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Chapter 12

 Yeon-woo's face showed signs of fear beyond embarrassment.

It's just ridiculous for Seonjae.

"Think about what you did yesterday and today."


"I'm the only one who showed you everything. I'm the only one who can feel it."

Yeon-woo followed his naked words and recalled the situation.

When Sun-jae's bare skin was stuttering, she was caught up in the thought that what she saw might be an illusion or a ghost, and couldn't think of anything else.

"I'm sorry, but I told you that. I had a nightmare yesterday."

"Did you have that nightmare yesterday and today?"

Sun-jae cut off Yeon-woo's words and argued.

"Not really, but the aftereffects are pretty long.”

It was Seon-jae who had no idea what was inside her eyelids and covered her eyes.

Her exposed shoulders are still dainty.

Seonjae lifted himself up and turned around.

I couldn't scare you any more.

I don't want to see her cry scared again.

"Go to the hospital."

I told her with my back turned.

Only then can I hear her dressing up properly.

"I'll make an appointment, so go to the hospital and get some consultation. Today."


"Will you come with me?"


When she suddenly turns her head away from the answer, she turns up the volume and blocks the front again.

You're all dressed up.… I don't know what you're blocking.

Unpleasantness comes up in the already dubious mind.

Her hand, which was covering her chest for nothing, went down after a while.

"It's not like you have to go to a hospital."

"The hospital will diagnose it."


Yeon-woo exclaimed loudly, as if he could not communicate.

Sun-jae, who was offended by her repeatedly raising her voice as if criticizing her suggestion, also strengthened her eyes.

When she was scared of his expression, she lowered her head again, her lips curled.

I don't know if I could have been so fearless yesterday and today.

I asked because I couldn't predict her at all.

"Are you born again?”

?, ?

Uh, how could you...….

Surprised by his eyes that saw through the truth, Yeon-woo coughed as if he could hear.

Sun-jae only makes a pick-me-up with the creepy words.

"Hmm. Give me a day."

Yeon-woo, who quelled the surprised prayer, said.

I had to send back Seon-jae, who kept encouraging me to go to the hospital.

I also really needed time to organize my thoughts.

"Let's talk again tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll pull myself together and organize my thoughts."

Sunjae's eyebrows are bent.

What? Organize your thoughts?

What the hell does it mean to organize your thoughts?

There are five thousand imaginations in my head.

Organizing your thoughts means, 'Let's take a moment to think apart.' Isn't that what you use when you?

Then the next step is to break up!

While Sun-jae's eyes were shaking from side to side when he met the wind and waves, Yeon-woo said clearly.

"If there's anything I can do for you, I'll talk to you then."

"……Tomorrow morning."

Stressing his heart-throbbing insides, he also bolstered his promise.

It's morning because I can't even go to the company tomorrow and worry about "what the hell is this woman thinking?"

"Yes, tomorrow morning. Before I went to your company."

She nodded vigorously.

Following Yeon-woo's back, who slipped into the bathroom, Seon-jae turned around, holding his head as if he were trying to escape.

What plan you're planning, what plot you're plotting.

How you're gonna use me.

It's been almost two years since I was married, and I still feel like a blank slate about her.

I thought she was a woman who never went out on everything and just did her job, but she broke the prejudice overnight and showed a lot of strange images as if she were making fun of him.

And now he says he'll organize his thoughts.

I was informed that I would organize my thoughts like that...….

I want to organize my thoughts...….

I was already nervous about what my invisible wife would say tomorrow, tossing and turning in the bedroom, and came back to the living room.

The house was empty.

Now that the boundary was gone, I walked straight back to her bedroom.

"Did you leave without eating?"

I thought I'd eat alone, but I just left.

Come to think of it, we had never eaten together at home.

It's only at home or outside the house that we've had a meal together.

At least the two of them didn't have a meal privately, but only at formal occasions such as invitation meetings and events.

This must have happened because we've never tried to get to know each other.

I will hear the answer to her "Organization of Thoughts" tomorrow, but somehow I was afraid to hear it and wanted to hear it quickly.

Huu and Seonjae sighed throughout the empty house with their complicated feelings.


Leaving home, Yeon-woo sat in the corner of the cafe that opened early in the morning.

It was time to think about how smart it would be to live in the future.

Ultimately, the goal is to prevent husband's accident.

On the day of the divorce, my husband was hit by a running bus trying to pick up a wedding ring, so in a way, he was almost there already.

Yesterday, Sunjae said he would not divorce.

If that's true, now he has no choice but to go in front of the family court that day and jump into the driveway to pick up a rolling wedding ring.

By the way, I feel uncomfortable just thinking about it like that.

"Even if it's not exactly the same situation, there have been times when we've heard the same thing or something similar.”

A man who injured his hand on a piece of glass instead of a yellow worm who injured his foot on a piece of glass at a wedding.

