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Chapter 348 - You will help me - Part 3

It was unbelievable. Chun Yeowun was left behind at the northern gate, but it seemed like he had been hiding by the carriage all along. It was hard to believe that Yeowun came in when Zhu Taikhan entered the carriage.


[Can you use telepathic messages? I suppose you can.]

Zhu Taikhan nodded. His mouth was forced to close, so his jaw was hurting. That’s when the energy that forced him to close his mouth disappeared.

“Ha… Hah…”

He could have breathed with his nose, but he was too fearful that he became pale and panted through his mouth.

‘Dammit. I guess there’s no point in screaming for help.’

He saw Chun Yeowun’s monstrous power by his eyes. Yeowun was a monster who could wipe out the entire Imperial Army if he wanted to. Taikhan had to play along.

‘What have I done to go through such trouble…’

He didn’t think he would suffer such an event when he left for the Demonic Cult. He was, after all, a King who had enormous political power.

[S-since when did you get in the carriage?]

[It’s not been that long.]

Yeowun answered vaguely and Zhu Taikhan misunderstood the truth.

‘His power is like a god. He got on the carriage while all that people were watching?’

Zhu Taikhan thought Chun Yeowun got on his carriage when he opened the door to get on. But that wasn’t true. Yeowun actually got in when the Imperial Guards were preparing to leave.

[S-so, why did you get in my carriage?]

Zhu Taikhan was afraid of getting on Yeowun’s nerves, but he couldn’t figure out why. Yeowun had declined to participate and the carriage was now going toward the Empire’s capital so there was no possible explanation. Yeowun answered.

[Of course, I’m going to the Imperial Palace with you.]

[Im-Imperial Palace?]

Zhu Taikhan became shocked. He couldn’t even guess why a leader of one of the three largest factions of Yulin suddenly wanted to go to the Imperial Palace. And Zhu Taikhan was just too afraid of Chun Yeowun himself.

‘I-is it because he heard me cussing him out?’

It was possible that Yeowun had become angry at Taikhan who had been cussing ever since the carriage departed. Zhu Taikhan spoke assuringly.

[L-Lord Chun. If you are saying that because of what I said… don’t be too mad. I was just too sad since you cannot come with me.]

[I see, that’s good. I almost got mad because I thought you hate me.]


Those were just simple words but it was enough to make Taikhan afraid. The words seemed to threaten that Yeowun might have done something if he felt hostility. Zhu Taikhan became lost for words.

[I’m sorry for spooking you by getting in the carriage, but I will consider it excused.]

[O-of course!]

Actually, it was Yeowun who was the rude one for sneaking into the carriage. But Zhu Taikhan was so concerned that his cussing would have made Yeowun uncomfortable that he agreed excitedly.


Maybe he was quite naïve. Yeowun then went into his purpose.

[Let me cut to the chase. You will help me, your highness.]

It wasn’t a request for help. It was a disguised threat. Zhu Taikhan became dumbfounded but he was afraid of Yeowun, so he just frowned and did not reply.

‘I am afraid of him, but the word of the Royal family should be heavy.’

That’s what Taikhan had learned every time from his father, the Emperor. The word of the Emperor and the Royal family was above the law, so the Emperor always made sure that all of the Royal family should watch their words.

[W-what do you want me to do?]

Yeowun became surprised at Taikhan who didn’t just agree even when he was afraid.

‘So, he still is in the royal family.’

Yeowun needed to persuade him. He needed Taikhan’s help at the palace.

[I will need an explanation. Do you remember the person who impersonated you?]


Of course he remembered. It was that incident that made Taikhan afraid of Yeowun. The cult explained that Yuking was poisoned before they arrived at the cult and Yon Namgun agreed also, but no one was sure why the poisoning had been done.

[Your highness, you said the Blade God Six Martial clan will join this ceremony too?]


[That dead man was a spy from the Blade God Six Martial clan.]


Zhu Taikhan frowned at the unexpected piece of information from Yeowun. He was curious as to how Yuking was poisoned, but he still couldn’t believe that a low-ranking official of the palace was actually a spy.

[I will explain about what happened at the cult first.]

Yeowun then began to explain a simplified version of how the Blade God Six Martial clan appeared in Yulin, and the incidents that happened at the cult. Yeowun also told him the existence of a centipede that was embedded in the person to avoid spilling information.

[By the gods… they do that kind of thing just to prevent the information from being leaked?]

Zhu Taikhan became shocked to know about the centipede. It was quite effective, but it seemed to be on the very extreme side.

‘They are extremists.’

After an explanation, Yeowun went into the important issue at hand.

[I asked you to help me, but this will help you too, your highness.]

[Help me? How?]

[Actually, there is still a spy remaining within your forces here besides that Yuking.]

“What! Y…”


Zhu Taikhan almost spoke out loud but quickly grabbed his mouth to stop. He was so shocked to hear that there had been a spy and that spy still remained within his forces.

‘Is he lying?’ he thought, but there was no need for such a powerful man to lie about such a thing. If that was true, then Zhu Taikhan had to thank him.

[If what you say is true, then we must arrest them!!]

Taikhan didn’t want to play on top of the hands of these spies any longer. Yeowun shook his head.


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