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Chapter 100

 It was Kyun's wife who liked the maternity suit the most.

Ki-joon's wife, who seemed to have been overworked at work so far, said she smiled pleasantly at her pregnancy suit.

When she was pregnant with her first child, she felt a lot of alienation, but now she seems to sympathize with her husband's pregnancy life," and praised Seon-jae for coming up with a brilliant idea.

During the week of wearing a pregnancy suit, Seonjae and standards were also a hot topic outside the company.

The two were also inundated with requests for interviews.

But the two were not interviewed separately.

Because I didn't like the false accusation of image making.

Also, praise outside has not helped Seonjae.

A week's pregnancy experience was actually full of pain.

The time when I couldn't eat, sleep, or move properly was perfect for creating depression.

I wouldn't have been able to hold out without love and coming.

A week later, when I took off my experience clothes, Yeon-woo hugged him and said.

"Thank you for doing this. I won't say I'm lonely anymore."

"No, you can do it. Because I know how hard it has been for you."

"But actually, a week was too much. I think three days would have been enough."

Seonjae also sighed for a long time, affirming the situation.

I couldn't take it off early because it was a week's experience.

"I prefer a reliable and reliable honey that I can rely on rather than a honey in the same boat as me.”

"Now I'll be reassured again."

"No, well, that doesn't mean I wasn't reassured."

Yeonwoo smiled brightly.

Now even if your navel sticks out more, you won't be ashamed if others just look at your navel.

I'll apply cream carefully before I gain weight, but if I still get fatter, I'll think of it as a medal.

Every time I touch my chapped flesh, I'll think of it growing inside me.


Months passed quickly and it became a season for falling leaves.

Yeon-woo's belly is now as full as a balloon.

I gave up because I couldn't even see my lower abdomen in the mirror when I became fat and whatever.

I just hope Sooksuk stays cozy inside the boat and comes out safely on time.

Seon-jae, who was on his way to work, kissed Yeon-woo's forehead, who was leaning long against the sofa.

"Just stay."

But Yeonwoo got up from his seat.

Now, when I raise my body, I hear a sound without realizing it.

"Did you say you were coming back from a business trip today?"

"Yes. I'll be a little late because I'll be back from Busan. It'll be past 8 o'clock when I get home, so let's go for a walk then."

"Yeah. Or I'll go out with Suzy later. Today is Suzy's foundation anniversary, so she's off. I'm supposed to come over for lunch.

"Yes, don't push yourself too hard."

Seonjae bent his knees and sat down. Yeonwoo's bulging belly and eye level matched.

I raised my hand and carefully put it on Yeonwoo's stomach.

"You're calm today."

"I know. Are you tired of playing too much all night?"

Mugwort had long legs compared to its small body.

Yeon-woo's belly moved day and night as she kicked her mother's body with her long legs.

It was unusual for Yeon-woo, who was sleeping after being kicked by mugwort, to wake up in surprise.

"Shy, don't bother your mom today, please stay calm until you get back from your dad.”

Seon-jae also greeted Suk-suk and left home.

Two hours later, I got a call from my friend Suzy.

[Yeonwoo, sorry!] I got a page from work all of a sudden. Ugh, I knew this would happen. I don't have a day off.]

I was supposed to meet him at lunch, but he couldn't come because of work. Unfortunately, I couldn't help it.

That's how you ended up staying home alone today.

Yeon-woo thought she should spend a day studying while she was at it.

During the leave of absence, I vowed to prepare my thesis steadily, but it didn't work out as much as I wanted.

It was hard to borrow books from school and I fell asleep when I saw the type.

Also, if I decided to study, I couldn't hold on to the book for more than 10 minutes because of how mugwort interferes.

I bump my head this way, push my feet that way, flash on the dong, walk around in the womb as if I don't know if I'm mugwort or Hong Gil-dong, and at some point stop moving and hold my stomach tightly.

I'm used to the energetic fetus now, but I couldn't cope with the tummy mass.

This time again, my stomach became stiff less than 10 minutes after I started reading the printed journal.

"Okay, don't be upset. Mom, I won't study. Let's play."

Yeonwoo patted her stomach and got up from her seat.

But as soon as I moved my legs, I felt like the string of my lower stomach, which was holding up well, was breaking off.

Teary, a hot thing flowed between the legs.

My heart sank.

I shouldn't do this. We have two weeks left until the scheduled date.

The doctor also said that the baby was smaller than others, so it would not come out until after the scheduled date.

But why? Why? Because I don't have a husband. Why?

