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Chapter 101

 LOL. The laughter of the babies in the bike trailer is as clear as the birds' chirping.

Yeon-woo's mouth, looking still, caught a pleasant smile.

"Hahaha. Cool."

Under the sun, her husband's beauty is more alive.

Sunjae, who is pressing the bicycle pedal vigorously, is also smiling.

Raising the children changed her husband's impression.

Five years ago, it was hard to approach cold images and a thorough attitude, but now I often see a caring side like a neighborhood brother.

Yeonwoo likes him much better now.

"Your smile won't go away, will it?”

Mi-hyun, her mother-in-law, approached Yeon-woo sitting under the parasol, asked.

"I feel good just looking at them. It's pretty, isn't it?

"I was watching your beautiful son."

Yeonwoo answered honestly.

"My daughter-in-law, too."

Still, there are no parents who hate their son because he is pretty.

Mi-hyun shook her hand and smiled pleasantly.

"Let's stop playing with dad and play with grandpa.”

Woonho, who came out of the yard, told the children.

"Then grandfather will give me a ride."

Jihee said. Ji-hee, who turned five this year, has nothing to say.

"Ji-hee, grandpa is tired.”

Yeon-woo stopped it before Un-ho ran to the children.

"I'm fine."

"No, Father. The kids keep pushing your father too hard."

During a visit last week, Yeonwoo's two children held his grandfather's neck back and forth and hung him.

Yeon-woo can't forget that her father-in-law's face turned blue at that time.

It happened, but even then, Unho just laughed.

Unho, who was the representative of one of the top ten groups in Korea, is now a good grandfather who lives with the pleasure of seeing his grandchildren.

No, Unho's passion for leading the group for more than 30 years has shifted to his grandchildren.

Unho turned this house's courtyard into a playground.

Rough floor stones were removed and constructed with elastic pavement floors, and various rides were installed, including a baby swimming pool and a sand playground.

Sunjae and Yeonwoo visited Unho's house every weekend because the children liked it.

It is grateful that parents-in-law love their children, but Yeon-woo is still worried about their health.

The children played too aggressively.

Yeon-woo was forced to be more strict with his children when he came here.

Three-year-old Ji-oh first took his grandfather's hand and left for the sand playground, followed by Ji-hee.

Somehow, however, Ji-hee's steps lagged behind.

When Seon-jae approached Ji-hee, Ji-hee said sullenly.

"Dad, I hate Zio."

"Why? She's my only sister, so I'll love her."

"Not pretty."


"When Zio was away, she was Ji-hee's mom. Zio took my mom away."

It seems that Yeon-woo was upset a little while ago about the scolding.

Seon-jae patted Ji-hee warmly and said,

"Where's the only place you can do it?”

Whoo, Sunjae let out a long sigh.

"My mom kissed my dad at least five times a day before you were born, but now she only kisses me once."

In response to Seonjae's lamentation, Jihee raised her head and stared at Seonjae.

"I don't even do that when my dad doesn't go to work."


"You still get a lot of kisses. How many kisses did mom give you today?”


"Look, I've done it more than ten times, right? My mom only loves Jihee. I don't love my dad."

Why is the story like this?

Yeon-woo, who approached her daughter's sullen face, smirked when she heard Seon-jae's lamentation.

What logic is that? What the hell are you talking about with the kid?

I don't want to comfort him or comfort him, but I'm lamenting the situation with him.

"What are you talking about?"

"Would you mind staying away for a second? We're very serious right now."


Yeon-woo shook his head at Sun-jae's tomb and hugged Ji-hee.

"Ji-hee, did your mom hurt you because she told you not to make it hard on your grandfather?”

Ji-hee's eyes are filled with water as her mother recognizes her heart.

"That's not just about Ji-hee. If Gio could understand, I would have told Gio.”


"And my mom loves Ji-hee so much."


Sadness exploded all at once, and Ji-hee burst into tears. Yeonwoo hugged Jihee for a long time.

The first daughter is still a baby, but just because she's the first, give way without knowing.I don't even know if it's stopped.

With growing children, she learns life again.

