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Chapter 10

 Yeon-woo doesn't seem to know at all, but Sun-jae was obsessed with her a few days after filming her promotional ambassador when she was in college.

That was already five years ago.

She was very arrogant and unshakable at the time.

So Sun-jae completely erased his desire to learn more about her.

I didn't think he was the one I was looking for.

I thought it was not meant to be.

After 3 years.

After graduating from college, he got a job at his father's company and became the head of the Gangnam branch of Jay Department Store, where he heard a loud noise while passing through the stores of his workplace.

It was the sound from the elevator.

At first, there was the sound of a "jaw-jawing," hitting the sleep, and then the object fell bluntly.

"Are you campaigning for S University? It's the same. Do you think you'll get on your way to college just because you went to college? Where are you going without knowing your place? You have to be shameless."

And the vicious words that followed.

He was the one who was responsible for the incident, so Sun-jae hurriedly took a step to deal with the disturbance.

And the faces of both men could be identified in the epicenter of the sound.

Ma Jin-tae's wife, Mrs. Ok Seung-hye.

And…… Lee Yeon-woo.

I met her three years ago during the shooting of the university's PR ambassador, and she was a woman who could smile flawlessly.

It wasn't very talkative or friendly, but it seemed brighter than others because the smile looked so comfortable.

So, I thought there was no time for me to intervene in that woman's life, and I couldn't just intervene and distract her smile.

By the way, I found out that the last three years were an illusion.

"Driver, do you know how much your parents get paid for doing salivary?"

Yeon-woo, who bowed his head without responding to the cruel words, was like an abandoned dog with violence.

Seon-jae also knew that Lee Yeon-woo's family was the family members of the Marjin-tae family.

But I didn't think it was weird.

It was a blind spot in the title of long-term service.

The fact that her parents have been employees of Marjin-tae's family for more than 20 years must be in a good working environment, and the people of Marjin-tae's family must be nice, and she was mistaken.

They were not complacent about the job, but had never thought that they might be held back without a choice.

It was a short thought.

Sunjae seemed to have been beaten in the back of his head.

I had to save Lee Yeon-woo as soon as possible.

A child who is treated like that at a department store by Ok Seung-hye, but still suffers from heartache when his family finds out.

The best idea that I came up with was the idea of saving her somehow was a marriage proposal.

But there was not much affection.

I didn't think I should save her because I liked her.

The marriage proposal was really impulsive.

It was just a strange sense of duty.

After promising to marry Lee Yeon-woo.

Seon-jae, who met Yeon-woo again to coordinate the details of the marriage, asked her.

"Have you ever been in a relationship?”


Strangely, she overreacted to his every word.

Every time he asked me, I was surprised and looked at him with surprised eyes.

It was quite different from three years ago when he was shooting as a goodwill ambassador.

It was also different from the previous meeting when she suddenly proposed.

"Have you ever had a boyfriend?"

"Oh, no, there isn't…….”

His voice was small every time, and he was always cringing his shoulders like a man who felt cold.

I could tell she was wary of herself.

If you've never been in a relationship, I thought you might react like that.

That did not mean that Sun-jae tried to approach her first.

Someday, I thought I'd get better over time.

And a few days later.

Seonjae joined the university alumni group after a long time.

The fraternity was a perfect place to announce the wedding.

However, even before we talked about it first, the news that Sun-jae was getting married had spread widely. Everyone has said congratulations first.

It would be nice to just say congratulations like that.

"Seonjae, are you okay?"

One of the guys came up and asked.

Kim Kyung-hwan. He was famous for changing about 100 girlfriends when he was a college student.

It's not that close to Seon-jae, but our parents know each other, so we keep in touch.


"The woman you're going to marry. There's a bad rumor."

Kyung-hwan, who had been talking to Sun-jae while he was alone, said what he knew as high-level information.

"She's a bit of a naturalist compared to you. You said you're the daughter of the people who work in your company's salary house."

"I can't believe that's what I'm born with. I think that's too rude to say.

Sun-jae, who was offended by Kyung-hwan's lightness, pretended to be for Seon-jae and gossiped about Yeon-woo, pointed out coldly.

Kyung-hwan shook his hands and confessed more information he knew.

"That's not the problem. I heard the quality has been bad since high school. I guess I played with a guy a little too thick. There was an incident. She's studying a little bit, she's taking care of it at school, but people she knows know about it."

Seonjae had no idea of the story.

"You didn't spread it?"

I spit it out with an unpleasant mind. Kyung-hwan smiled awkwardly.

"Why would I spread that? I'm just asking if you know anything. Marriage is important, but it can't be easy.”

"Don't spread strange stories."