Yeon-woo sat on the chair again and called the driver. I thought I'd go to the hospital right away.

I felt like I kept getting emotional whenever my lower abdomen was strained.

I had to calm down, but my mind grew more and more nervous.

Yeon-woo got into the car with the help of a driver.

The pain continued on the way to the hospital. It felt like squeezing my stomach.

I had to turn on the pain app on my phone to check the pain, but my stomach kept hurting and I kept missing the right time.

A little while ago, I was worried about mugwort, but now the fire was flashing in front of me because of labor pains.

But the driver also seemed nervous and could not moan.

Just in time, her phone rang. It was my husband.

Yeon-woo managed to press the call button but could not speak.

[Yeonwoo, are you okay?]]

As if she knew what the situation was now, Sun-jae asked in a serious voice.

"Yeah…… it's okay…"….”

I'm chasing you from the back of the car. I'll be at the hospital in a minute. Don't worry too much.]


My husband, who said he was going on a business trip to Busan, was behind me, so I couldn't understand what it meant, so I straightened my back and turned my head while I was in labor.

I really saw my husband's car.

It was not long before I arrived at the hospital.

Two cars stood in front of the hospital at the same time, and Seon-jae hurriedly got off the car behind him and opened the door of the car in front of him.

"How did you get here? How do you know I'm going to the hospital...….”

"I heard this in the driver's room on my way out of the meeting.”

"You said you were going on a business trip."

"I didn't go."


"I just couldn't make it."

Sun-jae helped Yeon-woo and said.

It really hurt a lot, but while listening to his answer, the pain subsided for a moment like a gift.

But it was only for a moment. Yeonwoo's legs quickly relaxed.

Seon-jae brought a wheelchair at the entrance, seated Yeon-woo, and moved quickly.

"To the emergency room."

Yeon-woo clearly guided the way even though she was busy. With my spouse next to me, I felt less pain.

When I reached the emergency room, the nurse in charge called Yeon-woo's name.

"Lee Yeon-woo?"


Seonjae answered instead.

"Yes, please change. The teacher will come down right away. You can see a doctor here. You'll probably be hospitalized, so your guardian needs to be prepared for hospitalization."

Seon-jae changed Yeon-woo's clothes and laid her on the bed as the nurse guided her.

Nurses attached pain gauges to Yeonwoo's stomach.

Seon-jae rushed through hospitalization and returned to his seat.

Yeon-woo was moaning with his back bent and gestured helplessly when he saw Seon-jae.

Seonjae approached and held her hand.

"Did you even call the E.R.?”

Yeonwoo smiled weakly.

"The stone fell on my foot and it worked out somehow."

Oh, a rock falls on your foot?

Thinking that a stone had really fallen on her foot, Seon-jae looked down at her feet. The top of my foot looked fine.

It seemed to mean that the fire fell on his feet.

Sunjae, who understood her condition perfectly, comforted Yeonwoo.

"Good job, it must have been hectic. In the meantime, I brought some hospital supplies. That's great."

"That's enough for a slap in the face."


"No, lying down and spitting."


"No, lying down and spitting...….”


"No, eating rice cake..."….”

Yeon-woo corrected her voice several times and said it properly.

He seems to have a desire to show off his relaxed and cool side, but it was pathetic for Sunjae to see him.

The screen was recording the intensity and onset of labor.

The labor intensity is said to be the best, but it easily exceeded 50.

Every time the figure went up, her brows kept creasing.

Seon-jae was even more upset because she was a pain-tolerant.

Then I got a call from Seonjae. It was a call from my mother-in-law.

On his way back from hospitalization, Sun-jae called his father-in-law and informed him of the incident.

Soon-jung, who heard the news, became curious about her daughter.

"Yes, Mother."

[Yeonwoo, are you okay?] Can I get a call for a second?]

Soon-jung also had a tense voice.

"It's your mother's call."

Seonjae turned on the speakerphone and put it down next to Yeonwoo.


Yeon-woo answered the phone in a calm voice despite the continued labor pains.

[Yeonwoo, mom and dad just left]]

"Hey, what are you trying to do?"

[There's a long way to go, so I'll leave early] Are you okay? Does it hurt a lot?]

"It's okay."

[I heard you're in labor] It must hurt a lot.]

"If you can't avoid it, line up. I'm totally fine."

Oh, Yeonwoo. I don't think that's right.

[If you're tired, don't hold back and say you're going to operate]]

"Hey, Mom, it's okay. I'm scared of moles and I can't soak them in the sauce."

It's a nonsense party. Tensions and labor combined are making absurd remarks like fireworks.