She turned 30 years old, but now she has 5 years of experience as a mother.

There are still many things to know and learn.

As I comforted Ji-hee and headed toward the sand playground, I can see Ji-oh acting up this time.

My grandfather was very proud of me when I asked him whether he would come or not.

He rolls around in the sand, deliberately smears his body with sand, and then hugs his grandfather.

The three-year-old was so strong that whenever Gio came in, Unho was stumbling.

Oh, my father's going to collapse.

"Inno omg!"

Yeon-woo put Ji-hee down and ran to the sand playground to separate Ji-oh from Unho.

"You son of a bitch!"


Zio burst into tears immediately, and Seon-jae sighed and ran away.

I'm sorry my mom is a fool.

The crying Zio was comforted by Seonjae.

She seems to have not realized her slip of the tongue, given that she was preoccupied with scolding.

At that time, Ji-hee pointed out clearly.

"Mom, you're not a naughty boy, you're a naughty boy."

"Oh, uh, really? Did your mom say you were a naughty boy?”

asked a flinching Yeonwoo.

"Ji-hee, my mom was so distracted that I made a slip of the tongue."

Seonjae surrounded Yeonwoo to protect him. But Ji-hee knows the truth.

"Mom, you always make a slip of the tongue?"

Unho, who was laughing next to him, cleared up the situation.

"Leave Zio alone. Just let them have fun when they play. I'm fine. How beautiful it is for babies to cling to for love."

For Unho, they were precious grandchildren who would not be sick even if they were put in his eyes.


The night when Ji-hee and Ji-oh came back home with a sound sleep.

Yeon-woo, who lay Ji-oh in bed, said in a tired voice.

"Hoo. You did a great job today. You must be tired, so go to bed."

"Honey, you did a great job."

Seonjae also put down Jihee and said.

With two babies and busy work, I can hardly afford time between couples.

Seonjae left J Group and started his own company for just over a year, and Yeonwoo also got a job at the Cultural Heritage Research Institute this year.

It was an important time for both.

Their lives have already become full of work and child care.

Seonjae has resigned to some extent now, but sometimes he wants to monopolize his wife.

"Tomorrow, shall we have lunch together after a long time? Honey, I have a morning schedule near the office."

It was suggested by Seonjae.

Normally it would be welcomed with a happy voice, but somehow she hesitated to answer.

"Oh, well, I have an appointment."

"Promise? With whom?"

Her voice was small, as if to look at him.

"……it's Choi Taek…"….”

In a flash, his eyes turned sharp.

Choi Taek that I remember?

The guy who was fresh with you before kindergarten?

The guy I met in Barcelona who made himself into a huge business item?

I didn't expect to hear his name again.

There was a series of memories that could never be pleasant.

What did he look like when we ran into each other in Barcelona five years ago?

What kind of crap did I say to my wife? What kind of demeanour did you say to me again?….

"Have you been in touch with him?”

"Well, sometimes."

Seon-jae was offended by Yeon-woo's answer.

Yeon-woo, who read his expression, fattened up his answer.

"But we've never met in person. I haven't seen you in 5 years. Honey, do you want to come out? Let's meet together."

"No, I don't want to."

The sulky Seonjae flatly refused. Yeonwoo asked again tactfully.

"I, don't go?"

"Why do you ask me that? It's up to you."

"It bothers me to talk with a stiff face-to-face.

"Is it bothering you now that I have this reaction? If I hadn't asked, I'd just go to see you without telling you?"

"No, it's not like that. I was going to tell you...….”

Yeon-woo was discouraged by his interrogation. I didn't know my husband would feel so bad.

"I'm telling you."

It was hard, but I came back after a fruitful day, but it didn't end well.

Then I can't keep my promise with Taek-yi tomorrow because it bothers me.

You have to make your husband feel better or stay away from the appointment.


"It doesn't work out easily."

"So what am I supposed to do to solve it?”

"Are you willing to let me go?”

"Of course. I don't feel good when you're doing that."

Yeon-woo stuck out his lips and replied.

Seonjae was a little relieved by her sincere words.

His lips were about to get longer again, but he hid them thoroughly and pretended not to.

