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Chapter 346 - You will help me - Part 1

The locations of all factions across Yulin were scattered, so each messenger from the palace arrived at different times within the two weeks. The first messenger to arrive was at the Yulin clan’s base, or the Nakeng Region. The one who went there was the eldest son of the Emperor, Zhu Taiyoon. He was known as the most likely successor of the throne. With Zhu Taiyoon’s visit, the Yulin clan had been partying for three days straight. Many beautiful women danced while musicians played happy music. As the feast went on, the Yulin clan leader Yen Bukeng sat beside him.

“Your highness. Please drink more.”

“Hahaha! I’m so honored to be treated like this!”

Zhu Taiyoon was very pleased to be treated like this by the leader of the giant faction of Yulin. Inside, there were also the leaders of other clans, or the 17 Leaders of the Yulin clan. But not all of them were here. One leader, or the leader of current Sorim Temple, was not here as he was a monk who did not join feasts.

At the same time, outside the hall where the feast was being held, a beautiful woman was talking with one of the monks wearing the Flower Mountain clan’s clothing.

“We still haven’t got all the spies with us. I’m not sure if it’s okay to party for 3 days straight… Miss Jegal.”

“I understand your concern, Elder Poong. But it’s better to leave a good impression on the possible future Emperor too.”

These two were the Second Strategist of the Yulin clan, Jegal Sohi and Sixth Leader Poong Chungwun. After they returned from the Demonic Cult, they had been working hard for the past few months to find spies hidden among them. Unlike the Demonic Cult that was comprised of one giant group, the Yulin clan was a union of countless clans, so it was hard to find all those spies. But Jegal Sohi strategically worked to set up traps and sorted out many spies between them. Surprisingly, those spies were hidden among the main 9 clans of Yulin. But even then, there were still spies to be found.

‘Since when they place this many spies within our clan? How long has it been?’

This was the most mysterious part. It wasn’t understandable as it hadn’t been long since the Blade God Six Martial clan surfaced. Maybe the enemy had been around for quite a long time.

“But Miss Jegal, I am growing suspicious.”

“About what?”

“This invitation for the nonaggression pact… I can’t shake the feeling that the Blade God Six Martial clan is involved.”

Jegal Sohi nodded at Poong Chungwun’s words. Actually, this was something that all leaders of the Yulin clan had been predicting already. There was no way they would not be wary of the new faction coming into play, when the event traditionally only consisted of three main factions.

“This really seems obvious. Do you think the Demonic Cult and the Alliance of the Evil Forces will take the risk?”

Unlike the Yulin clan, the other two clans always sent the representatives, rather than their leaders to go with the pact. And with a very high possibility of the fourth faction trying to play tricks, it didn’t seem likely that their leaders would come.

“No, they will. At least the Demonic Cult will.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Do you remember the Crown Prince… I mean, the new Lord of the cult?”

“Ah, yes of course. He was quite a man.”

Poong Chungwun originally thought Yeowun was just an ordinary Crown Prince, but he wasn’t. The first one to detect the trap and take care of when they were at the cult was Chun Yeowun. And they heard that Yeowun ascended to the throne not too long after.

“If I were in his position, I would try to use the trap against them. And I’m sure the current Lord will not think of something I can think of.”

“So, you think the Lord will come by himself?”

“Yes, as far as I know, he will take this chance.”

Jegal Sohi thought very highly of Yeowun. They weren’t sure what trap was waiting for them, but it was the first time that the Blade God Six Martial clan was going to reveal themselves in public. If their leader were to appear, then it was their best chance. She was sure that Chun Yeowun would surely try to take this chance to use it to his advantage. It was then.

“Oh, that’s good news, isn’t it? Sohi.”


Jegal Sohi became surprised as she knew who the owner of the voice was. The man with white clothes, in his early 30s were standing behind Jegal Sohi.


He was Jegal Sohi’s fiancĂ©, and the eldest son of the Yulin clan’s leader, Yen Buso. He was called the future of the Forces of Justice by many people.

‘Wow… his power increased again.’

Poong Chungwun became astonished by Yen Buso’s appreanace. He couldn’t feel anything until Yen Buso appeared. If he could stay undetected by Poong Chungwun, a superior master level warrior, they couldn’t be sure as to how much he had grown in power.

‘But the world is quite fair.’

Poong Chungwun always thought that no one would match Yen Buso in terms of power. But that changed after he returned from the Demonic Cult. It seemed there was always one stronger than others in the world.

“What do you mean?”

“I will finally get to meet the man that you, Elder Poong or Moyong spoke so highly of.”

Jegal Sohi became surprised. When she first talked about Chun Yeowun, Yen Buso didn’t seem very interested. But it seems he was actually very interested indeed.

“Oh, I didn’t know you wanted to meet him.”

“Well, he is the man who will live with the next generation.”

He spoke as he smiled, but he looked very serious. Jegal Sohi became a bit curious, but just considered it a feeling of rivalry.

“Well, you will get to see him soon enough.”

“Haha, I’m looking forward to it.”


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