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Chapter 11

 Several tracks passed by while presenting a provocative play.

Seon-jae, who thought that people interested in him would have seen him, took off his lips.

Yeon-woo's face blushing like a red persimmon and slowly lowering her head was a woman who kissed for the first time without fail.

Her lips, which look thicker than before, still have moisture that was mine. It's like freshly washed cherries.

I whispered to her in such a low voice.

"There will be nothing to compel. That's all you need. I don't want anything else."

Sweeping her hair neatly with her hands.

Everything you touch is precious, 'Chuck'.

You don't need anything else, you just need to do this much, and you build up walls like you're reassurance.

She raised her head and looked at him.

It was assumed that he was biting his tight lips inside.

I don't even know if I resent it.

Sunjae grabbed her hand and went back into the banquet hall to avoid the glare.

The sweetness that used to spread throughout the mouth disappears soon.

It was their first beautiful kiss.

After all the charity events are over.

Seonjae sent Yeonwoo home first and had a meeting with his friends.

"You guys are sexy."

At the gathering, he was naturally teased.

Friends who came to see the two sharing a deep kiss confessed their sightings one by one.

"I thought Kang Seon-jae was eating Je-su.”

"I almost reported it without realizing it."

"Sunjae is usually sexy. He doesn't have to do anything."

"But you have to look at your fingers. Blessed son. Bad boy."

One of them glanced and teased.

I thought I knew what you were talking about.

She said it with a photo taken when she met actress Yusara a few months ago.

It's just a picture of her going into a restaurant together, and Yusara and I said we were friends and nothing, and she was making fun of it.

No wonder he reached out to guide Sarah to the restaurant, but in the picture, he seemed to have put his hand on Sarah's waist.

"Don't say it's sexual, say it's sexy."

Seonjae joking with his friends roughly to the rhythm.

Friends grit their teeth, saying it's annoying.

Everyone seemed to have forgotten the disturbance in which they punched Kyung-hwan at the banquet hall.

The play was also an excellent means of covering up the disturbance.

"It's God's fault that you put sexiness on Kang Sun-jae. If I had it, I would use it more efficiently. Meet all the girls you want."

"He's a real man who's all-in like Kang Sun-jae. Seeing Sunjae and Je-su together, I wanted to get married."

After achieving his desired goal, Seon-jae smiled twistedly.

He decided to think only of what he got.

I decided not to feel sorry for the fact that I had already moved away.

You said you wouldn't force anything, you said you didn't want anything else, so keep it safe from now on.

Even after that, she always looked scared as if it was her first time when he reached out.

Every time she seemed to scream inside, Sun-jae also spared his actions.

But he's my family, so I have to protect him.

You must be hurt.

You want to protect your wounds, just as I planted thorn trees in my past.

I wanted to erase all the past and yell at him to start anew, but I couldn't say anything because it was bitter to see him cringe even when he was alone.

Strange love and hatred arose when she forced a smile.

After I was convinced that I would accept a kiss, I wanted to bother by kissing.

How far will she take it?

How much longer will I endure?

I think it could ring.

What happens next when it rings? I was also curious.

It's not love.

The whole mind was abnormal.

Uncommon, sadistic, wicked minds.

I built myself a wall to block that mind.

"This is my area and that's yours. Don't come into my room carelessly. Especially in the morning."

Even on the first day she stepped into her newlywed home, he made sure to distinguish the space.

Be comfortable in your place, even there. I won't invade you.

Protecting her, also wary of her own black heart.

Yeonwoo kept the word like a commandment.

It was good that it didn't come near.

For giving me enough distance.

Because you're scared.

I can keep my balance if you don't come near. It may not be shaken.

I thought it might be fate in that respect.

For me, who never had the word 'marriage' in my life, you came.

I thought maybe she was the best partner.

I regarded her as just a good partner, and I erased my mind every time we talked, every time we held hands, every time we kissed her.

And at some point.

I didn't really feel anything in the kiss.


'Ah, I slept. I fell asleep!’

Yeon-woo confirmed that the morning had come while he was asleep and buried his face in a pillow.

Yesterday, Sun-jae caught me crying, but he didn't say anything.

It was quite helpful to be distant from each other at that time.

When asked why he was crying, he could not organize what to say.

After Sunjae went back to his bedroom, tears stopped.

After that, Yeonwoo hung around in front of Seonjae's visit once an hour.

I was worried that Seonjae would disappear, and that he would go back to 100 days during the night.

I felt relieved only when I checked Sunjae's appearance.

Fortunately, Sunjae's bedroom door was open, so she could see him tossing and turning on the bed.

I repeated it about four times and it was 4 a.m.

She was so tired that she dropped her head while going to and from Seonjae's room, so she lay in bed thinking about sleeping for just an hour and slept for three hours.

"Cell phone, cell phone...….”

Yeon-woo, who buried his face in a pillow, immediately got up and groped for his cell phone.

November 26th! 7pm!

After confirming the date and time, Yeon-woo breathed a sigh of relief.

It didn't go back 100 days.

That alone was enough to wash away the fatigue.

Yeon-woo got up that way and headed straight to Seon-jae's room.

I was worried about my husband's life and death after not checking for three hours.

Ran to the bedroom, as it did three hours ago, through an open door.

By the way, he was not seen.

"Uh, he's not here?"

"Are you looking for me?"


Yeon-woo, who confirmed her husband's voice behind her back, faltered.

The shipwreck was already happening.

