

When the teacher went elsewhere, two people appeared.

“I see why T.Y.C. hasn’t been caught, Big Brother.”

“I know. I’ve known there’s a secret passage, but to think such high-quality secret passage exists!”

They were Kang Hyuk and Ji Chulmook. They saw unexpected scene on their way to Teacher’s Residence, where suspected T.Y.C. collaborate was thought to be located. It was a scene in which Lu Churi disappeared into the wall with two Students. And even though Super Master Stage teachers could not feel their energy, Kang Hyuk and Ji Chulmook were still feeling their energy.

“Oh? The passageway of the wall is connected underground and headed that way.”

“Looking at the general structure, this secret passage seems to have existed since long time ago!”

It looked like the passage was forgotten with Academy fire that erupted seventy years ago, killing many employees who knew of its existence. It must have been discovered by T.Y.C. students and have been used by them until now.

“What are you going to do with it?”

Kang Hyuk laughed at Ji Chulmook’s question.

“It’s a useful passage, but a passage that must be destroyed for the cause. There’s other passages we can use it in an emergency.”

“Okay. Then I’ll take care of this passage. This is my specialty.”

Kang Hyuk said, putting his hand on Ji Chulmook’s shoulder.

“Okay, I’ll leave it up to you.”

Kang Hyuk headed to the residence to meet Sung Kak, a presumed T.Y.C.’s helper.

“Hieeya-! Hah-!”

Even though it was late at night, Sung Kak was eager to train, wielding his blade. Looking at it, Kang Hyuk found that his blade contained different emotions.

‘Complaints, resentment, anger… is that longing? Seems like he must be in emotional turmoil.’

It was Kang Hyuk who went beyond Superior Master Stage to the stage of Age Restoration. He could read one’s feelings just by looking at someone wielding a weapon.


Sung Kak then either swung too hard or exhausted missed the blade.


The blade flung towards Kang Hyuk, who was standing outside the fence.

“Look out!”

Cried Sung Kak, who found Kang Hyuk. But Kang Hyuk smiled and reached out his hand. The sword that was flying to Kang Hyuk stopped in the air. Just one fist away from Kang Hyuk’s palm. The blade then fell to the ground.


Sung Kak couldn’t get angry at Kang Hyuk’s rude behavior of looking at his training. The level of martial art that Kang Hyuk just showed was amazing. It was a skill that could only be shown in Super Master Stage. However, Kang Hyuk was a Horticulture Teacher so Sung Kak was confused about how he should react to this situation. But it was too early to be surprised.

When Kang Hyuk raised his hand, Sung Kak’s sword, which had fallen on the floor, floated up and went into the search himself. It was a feat of remarkable skill.

“Would you mind giving me cup of tea?”

Kang Hyuk asked him, and Sung Kak nodded.

“C-come in.”

Sung Kak’s office was splendid, but Kang Hyuk saw the bluff. It was fancy, but not high-end. During his time as the Clan Leader, he was always surrounded by high-end items so he could recognize it at a glance.

‘He values how he looks more than what he truly is!’

There was a silence between them after a cook brought two cups of tea and went out.


Sung Kak offered Kang Hyuk the tea.

“I bought it because I was told it was good tea… Hope you like it.”

“Thank you.”

Kang Hyuk held a sip of tea in his mouth.


The tea was surely expensive tea, but there was a problem with how it was made. But he didn’t bother to say that.

“I’ve heard a little bit about you not being an ordinary Horticulture Teacher, but that back there…”

Sung Kak sighed and continued.

“Rumors were true then. Who are you?”

Kang Hyuk laughed at the question.

“Haha! There isn’t much to say.”

Kang Hyuk’s earlier use of power with Sung Kak’s blade was intended to show a little bit of himself. It was because he had to use Clan Leader’s Spy identity again this time, which was created thanks to Third Year’s Sword Teacher Yun Hasung.

‘Thanks to you, Teacher Yun, this identity is very useful. Hahaha.’

It was interesting to what Mujin will think of having former clan leader as his spy, but Kang Hyuk only focused on using what he can to deal with the moment.

“If Clan Leader asks me to go, I go. If he tells me to come, I come. But for now, I’m just a normal Horticulture Teacher.”

Sung Kak was startled by Kang Hyuk’s answer.


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