Seon-jae asked Kyung-hwan fiercely and left.

It was an unpleasant rumor.

Yeonwoo said he has never had a boyfriend. Seon-jae also believes that. Perhaps there was a strange rumour.

Seon-jae has also been the main character of baseless tirashi.

There were rumors that the university had built a building and entered a school, which he had never been to or heard of, and that he had dated all the members of a popular girl group in turns.

As he is the only successor to one of Korea's leading companies, he was likely to be targeted by people who liked to move his words.

It was a part I had to endure.

But Lee Yeon-woo, can you handle this rumor?

He's a kid who shivers at every word I say.

However, when Yeon-woo was nervous about every word he said, I thought of something else.

A child who is wary of people. Maybe she has another secret.

Sunjae went outside feeling uncomfortable.

The next day, Sun-jae received long-standing investigation records through best friend standards.

Some of Ki-jun's middle school friends were police officers, so it was easy to find out about Yeon-woo.

Indeed, the rumor was true.

"It happened to you when you were a sophomore in high school. It was dating violence. Don't get carried away."

The document with the name "Lee Yeon-woo" on the victim's seat was accompanied by a photo of bruises on the shoulders, arms, legs and waist, along with the circumstances of the incident at the time.

It was black and white, but Sunjae could quickly recognize that it was a bruise.

I could feel the blood running all over my body, heated with anger.

I wanted to find the main culprit of the violence and kill it. Sunjae pointed to the suspect's picture and asked.

"Where's this bastard now?"

"He originally had a permanent residency in the United States, so he went to the United States as soon as the incident broke out."

"What do I have to do to catch him.

"I'm already in prison. He was tried and handed over to another case in the United States."

Sunjae imprinted the suspect's face in his head.

"Did Yeonwoo never tell you while dating?" So maybe you don't want to talk?"

Yeon-woo and Sun-jae had a secret relationship for three years, asked.

Sunjae was looking back on Yeonwoo's actions in his head.

I thought I'd know a little.

I didn't understand that I had never been in a relationship with that flowery appearance.

I also remembered that he hesitated and barely grabbed the tip of his finger when he reached out.

I realized what it meant to overreact every time.

I'm scared. I'm tired.

Because the past hurts.

Seon-jae also knows what the old wounds are like.

Even though I spend my time like a normal person.

It is like a shackle that rises from the surface and holds onto the ankle when something similar happens.

Is it really a good thing that you decided to marry her?

When in shock, the standard asked.

“? ??? ? ??? ??? ????”


??? ???? ??? ??? ???? ???.

“??. ?? ? ???. ?? ???? ???? ?? ??.”

???? ?? ?? ? ?? ???

? ? ?? ???? ?? ? ??? ?? ?? ????? ???

?? ???.

??? ?? ??, ??? ?? ???.

“???. ??? ???, ?? ?? ?? ??? ?…….”

“??. ????? ? ? ?.”

??? ??? ??? ?? ??? ? ??? ????.

Criterion was the most reliable friend.

"Yeonwoo's family didn't seem to know either."


"This is what the police said at the time, but Yeon-woo came to the police station and said so. I can overcome everything, so please don't let them hear me. I want you to take care of this quietly."

Seon-jae's determination became stronger with the words of the standard.

You just have to make sure no one talks.

Burying the case, covering people's mouths.

You can block her from thinking.


After that, a month after the commotion.

It was at a charity event for Jay Group.

Sun-jae and Yeon-woo, who were about to get married, participated in the event side by side.

Yeonwoo seemed very nervous because famous business figures, including Seonjae's family and relatives, participated.

"You don't have to be nervous.”

"What? Yes, yes. Whoo...."

Yeon-woo sighed repeatedly as if he were determined. Her puffy cheeks were cute.

But I thought it was fortunate that I was getting used to this kind of thing.

Seon-jae wanted to protect Yeon-woo, but he had no choice but to ask his mother Mi-hyun for Yeon-woo because there were many places to greet him.

"Don't make Yeonwoo do anything weird. If people behave rudely, please block them."

Seonjae secretly told Mihyun before leaving Yeonwoo.

Mi-hyun, who had a swollen heart because she had a daughter-in-law, replied in a sad voice.

"Okay, okay."

"Mother, don't be too comfortable with your daughter-in-law. Don't act like you're doing it to me. Yeon-woo is not your daughter."

"I don't know that……. I wouldn't do it if you told me not to.….”

Mi-hyun, who is my son but often thinks he is too scared, became intimidated by her son's torch again and went to Yeon-woo trudgingly.

After breaking up with Yeon-woo and going to the bathroom for about an hour, Seon-jae heard the sound coming from inside the bathroom.