"Here it is. Why."

Sun-jae glanced at Yeon-woo with a trembling look and said,

This consistent angry face. The voice of a robot.

Kang Sun-jae is right.

"It's no longer a zone invasion, is it?"

Yeon-woo was not as intimidated as he used to even face his face, which exudes a dark energy.

I don't want this man to disappear.

It's okay to be angry all the time, so I hope I can check it out every morning like this.

That's the only way I feel.

"I have something to say."

To achieve that wish, Yeon-woo takes another step today.

"I don't want to divide zones, I want to live.”

He spat out confidently, but his voice quickly became smaller when he glared with a wrinkled face on his forehead.

"It's funny to call from the same house when you have something to say...….”

My husband is much scarier and more difficult than my aunt-in-law.

My immune system is not strong yet.

I think it needs quite an adjustment here.

"Let me in and out of here, too."

It can't fall apart, so let's pluck up our courage and knock on his steel wall.

"In my area?"


"Yeah. All right."

However, permission was dropped more easily than I thought.

Oh, my God. If you knew it would be this easy, you should have asked for it.

I resent the past days when I didn't make any effort and just scared him.

"May I enter your area as I please, then?"

"Of course."

"Okay, let's do that."

He accepted lightly.

Yeon-woo felt strange when she said she knew willingly.

Is this guy Kang Sun-jae?

Is it a ghost wearing Kang Sun-jae's mask?

Can I touch it?

I need to make sure I'm alive.

I took my hand to his T-shirt as naturally as I could, because if I touched it suddenly, I could be treated as badly as yesterday.

"This dress, please...Doesn't it seem strange? The color is a little……."


"It's not clear whether it's brown or black…….”

As I put my hand on my chest very lightly, I can feel his chest muscles go up and down.

"Are you touching my clothes or my body?"

"Clothes. Clothes."

Like that, right after she reached out one more hand to check his pulse.



Sunjae grabbed her by the wrists.

A thin wrist easily fits into one mouth.

Grabbed by the wrist, she gulps with frightened eyes and never takes her eyes off.

How did you become such a bright girl overnight?

Seonjae couldn't understand at all.

Yesterday, Sun-jae came home early to see what was going on with his wife's sudden change, confirmed his divorce application, and turned a blind eye to his wife's makeshift crying out for no divorce.

Then on her way back, the makeshift was so amazing that she came back to her room to ask why, and faced the "woman's tears."

The questions that frustrated him grew in size with confusion that frustrated him.

And yet I couldn't say anything.

What can you say to a crying woman.

The power of tears was so powerful. I wasn't that crazy when my friend Sarah cried.

When Lee Yeon-woo showed tears, he couldn't move.

Sarah also showed tears in front of her several times, but she had never properly comforted her.

Having never consoled, he had no choice but to leave the space.

After that, I couldn't sleep because I was confused.

Yeon-woo came and went to his room a few times, tossing and turning in bed like that way.

Yeon-woo went back after checking his appearance through the door as if playing a detective game.

What the hell is that?

What's wrong with this woman.

It was so weird that I had a nervous thought.

I wondered if the ghost ate Lee Yeon-woo and performed a transformation technique in the form of Lee Yeon-woo.

Yeonwoo's strange behavior continued until 4 a.m.

Still, Sun-jae didn't show anything because he thought it would be better to do that strange thing than to cry.

And 7 o'clock.

Of course, Sun-jae, who had no choice but to sleep, will be confused again today about what to do with this woman.


Yeon-woo made a groaning sound because his hand caught by Seon-jae hurt.

However, as his power was vividly conveyed, his existence was realized.

"I'm sorry. I won't."

I may be again tomorrow, but I apologized broadly to live right now.

Sun-jae, who was staring at him as if he were going to eat him right away, let go of his hand.

The wrists that came out of his grasp are slightly noticeable.

Afraid of hearing another scary sound, she decided to run.

"Well, if you'll excuse me."

He bowed and ran away to the bedroom.

I'm glad to hear that's a relief.

I've overcome the divorce crisis, and I've confirmed that I'm not going back 100 days.

He's changed a lot, but he's not interested in it, so he's getting used to it.

Two years of breaking down the perimeter.

Yeon-woo breathed a sigh of survival again.

I've confirmed it won't go back 100 days, so I'm going to get used to it.’

Yeonwoo looked for clothes to change and unfastened the front button of his pajamas.

'Let's eat first...….’

by the way

It feels like the room is getting darker.

Feeling bleak, Yeon-woo turned his head while taking off his pajamas.


And what was so confident was that I found my husband standing tall without a change of expression and shouted, "Go away."

The clothes I was wearing on my side to change fell under Seonjae's feet.

She sat down and covered the open front.

This is the second time Sunjae has confirmed her scream.

Yesterday was the first day. And today is the second day.

Seriously, I don't know what to do with this woman who changed to scream.

"Why, why, why, why, why!"

"I've just been here. You can come as you please."

"I'm going to change.”

"Change. Who won't let you change?"

"I have to go out and change.”

"You should just change, too.”

What he did yesterday and today is ridiculous to argue that he or she will not do it until he or she changes his clothes.

You're the first to throw a bomb at that solid wall that existed between us.

More and more.

The cells that were sleeping wake up.

Her bewildered, helpless appearance touches on her well-hidden sadism.

"Why? Do you want me to change?”

Yeonwoo couldn't move.

He really, really looks like he's going to change everything.


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