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Chapter 349


[If we do that, we won’t be able to find spies within the palace.]

That was Yeowun’s true purpose. The reason why Yeowun got in the carriage was to find spies among the palace. The Blade God Six Martial clan had placed spies among all factions of Yulin to proceed with their plans. If the Imperial Palace was to be involved, it was going to be more complicated. That’s why Yeowun wanted to get rid of them first before that happened.

‘Hm… this man wants to get the roots out from it.’

Zhu Taikhan truly felt afraid of Chun Yeowun. Zhu Taikhan only thought about the spies that he can see, but Yeowun wanted to remove the roots. He was going to be a terrible enemy to have.

‘Is it right to bring him to the palace?’

Helping Yeowun sneak into the palace like this was a very complicated issue. If things went that way and Taikhan was revealed of doing so, it was bound to anger the Emperor. And this man was none other than the Lord of the Demonic Cult. Maybe it was an act of setting a monster loose in his backyard. Yeowun then continued to seal the deal.

[Don’t you want to become the Crown Prince?]


Zhu Taikhan became shocked.

‘How did he…’

Yeowun knew something that Taikhan only spoke about to Yon Namgun. Yon Namgun said no one was listening, so Taikhan became shocked to hear it from Yeowun.

[If we get those spies within the palace, I will hand it over to you so you can claim all the glory.]

[A-are you serious?]

[Of course. My goal is to remove them, not be awarded by the Emperor.]

Zhu Taikhan became hesitant. This was a very tempting offer. If he really found the spies hidden inside the Imperial Palace, it was going to be a very huge achievement indeed.

‘If I can do that, then maybe I will truly become closer to the Crown Prince.’

There was a month left until the ceremony. Taikhan needed something big to appease the Emperor. Taikhan then asked Yeowun,

[What will you do if I refuse your request?]

[Well, I will leave that to your imagination.]

Zhu Taikhan felt a chill running down his spine. This meant Yeowun was going to do what he wanted even if Taikhan refused. Taikhan then nodded.

‘Well, I have no choice. Let’s just think that I’m using him for my own benefit. I won’t lose anything,’ Zhu Taikhan thought to himself. Yeowun smiled.

[Great. Hope we have a great time while we go then.]


Zhu Taikhan frowned. He couldn’t think of this when he accepted. The two of them had to stay together for the remainder of the trip.

‘…Oh no.’

Imperial City of Kaifeng√† It was the city with a population of over 500 thousand people, one of largest cities in the Empire. The giant outer wall of the city wall was about ten times large as the Demonic Cult’s castle, and it took 2 hours to get to the center of the city. At the center, there was the lavish Dragon Palace, built with golden roofs that showed authority of the Royal family.

Zhu Taikhan’s Imperial Army was now passing through the southern gate of the Dragon Palace. Palace Guards raised their spears high up into the air to welcome Taikhan’s carriage entering the palace. After they entered, the carriage had to stop at one point. The carriage was no longer allowed from this point on.

Zhu Taikhan got out of the carriage. He looked very wary and exhausted after the two weeks of long travel.

‘Finally… I’m finally here!’

He had wished to arrive sooner while on the trip. They had to stay together for almost seven days until they got to the Habuk Region.

‘It’s astonishing however.’

Zhu Taikhan glanced at the Imperial Guard standing behindYon Namgun. He was Chun Yeowun, who had the skin mask of Imperial Guard Yi Han.

‘We will keep him in the northern region of Honam until we are done with our business at the palace.’

Real Yi Han was now staying at the Demonic Cult’s outpost in the northern Honam region. Yeowun had prepared for everything for seven days while Zhu Taikhan stayed in the Cult.

‘Nobody noticed…’

Even Yon Namgun didn’t notice that the man was Yeowun. That was natural as Yeowun used Nano’s ability to mimic Yi Han’s voice.

“Other than ten to guard his highness, all of you are dismissed. Standby for further orders.”

Yon Namgun ordered the soldiers to be dismissed.

‘That’s good.’

Yeowun, who had been walking by Yon Namgun, was smoothly chosen to be within the ten members to guard. It was good that he stayed close. Zhu Taikhan had to go over to the Emperor’s palace to report while he was only allowed a few Imperial Guards to guard him.

‘He tags along without me having to worry about him.’

Zhu Taikhan became astonished. He was thinking if he should assign him to stay by him, but that was not needed. Zhu Taikhan then headed toward the Emperor’s palace.

‘It sure is the Imperial Palace.’

As they walked in, Yeowun became astonished by the lavish decor and buildings. The Demonic Cult’s inner palace was nice, but it was no match for this place. There were many decorations and landscaping done all over the place and there were even small ponds to look at.

‘Is it that place?’

Yeowun then saw a large palace in front. In the gate of the yard wall around the building, there were thirty men with blue robes, with one man with more lavish ornaments over him with heavy make up standing in the front.

‘He reminds me of Elder Huan.’

It seemed like this group of men were eunuchs.

“Hah… East Spear.”

Yon Namgun sighed at the sight of these men. These eunuchs were one of the strongest organizations along with Imperial Guards within the Imperial Palace, called East Spear.

‘How come eunuchs all learned martial arts?’

All of these eunuchs learned martial arts, with their leader at the superior master level.


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