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Chapter 340 - Imperial Order - Part 4

Yon Namgun shouted at the cultists standing in front of the castle gate.

“Get down to your knees and take the Imperial Order!”

The loud, dignified shouts wielded energy. Most people would hastily get down on their knees in front of the imperial order, but this time it was different. The air turned cold and while these people seemed to be welcoming up until now, they suddenly turned very cold and grim.


Yon Namgun became wordless at the unexpected reaction. He did guess that cultists would not bow easily, but he didn’t imagine the reaction would be this cold.

‘They are not like ordinary martial artists. But this is going too far.’

The order seemed a bit much, but when facing cultists not willing to bow, Yon Namgun became furious as he was a commander of the Imperial Guard who protected the Imperial Palace’s authority. He then frowned and tried to shout when he heard the telepathic message.

[Enough. You won’t be enough.]

It was sent from Zhu Taikhan. The chubby man then frowned and called out to one of the Imperial Guards to hold the plate that carried the Imperial Order scroll. He then walked a few steps up and shouted toward the cultists.

“I am King Zhu Taikhan, under the order of the Emperor of the Great Ming Empire.”

The chubby man was Zhu Taikhan. The cultists became shocked.


“Is he the son of the Emperor?”

Those who were given the title of a King were only the male relatives of the Empire. They expected the one inside the carriage to be a high-ranking official, but they didn’t expect to see a king. Yeowun then heard Huan Yi’s telepathic message.

[My Lord. He must be the second son of the current Emperor.]

Huan Yi was the leader of covert operations and intelligence that he knew the names of all the royal families. There was a visit from the imperial palace due to the nonaggression in the past, so they had to be aware. But the atmosphere was different. The way Zhu Taikhan was talking to them was as if he was talking to normal citizens.

“How dare you still stand in front of the Imperial Order and the King of the Empire!”

Zhu Taikhan seemed as if he wanted to see cultists getting down on their knees. The cultists became hesitant. They seemed to be worried if their Lord would become uncomfortable for this turn of events.

‘Hm? It must be him.’

Zhu Taikhan found Chun Yeowun with a lavish black robe standing between the cultists. Everyone seemed to be concerned about him, so it was certain that he was the new Lord of the Demonic Cult.

‘I can’t feel anything from him, but he must be it.’

Chun Yeowun had collected his energy, so it wasn’t possible to feel any energy coming out from him. He felt more like an ordinary man rather than a martial artist. That’s why all the Imperial Guards and Zhu Taikhan didn’t even think Yeowun was the Lord of the Demonic Cult.

‘He really is nothing.’

Zhu Taikhan figured the Lord of the Cult might still be a powerful warrior, but he wasn’t. Zhu Taikhan then pointed at Yeowun with his finger.

“Are you the Lord of the Demonic Cult?”

Left Guardian Lee Hameng turned cold at the sudden arrogant words being thrown at Yeowun. All other cultists reacted similarly. But Zhu Taikhan did not care and flicked his finger at Yeowun.

“Now I see why all your cultists are so arrogant and foolish. Come down here on your knees and take the order from the Emperor.”

His last word enraged all the cultists.

‘How dare he!’

‘He is insulting our Lord!’

With each of the cultists unleashing their internal energy, a powerful aura spooked all horses, making them neigh and try to turn.

“Ugh! Horses!”


But all those from the Imperial Army were able to feel this power being unleashed from the cultist. The Southern Commander who felt this before the others pulled out his sword and shouted, “You dare show your hostility toward the King who bears the order of the Emperor?! Is the Demonic Cult trying to commit treason?!”

Acts of treason against the Emperor and his relatives were not allowed under the law of the Empire. But when these words were spoken, all cultists became dumbfounded.

‘Hahaha. You have no choice!’

Zhu Taikhan became satisfied. It was likely that the cultists became arrogant because the Imperial Palace had been treating them with respect until now. But the cultists were still citizens of the Great Ming Empire and there was no way for them to stand against the Empire itself.

‘If you are citizens of the Great Ming Empire, then you must act like it.’

It was evident that these cultists had to kneel before them. Will they keep their pride and side against the Empire and face the might an army of a million strong? Or will they throw away their arrogance and bow? Zhu Taikhan assumed it would be the latter. But…

An old man with white hair came out from behind Yeowun and knelt on his one knee to Yeowun, “My Lord. Will it be okay if I speak?”

Yeowun raised his hand to allow him. It was Third Elder, Mun Yun. Mun Yun got out and bowed his head down slightly toward Zhu Taikhan. The Imperial Guard stood next to Zhu Taikhan shouted angrily.

“You dare not kneel before his highne…. UGH!”

But the guard became terrified by the sudden pressure of energy coming down on him. Mun Yun’s energy made it painful for him. Mun Yun ignored it and said, “It is an honor to meet the King of the Great Ming Empire.”

Zhu Taikhan spoke uncomfortably.

“You dare look straight into my eyes and…”

But Mun Yun cut him off as he glared.

“Sorry to interrupt, your highness. But we cultists of the Great Demonic Cult only kneel to our sky and the Lord and no one else.”

Every cultist nodded eagerly at Mun Yun’s strong words. All of those from the Imperial Palace became furious. This was treatment that they had never experienced before.

“And we the Demonic Cult are under the nonaggression pact with the Great Ming Empire. We are independent of the Empire and are not related to the Empire in any sense.”

Zhu Taikhan frowned. He didn’t think Mun Yun would mention the nonaggression pact at this moment.

“The First Emperor of the Great Ming asked for help from our cult, and made a nonaggression pact afterwards. Why do you come now and want us to kneel before you?”


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