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Chapter 338 - Imperial Order - Part 2

“We must activate the defense formation at once.”

“Why at this moment…!”

That level surely meant a powerful enemy. Just a bit closer and the face would be revealed. And when Huan Yi was about to order the guards to set the alarm for the intruder, Marakim saw the face.

“Elder Huan! Stop!”

Huan Yi stopped and turned back with a curious look. Marakim then sent a telepathic message.

[It’s our Lord!]

[What? Are you sure?]

The one who was coming at an enormous speed was Yeowun. It was very close to making things complicated, but they were able to stop. The reason why Yeowun was creating that trace seemed to be because Yeowun did not want to let others know that he had been out of the castle walls.

‘It should be better if he comes from the other gates.’

Huan Yi became concerned. There was a large open area in front of the gate, so that would surely reveal Yeowun. But something unexpected happened. Toward the end of the forest, Yeowun jumped high up into the last tree before the open area.

‘M-my Lord!’

‘What is he doing?’

Marakim and Huan Yi became shocked as Yeowun jumped even higher than the castle wall. Warriors above the wall were too busy as they were preparing to greet the guest and didn’t notice Yeowun in the air. Yeowun took steps in the air, flying across the wall. Marakim and Huan Yi became so shocked that they almost screamed.

‘By the gods…!’

‘A-Air walking?’

This was the air walking technique, where a man used energy to step on air to fly through. This technique was deemed a legendary stage of the stepping skill that equaled its legendary state to that of Air Sword flying, which all people of Yulin only dreamt of.

‘T-the Lord has gone up to an even higher stage!’

This wasn’t something even Marakim could do. He could barely turn the direction of a fall in the air, but Yeowun was easily doing something so incredible. However, what Yeowun did next when he was up in the air was even more amazing.


Yeowun pulled out the White Dragon Blade, threw it up, and got up on it to fly through the air. Yeowun flying through at twice the height of the castle wall made him unspotted as he flew across it. Two of them became dumbfounded. Soon, Yeowun shot through the wall and went into the inner palace. Huan Yi sent a telepathic message with a dumbfounded look.

[Uh… Great Guardian. What do you think happened outside?]

[…I want to ask you myself.]

Chun Yeowun had returned as a monster in just a month’s time. He had power that equaled that of the top five warriors of Yulin.

Marakim and Huan Yi quickly followed Yeowun to the inner palace. It seemed Yeowun knew they were following him as he was waiting for them near the palace.

“Greetings, my Lord! Great Guardian at your service!”

“Greetings, my Lord. Seventh Elder at your service.”

“Was everything alright while I was gone?”

“Of course, my Lord. I’m sorry to say this, but we have to make haste.”


They quickly escorted Yeowun so that he could get changed into formal attire to greet the guest. All other elders remaining within the palace were already dressed as they all had to greet the incoming guest. When Yeowun entered the palace, everyone got up from their seats and bowed.

“Glory to the Demonic Cult!”

And with that, Third Elder Mun Yun, the highest-ranking elder at the moment, greeted him. Yeowun became awkward as he looked at Mun Yun.


Yeowun had slept with his granddaughter Mun Ku while he was out in Yulin. They weren’t married yet, so Yeowun felt apologetic toward Mun Ku’s grandfather Mun Yun.

‘After the guest from Imperial Palace is settled, I should talk with Elder Mun.’

Whatever the case, they had to deal with the guest first. Yeowun took the six elders and three of the remaining Six Swords to the northern gate where preparations complete. All clan leaders were out in line. They all stood ready to greet the guest.

Hundreds of horses stomping on the ground caused mild trembling. Soon, the Imperial Army revealed themselves through the woods. As they got closer, soldiers divided into two rows, opening a row in the middle so that the lavish golden carriage could move up front. A man in orange armor who was in the front got down from his horse and went up to them.


Marakim and the other elders became surprised. They all sensed, just like Yeowun, that the man was at the superior master level. The man looked at Yeowun and cultists with an arrogant look and shouted, “Citizens of the Great Ming! I am Southern Commander Yon Namgun!”

All cultists became shocked. Huan Yi then sent a telepathic message to Yeowun who did not know much about the Imperial Palace’s ranks and titles.

[M-my Lord. That man is from the Imperial Guards.]

The Imperial Guards were a military group entrusted by the Emperor himself. They had the leader, Supreme Commander, and two commanders: the Northern and Southern Commander. These commanders were high-ranking officials of the Imperial Palace. Yeowun did not know, but both of the commanders’ power was famous even within Yulin.

‘Who is in that carriage that made such a high-ranking general come down here?’

The carriage began to move. It seemed the person inside was getting out.

‘That man is from the Imperial… huh?’

With the door of the carriage being opened, the person finally revealed himself. The man was plump with narrow eyes, with a goat-like beard. He did not look like anything that Yeowun had imagined as a person from the royal family.


The man then carefully took out something from the carriage over to the small plate, and got down from the carriage.

‘What is that?’

On the plate, there was a red silk scroll with golden dragon embroidery. Everyone looked at it weirdly and Yon Namgun became furious and shouted, “How dare you stand straight in front of the Emperor’s order?! Get down to your knees right now!”


The purpose of the lavish golden carriage was to bring down the scroll that contained the order of the Emperor.


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