In other situations, I would laugh happily, but I can't laugh at all.

Your wife is having a mental breakdown, she's just enduring the pain.

It was sad to see, so his forehead was wrinkled hard. Just in time, the nurse called Yeonwoo.

"Lee Yeon-woo, please prepare for medical treatment."

"Mom, I'll call you back. Be careful."

After hearing the nurse's voice, Yeon-woo calmly responded to the phone until the end and hung up.

After the doctor's visit, preparations for full-fledged delivery began.

The bed moved to the delivery room and Yeon-woo's body was given a stimulant.

Yeon-woo, who had managed to endure up to 60 labor pains, couldn't breathe well when he reached 80.


"Sigh, sigh."

"Yeonwoo, let's breathe. Breathe as you practice."

All Seonjae could do was just breathe with him.

Yeon-woo felt like he was at a crossroads between life and death. Every time I breathed, I felt like I was losing my soul.

"Yeonwoo, breathe. Whoops, whoops! Whoops, whoops...….”

"Honey, I was so, so, so happy to meet you...….”

Yeon-woo said, crying sadly. Seonjae was also anxious, but he comforted himself.

"Honey, I'm not going to die. It's okay."

"It hurts like death...….”

"I won't die. I won't die. It's okay."

"Ugh. Ugh."

"It's okay. You can do it. Everything will work out just fine. You have me, honey."

"No, you don't have to...….”


"You don't have to..." Just call me a painless shot...….”

Yeon-woo spoke in a breathless voice as if he were going to die.

Just in time, the time came for the painless injection and Yeon-woo's groans died down when the injection began to take place.

But by the end of the day, painless injections were no use either.

Still, it went relatively quickly.

After the uterine door opened enough, Seon-jae was kicked out of the delivery room.

Yeon-woo didn't even know her husband left because she was in labor.

I just obediently followed the nurse and doctor's instructions. In fact, it was overwhelming just to do as I was told.

Then, as the time went by, a baby cry broke out.

"It's five minutes past twenty."

The nurse said when the baby was born.

Yeon-woo turned his head as he cleared up his rough breathing. The naked red bloke is crying vigorously.

Oh, it's small. I heard it's small, but it's still too small. It's so small that it looks so pitiful.

"2.97kg. That's bigger than I expected."

However, the doctor's opinion was different from Yeonwoo.

I expected 2.7kg, but I was relieved that it was close to 3kg.

Seon-jae, who was kicked out for a while and came back inside, was blinded and cut the baby's umbilical cord according to the nurse's guidance.

Immediately washed and wrapped in strong cloth, the baby climbed onto Yeon-woo's chest.

The baby, who was crying loudly, followed his mother's breathing and became stable. The sound of breathing is cute.

"Oh, look at her recognition."

The nurses cheered.

Hello, baby.

Half a pleasure, half a bewilderment.

I've been preparing for so long, and it's still awkward to be someone's mother.

"Good job."

Sunjae said with moist wet eyes.

"Good job. I love you."

He was also a novice father who expressed his feelings to Yeon-woo but couldn't touch the baby.

So the two foolishly take their first steps as mothers and fathers.

Today's happy ending was greeted without knowing the mental breakdown, fatigue, happiness, fullness and love that began with this.

After a short greeting, Suk-suk left for the neonatal unit and Yeon-woo left the delivery room and went up to the hospital room.

Yeonwoo emptied a bowl of seaweed soup from the hospital room table.

Seonjae is busy calling his parents.

After a while, the doctor in charge came.

"Lee Yeon-woo, congratulations."

"Thank you."

"I'm suddenly having a baby, but it's still my duty day. I was proud to receive the baby myself."

"Yes, thank you."

"Are there any other inconveniences?”

"Yes, there isn't."

"Then take a good rest today."

The doctor, who was trying to turn around like that, took out a flower from his pocket and handed it to Yeon-woo just before he left.

"Oh, this.”

They give flowers when you give birth.

Although it was just a single unpaved rose, Yeon-woo felt good because it was the first flower she received after giving birth to a baby.

By the way, the doctor's answer was different from Yeon-woo's guess.

"On the way back from the meal, a yellowfish came up to me in front of the hospital and gave me flowers. It's disinfected.”


"The only baby I got today is Lee Yeonwoo's baby, so I'll give it to Lee Yeonwoo."”

Yeonwoo's eyes are wet again.

"Thank you."

The greeting was choked up and didn't come out well. It was an overwhelming night.

I just happened to be saying, "Hello, baby."


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