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Chapter 343 - Imperial Order - Part 7

Yeowun, nor any of the cultists seemed to care. Yeowun was even looking disappointed as he shook his head.

“You’re not bold, but reckless. I was anticipating seeing someone from the government for the first time… but this is disappointing.”


“Million armies?”

And with that, Yeowun raised his left hand. That’s when something happened to all imperial guards surrounding them.

“W-what?! What’s happening!”

“My sword!”

They had been clenching on their weapons but suddenly their weapons began to come alive and move, trying to get out of their grasp.


They tried to hold onto it by using their internal energy, but their energy was too feeble to resist to the great amount of force unleashed.


And over two hundred weapons got out of their master’s hand, turned in the air and aimed back at them. It was a sight to behold.



Commander Yon Namgun became terrified at the sight of this. He even thought maybe he was dreaming.

‘A-air sword? T-this is an air sword?! Is the Lord really a monster or something!?’

Yon Namgun was trained in martial art, so he knew what air sword is and who can use it. He heard that Top Five strongest warriors who were at supreme master level can use air sword. But this was beyond imagination.

‘How can this be…’

But it wasn’t only the Imperial Army that were shocked. Marakim, who had guessed Yeowun to have become supreme master level, and other high ranking officials all became astonished.

‘How did he become so strong in that short amount of time…?’

All of them saw Yeowun’s power back at the Great Halls. But controlling over hundreds of swords at once made them have chills.

“Oh… Our Chun Ma is here!”

“Chun Ma has come down upon the world!”

Yeowun’s monstrous power even reminded them of Chun Ma – the Sky Demon. While the Imperial Guards were being threatened by their own weapons, Yeowun slowly walked toward Zhu Taikhan.


Zhu Taikhan became terrified at Yeowun’s power and backed up a few steps before he tripped and fell down. There was no authority or dignity in his mind anymore. He was just terrified at the man standing in front of him.

When Yeowun gestured picking something up with his right hand, Zhu Taikhan’s body was pulled up in the air.

“Ugh! M-my body?!”

Zhu Taikhan let loose of his body. He knew that resisting would give him internal damage against such powerful energy. When Taikhan was pulled up, Yeowun walked up to him and spoke.

“Do you know why the nonaggression pact was made?”

“W-what do you mean?”

“Do you think the pact was made because the Demonic Cult was afraid of the Imperial Palace’s army of a million?”

Zhu Taikhan couldn’t answer although he truly thought so. He just thought the reason for the pact’s existence was because the Empire didn’t want to waste valuable lives and also because they were helped.

“No, it’s the opposite.”


“The pact is made because the First Emperor was afraid of us.”

“You DARE! How can the First Emperor of the Great Ming Empire be afraid of a… UGH!”

Zhu Taikhan tried to shout back angrily as Yeowun seemed to insult the First Emperor, but he couldn’t finish as his body was sent higher up into the air. He was sent up too high, making him fear the height.

“An army only moves by the order of the Emperor. But what if… that Emperor is gone?”


Zhu Taikhan became shocked. This Lord of the Cult was saying that he could kill the Emperor. Zhu Taikhan wanted to object, but his body was rising up in the air, making him too scared to even speak.

“What if a warrior like me sneaks into the palace at night?”

Zhu Taikhan became shocked. He then realized Yeowun or the warriors of cult easily penetrated through the defense of the Imperial Guards.

“When all members of the Royal Family are gone, whose order will the million-strong army have to take?”

Zhu Taikhan then felt the fear of death for the first time in his life. Yeowun’s cold eyes and words proved that he wasn’t lying. He implied that he could do it anytime if he wanted to.

‘H-he really means it.’

That was the most terrifying part.

“Do you now see why the pact was made in the first place?”

Yeowun smiled as he pulled the terrifying energy back into him, and looked at Zhu Taikhan shivering. Zhu Taikhan nodded frantically at the question. His body was then slowly returned to the ground. Zhu Taikhan slumped down on the ground. He was panting and was drenched in sweat from fear.

‘Well… but that’s not the only reason.’

If that was the sole reason, the Imperial Palace would have been gone since long ago. It was rumored that there was hidden power within the Imperial Palace that protected the Emperor. An assassination attempt would require power like Chun Yeowun’s, or else it wasn’t possible. But he didn’t need to speak about something that Zhu Taikhan nor the Imperial Guards knew about.


“T-the sword!”

With Yeowun bringing his hand down, all air swords that were aimed at them dropped to the ground.

“Then shall we read what the Emperor is trying to say now?”

Yeowun reached out toward the plate that dropped to the ground in front of the carriage and the scroll automatically flew into Yeowun’s hand. The Imperial Guards had seen so much that they weren’t surprised by this anymore. Yeowun untied the golden rope on it and was trying to open it when…


He heard a scream and turned. In the distance, Yuking was bleeding from his eyes, nose, and mouth as he screamed in pain. All clan leaders around him seemed to be shocked by the unexpected behavior.

‘What’s going on?’

Yeowun grabbed the scroll and ran toward Yuking.


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