"There's a way."

He lifted his chin with a beguiling smile.

The light-collecting eyes narrowed. It was an expression of what he wanted.

Yeon-woo, who read the meaning, replied with a trembling voice.

"Well…… I'll try."



"Honey, stay still. I'll take care of it."

He's still a very proactive man.

Before I knew it, the stage moved to the next room.

After putting Yeonwoo down on the bed, he swept her hair and slowly flipped it behind her ears.

His ability to tie his opponent with slow movements is excellent.

The situation is out of the blue, but it's a little fortunate that conflicts between couples can be resolved.

As he was about to heat up at his touch, a softly heard voice.

"Honey, listen to me."

I guess today's concept is instructions, assistant, etc.

Yeah. It's good to feel like this later.

Above all, Yeon-woo was nervous because she liked her husband who became a manly man, but she was able to take it in a good mood.

Nervous, she nodded.

And waited quietly for her husband's words to follow.

by the way

"Do you remember this story?"


'You might be surprised because it's my first time writing a letter like this. I'm writing this letter because I don't think it's going to be easy to say it in person because it's I thought it was time to end our relationship.''

A word came out of his mouth.

His words to listen were not "instructions" but really "words".

But, for some reason, familiar sentences. His face is getting hot.


It was a divorce request letter left by Yeon-woo, who decided to divorce five years ago.

Her dark history.

"Oh, stop!"

Yeon-woo shouted, wrapping his cheeks.

Seonjae continues to talk regardless.

""……I haven't been happy at all since I got married. I've been wanting a divorce...….’”

Yeonwoo was shocked.

"Ha, crazy. Are you memorizing that?”

"Dreams will never be forgotten."

Now he was an excited voice.

"There's something like this. "I suggest first because I know that if I don't finish, this false union will lead to meaninglessness throughout the whole time."

"Ahhhhhhhhhh! Please!"

'This is the only request I make to my senior.'”

"That's so mean!"

Eventually, with a small dew on her eyes, she covered his mouth with her own hands.

"Don't remember that."

She felt like crying, but he smiled funny and cool.

"So, are you relieved now?”

"Yes, it's better."

"I was so nervous that I couldn't believe I'd hit the back of my head like this.

"Are you nervous? Why?"


Yeon-woo drooped her shoulders and replied.

"What did you expect?"

Sunjae, who knew what she was talking about, teased her briefly and kissed her on the back of her neck.

"Oh, my wife's too sexy.”

The kiss continued a few more times. As if to apologize for teasing her a moment ago.

Her voice was blurry because the seal on the back of her neck was moist, itchy and sweet.

"Where am I going...….”

"I'm saying it's good.”

Even though the voice was itchy like a whisper, it was heavy.

The real thing came after all the mischief.

As she turned and faced him, his lips immediately came to her lips.

He glanced more and more forward, leisurely gliding through the air inside her.

However, just then.


I heard Jihee's voice in the next room.

I couldn't tell if I was asleep or awake.

The lips that were at each other were frozen apart.


Ji-hee came to her mother crying.

"Oh, Jihee."

The couple's time is over. Yeon-woo rushed and hugged Ji-hee tightly.

"Mom, you should sleep with me.”

It is a mournful voice of a baby who still needs his mother's arms.

"Yes, I was going to go. Let's go to bed."

Yeon-woo deftly grabbed Ji-hee's hand and moved on.

Eventually, a blanket spread out on the floor. The family of four gathered in one place and fell asleep.

Ji-hee looked for her mother so much that she fell asleep as soon as she lay down.

Yeon-woo smirked at Ji-hee, who held her hand tightly and kicked the blanket with her long legs because her mother was about to leave.

"Will he be a soccer player?"

Seeing Gio rolling around 180 degrees and lying down in one place, Seonjae also said something.

"Is he going to do ballet?"

A night full of regrets but nevertheless grateful for life.

Seon-jae asked Yeon-woo, who was in and out of sleep.

"So you're going to meet Choi Taek?”

"I have to go, right? Do you want to come with me?"

"Yes. Let's go together."

That's what he meant.

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