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Chapter 344 - Imperial Order - Part 8

The chubby man became painful as he glanced around at warriors of the Demonic Cult with a fearful look.


It was the man Yuking who impersonated Zhu Taikhan. The reason why he was thrown in the middle of cultists was to have this man tied up.

“Y-you! I am an official of the Imperial Palace! Don’t come near!”

“Official? Hah!”


Yuking tried to move back with his feet but he was surrounded by cultists. The atmosphere seemed rough.

‘Dammit. I might die at this rate!’

He thought everything had been going well with his plan, but it wasn’t.

“Stop for a moment.”

That’s when one man walked out with a cold look. It was Muk Yen from the Sword Illusion clan.

“I feel like ripping you apart, but I will let you live for now.”

Muk Yen ripped his robe over him to tie it over his shoulder and arm to stop the bleeding, and sealed his blood points so that he cannot use internal energy. Yuking had to commit suicide at this point, but he was weak minded so he couldn’t even try to do that. It was better to live as a slave than to die. But something unexpected happened.

Yuking realized his body was turning cold. He then felt the excruciating pain of someone stabbing into his organs and screamed.


Clan leaders quickly walked up to him and saw black blood oozing from all of his openings beside his ears. The blood let out a foul stench and smoke when it touched the ground.


“Get back!”

All clan leaders backed away when they realized Yuking was poisoned. Yuking then confirmed that he was indeed poisoned.

‘Poison? Yuking? But how? Did the cult do it?’

Yon Namgun first thought if the cult was behind it, but that didn’t seem possible. The Lord just showed that he could kill everyone if he wanted to. There was no need for poison.

‘Ugh… W-why? Since when…?’

Before he was sent to King Zhu Taikhan for the third part of the Grand Plan, he was planted with the centipede, but that was to activate only when he spilled important information. But he didn’t know anything about the poison.

‘Aaaargh… the centipede kills by exploding…’

It wasn’t the centipede. It was surely a different type of poison. Yuking felt the poison spreading into his body. That’s when he thought of someone.

‘Master of Blade Poison?’

He then remembered meeting with the Master of Blade Poison two days before he left for the Imperial Palace. This man was considered the most dangerous among the six masters. He was afraid, but the Master provided him money and fed him good food that Yuking was pleased with.

‘The food… It was that!’


Yuking vomited a large amount of blood and began to flinch. Now, the poison was coming all over his body. That’s when Yeowun quickly got up to him.

“M-my Lord! It’s dangerous!!”

“Poison is coming out of his body!”

Many clan leaders tried to stop him, but Yeowun’s hand was already reaching toward Yuking. The poison kept coming out from it, but with Yeowun at the end stage of supreme master level, there was no way poison could affect Yeowun anymore. The poison evaporated the moment it touched Yeowun’s skin.

‘The poison won’t work against him!’

‘Ah… so the Lord has reached the final stage!’

All clan leaders became astonished at the sight. But Yeowun did not care and focused on his hand to check on Yuking’s state. He felt the heart beating, but it was slowing down.


He couldn’t let the man die. Yeowun tapped on the telepathic message and found out that the man had disobeyed King Zhu Taikhan and tried to have the Imperial Palace fight against the Cult. Yeowun then figured this man was a spy from another place. Yeowun sent his energy into Yuking to push out the poison.


But the poison had spread to all parts of the body so it was too late. There was no chance Yuking would survive through the poison.

“What is wrong with him?” Yeowun asked with a confused look and Muk Yen answered.

“I-I sealed his blood points so that he can’t use internal energy and he was poisoned.”

“Blood point seal?”

Yeowun frowned. This meant the poison spread the moment the body was stopped using internal energy flow. This was surely done to prevent the man from spilling any information.

‘Who can do such a thing?’

There was no way to make this man live anyway. Yeowun then needed to search through him so he could find out where the man was from. Yeowun then checked the body.

‘This… is Bichu Art?’


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