"I know. The one who's going to be Sunjae's wife had some fun.”

"Really? I've never heard of it."

"Think about it. I became Cinderella in a poor house overnight, and it's not like Sunjae got a weak spot. Won't you get married because you like Kang Sun-jae? I'm getting really attached to that rumor."

They kept babbling as they came out of the bathroom.

One of them, too, was talking in front of him a month ago. It was a surprise.

Now, Sun-jae, who has become unbearable, stood in front of Kyung-hwan with a cool expression.

Kyung-hwan's face facing Seon-jae turned white.


"Didn't I warn you once?"

"No, I was worried. I don't think you like someone to be your wife. Something tells me you've got a weak spot."


The fist that reacted before the head was put down on Kyung-hwan's chin.

"I say that you've seen me for so long."


"If you talk nonsense again, I'll kill you then."

Sun-jae said, shaking his right hand, which had been in awe.

If you say this much, you'll have no choice but to understand.

Sun-jae, who turned around like that, stood on the floor for a while.

A few people came in the new.

Between some people, Yeon-woo with a frightened look came into his eyes.

Seon-jae also seemed to be in the dark.

I wonder if she heard the conversation.

I hope you didn't hear that.

"……What's wrong?"

I just wanted to let it go, but she, who often followed me with a walk, asked.

Luckily, the conversation didn't seem to be heard.


Sunjae answered in a relieved voice and held her hand.

Pulled tightly like a drag, but she didn't pull out her hand.

The murmur of people behind him pressed him faintly.

By the time the event was almost over.

Kyung-hwan approached first and apologized politely to Seon-jae.

He must have calculated that his family's business could be disrupted if he showed a big discontent to Seon-jae.

After Kyung-hwan, who apologized timidly, left the banquet hall.

After being alone with Yeonwoo for a while, Seonjae followed her to the corner of the banquet hall lobby.

Today she followed the schedule without a word.

Laughed moderately and behaved moderately well. I feel like I'm getting close enough to my mother.

However, even though she was in a position where she could shine the most today, she chose such a dark and corner seat without stepping up.

It was like a doll.

There seemed to be little self-esteem, thinking that he was worthy of love.

It's his fault he couldn't say a word of heart.

She seemed to be constantly intimidated if she didn't let people know he cared and loved horribly.

I don't know if I'm angry or impatient.

I had to make sure no one was reckless with this woman.

"I don't think I like someone to be my wife."

Kim Kyung-hwan's comments, which he saw through facts like a lie detector, were repeatedly used.

Yeon-woo's bow looked pathetic for some reason.

I can't cover you warmly.

I can't comfort you.

I don't know how to comfort, and I can't comfort without my heart.

However, we can protect it in our own way.

"I have to do a play, can you do it?”

I asked Yeon-woo calmly, who was standing like a sack of barley.


As expected, she looked with her eyes open.

The white face is as pure as snow.

"I have to get them to believe."


"Our marriage is real."

Seonjae came up with a ruse.

The quickest and most efficient means of organizing everything at once.

"Hold on."

He took a step closer to her and whispered quietly.

A hand gently swept down her cheek touched her chin.

Even for that brief moment she trembled like a stray dog.

I wanted to give her room to escape, so I said as kindly as I could.

"Tell me if you don't want to.”

It'll be your own armor, but.

On the other hand, it will be a chain that clamps you down.

"If you say no, I won't."

I don't say anything.

He doesn't even turn his head.

After checking the response, I approached very slowly.

His eyes, which had grown round toward him, slowly relax.

I can feel the shaking of my eyelids falling down.

At first, they briefly faced each other as if to check the soft touch of the lips. My lips were itchy with faint moisture.

Then, when I visited again, I tilted my head a bit more and narrowed the gap.

And I put my lips on it as if I were stigmatizing it.

She must have been prepared, but she flinched again.

However, the warm-hearted lips quickly immersed her in another world.

Oh, my.

When a light breath broke out between her lips, he invaded it as if he had waited.

More, deeper, more.

An indulgence that makes those who sneak watch sure they're real.

The deep breath that penetrates makes her breath dull.

The sound tickles.

Lee Yeon-woo was clumsy as if he were the first to kiss.

Such a reaction sent a sting to the peripheral nerves of the whole body.

She reeled as her legs relaxed.

Sunjae pulled her closer and held her firmly.

The strength in her hands made it easier to move her as she wanted.

It occurred to me that she might have lost a mind.

In my head, there are voices saying sorry, and demons pushing me to get through this.

Cut it all out and think of armor.

A clumsy mind that thinks only one thing sometimes makes the wrong choice.

The tip of her tongue felt sweet and bitter.


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