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Chapter 347 - You will help me - Part 2

Seven days had passed since Zhu Taikhan arrived at the Demonic Cult. He had been staying within the inner palace during those seven days.

At first, Zhu Taikhan was terrified by Chun Yeowun and the cultists that he tried to get the answer to the invitation and leave at once. But Yeowun said he needed time to think about it and offered Zhu Taikhan to rest, so he had to enter the cult without his intention. But unlike his expectation, the Demonic Cult treated Zhu Taikhan with their best.

‘What are they thinking?’

He couldn’t adapt to their changed attitude at first, but soon got used to the treatment he received and enjoyed his seven days. He even began to hope that maybe the Lord of the Cult would actually agree to the invitation this time around.

‘I needed some achievement to be noticed. Maybe this might do.’

When he was first chosen as the messenger, no one from the Imperial Palace, including the Emperor, hoped the Lord of the Demonic Cult would accept the invitation. The Cult and the Alliance of evil forces always sent their representatives, so there was no hope in that. But if the Lord were to accept the invitation, then it was going to honor the name of the current Emperor.

‘His majesty said negotiations are powerful tools.’

Perhaps this might even give Zhu Taikhan the chance to be recognized for his skill and become the Crown Prince. It was said that the Crown Prince would be chosen for this event, so Zhu Taikhan had to do whatever he could. That’s when someone knocked on the door.

“Your highness. It’s me, Yon Namgun.”

“Come in.”

It was late at night when Yon Namgun came to meet him. Yon Namgun bowed and Zhu Taikhan offered him a seat. He then spoke with a telepathic message.

[Commander. Do you think maybe the Lord of the Cult will accept the invitation this time?]


Yon Namgun glanced around at the question and unleashed his energy. Zhu Taikhan became confused and Yon Namgun spoke.

“I’m sorry, your highness. I put a barrier around the room. You can speak freely.”

“Oh! Good. You know me very well.”

Zhu Taikhan then began to speak his thoughts freely. But there was something that they did not know. There was a powerful warrior listening to them speaking on top of the ceiling that Yon Namgun could not sense.

At the same time in the medical room of the inner palace… Demonic Doctor Baek Jongwu and other doctors were watching another doctor doing her treatment very carefully. The bald man with a pale face lying on the bed was former Lord, Chun Yujong. And on his hairless head, an old woman was putting needles on it. It was Godly Doctor Gam Rosu.

‘She’s been putting down needles for over 2 hours already. It’s amazing.’

Baek Jongwu was astonished. Gam Rosu had been working on both herbal and needle techniques to heal Lord Chun Yujong’s damaged heart, and it shocked all doctors in the room.

‘She sure is the best doctor of Jianghu.’

Baek Jongwu had pride in his skill as he was trained in the practice for his entire life, but Gam Rosu’s technique was at a much higher level. Her well-developed muscle proved to be real as she didn’t seem exhausted even after two hours of continued treatment. It was hard to believe that she was an old lady.

‘Haha… I should not slack off in training physically.’

Baek Jongwu did learn internal energy, but he had not trained physically as much. Now, he learned the need for it. After working on it for a few more minutes, Gam Rosu finally stepped back.

“Demonic Doctor, you said?”

“Yes, Godly Doctor.”


“Oh, I mean, Granny Gam.”

Gam Rosu insisted everyone address her as Granny Gam, except Yeowun. Gam Rosu gave Baek Jongwu a golden needle bottle.

“I need these needles to be taken out after 2 hours, but can you do that for me? I am too exhausted. I need to get some rest.”

“Of course. We will take care of the rest.”

It was the Demonic Doctor’s responsibility to look after the Lord’s family anyway. He was satisfied to have watched Godly Doctor’s treatment from close up. When Gam Rosu came out of the room, Yeowun was waiting outside with the Left and Right Guardian.

“How was it?”

“The damage has persisted for a while, but he will be okay. We will have to keep watch, but he will wake up within two weeks.”


It was surely amazing. Gam Rosu had done something that Nano, even with the vast knowledge of medical information and MRI couldn’t do. But maybe this was natural as injuries from martial arts had many mysteries that were not known in the future.

“Thank you, Doctor.”

“It’s nothing. I just did what I had to do.”

Gam Rosu seemed very exhausted, so Yeowun offered her to take a rest. When she returned, someone frantically came over to him. It was Huan Yi.

“Huhuhu… My Lord, I found it.”

Yeowun immediately showed interest.

Next day afternoon, the Imperial Army had finished preparing to leave. All soldiers were lined up by the northern gate, and they were now only waiting for a signal to depart. Countless cultists came out to say farewell, and even Chun Yeowun came out to bid farewell to Zhu Taikhan.

Zhu Taikhan bowed and thanked him.

“I was treated very nicely, thanks to you. I will tell his majesty that I was treated well.”

“It’s good that you had a good time.”

The first impression had been the worst, but Zhu Taikhan was pleased nonetheless. The only thing he would hope for was Chun Yeowun’s acceptance to the invitation. A female servant was waiting by Yeowun with a scroll sealed with the Lord’s seal on the plate she was holding.

“So, have you decided, Lord Chun?”

Zhu Taikhan asked with an anticipating look. It was going to give him a great boost in reputation if the Lord of the Demonic Cult joined as it had not been possible in history.

“I’m sorry, but I will have to send a representative.”


Zhu Taikhan frowned. He was so disappointed as he had been very hopeful. Yon Namgun and other Imperial Guards also became disappointed. They were treated nicely, so they hoped maybe the Lord of the Cult was willing to accept the invitation.

Yeowun bid them farewell until Zhu Taikhan got up to the carriage, but he was so disappointed that he did not want to look at the cultists anymore.

“Your highness, shall we leave?”

Yon Namgun asked from outside and Zhu Taikhan answered grumpily.

“Yeah, whatever.”


“Yes, sir!”

Two thousand soldiers began to leave for the Imperial Palace. Inside the carriage, Zhu Taikhan annoyingly looked at the scroll that had Yeowun’s answer. He kicked the scroll and mumbled.

“Dammit! Why did he treat me so nicely if he wasn’t even going to come? Ugh.”

He wanted to unleash his annoyance, but he couldn’t do it as he had been the center of embarrassment too much recently. All he could do was to cuss in a small voice.

“Damn bastard. What does he think he is? If the Emperor invites him, then he should come right away and…”

It was then.


Zhu Taikhan became so shocked that he had to stop cussing out the Lord of the Cult. He couldn’t feel any presence for quite a while after they left, but someone dropped down from the top of the carriage like a feather.

“L-Lord Ch- NNGH!”

He tried to call out the name, but a powerful energy made him close his mouth. Zhu Taikhan looked at the man with disbelief. The man was Chun Yeowun.

‘Since when did he enter the carriage?’

It was unbelievable. And Zhu Taikhan was actually talking ill about him.

Yeowun smiled coldly and sent a telepathic message to Zhu Taikhan.

[You must have been very mad about me, your highness.]


Zhu Taikhan became pale and shook his head side to side frantically.


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