Seonjae who accidentally read the letter and application for divorce.

Sunjae's words that he plans to separate the affiliates and will divorce them in two months...….

Since the input values were different, the output values should definitely be different, but I got goosebumps a few times for the strangely matched situations and words.

Is there a destiny in the world?

So everyone ends up moving with fate?

It's terrible to think of that.


I can't let my husband die again.

"Beyond the complacent idea of not getting divorced, we might have to prepare more than we thought.’

If fate was in order, all she wanted was to go against it.

Wouldn't it be easy to go against the grain?

It may require a greater design and a greater mindset than you think. You can't live with a complacent mind.

It was necessary to prepare for the future properly.

Yeonwoo opened the notebook that he brought.

I had to think about what happened to me in the future and how my husband was doing during those 100 days.

I thought it would be better to organize it when my memory didn't go away.

I know the future. Someone who's been to the future.

To use what you know about the future, you have to organize and sew it.

"Don't forget it. You have to remember everything.”

The experience of working on a historical history of relics at school shone at this time.

Yeon-woo did not hesitate to draw a diagram, distinguish the dates, and divide personal and group events.

And he wrote down everything he did, his physical condition, and personal events that happened.

And I also recorded what happened at Sunjae's company.

In the future before returning to the past, Yeonwoo had been interested in Seonjae's work for the company.

He was forced to pay attention because he could get a divorce only when Sun-jae's company stabilized.

It was a great help to the record.

However, little was known about Seon-jae's physical condition.

"What did you say when you got divorced...….”

"I got a burn on my arm, fell down the stairs and fractured my leg. I hurt my leg on the way back from the divorce application and lived in a cast, but I only released it four days ago.”

What Sun-jae said was memorable, but there was a hole in his words.

Fifteen days after submitting his divorce application, he was not wearing a cast on his leg when he visited Yeon-woo.

"My goal is to find a senior, but I don't know anything about him.”

I wish I could check his health every day, but he was never the first to say he was ill.

I can say that I was sick at the time, but.

After much consideration, Yeon-woo called her mother-in-law, Mi-hyun.

There was a short call waiting, and Mihyun's voice was heard over there.


"Hello, mother. I'm Yeonwoo."

[Oh, yeah] Sae-ah... How are you?]

Mi-hyun greeted Yeon-woo awkwardly as if she was unfamiliar with him.

Yeonwoo was also awkward.

"Yes, I'm fine."

[Yeah, don't skip meals and have fun] Is everything all right?

"Yes, I don't."

[Yeah, that's a relief.] Let me know if there's anything uncomfortable.]


The silence continues.

After a while, Yeon-woo, who hesitated, opened his mouth first.

"By the way, Mother."

[Yes, go ahead.]]

"……Sunjae, do you talk about being sick?"

Mihyun's sigh was heard loudly.

[No, I won't.] He's not saying anything to me.

It was a bitter voice of a mother with a blunt son.

After that, Mihyun asked straight away.

[Sunjae, are you okay?]]

"No, it's not like that."

Mi-hyun seemed to misunderstand, so Yeon-woo hurriedly solved it.

"I thought you wouldn't say that because of your personality. I'm going to pay attention in advance.”

Mihyun is silent again.


[Thank you, Yeonwoo]


[Thank you for getting along with Seonjae]]

I'm not getting along very well.

Yeon-woo became solemn because he was grateful and sorry for his mother-in-law.

While talking on the phone, I kept thinking of what Mi-hyun said on Sun-jae's funeral day.

Mi-hyun had confessed that she could not contact Yeon-woo comfortably once because Sun-jae threatened her so much.

Yeah, I guess getting close to your mother is one of my assignments.

"Mother, can I come to see you soon?”

Yeon-woo was the first one-year-old horse to his mother-in-law. It's unclear whether Mihyun will accept this cutely.

At the end of the call, Yeon-woo thought, "If only I had confidence that Sun-jae would be alive in the future, it would be like this."

Lee Yeonwoo. What are you good at?

That's the honest sincerity of walking a thousand miles steadily.

This might be some kind of a gourd-busting game.

The current pocket throw may not have any power to burst the basket.

I keep throwing my pockets.

If you keep throwing it like that.

One day, the gourd will burst.

Lee Yeonwoo. Let's work hard.

What you do is save a person's life.

Don't worry, Sunjae Kang. I will definitely make this life a happy ending!’

Way to go!

Yeonwoo put in a hopeful spirit and wrote 'different future' at the top of the long-structured table.

In the future, memories of experiencing the future before the session will be called 'different futures'.

Now that my husband is alive, my previous memory is 'different future'.

It was a name that contained Yeon-woo's determination not to let it flow as it is.


next day

As promised, Seonjae and Yeonwoo sat face to face at the table.

I've never sat across from this table before, and unfortunately, the first time is not a time of socializing, either.

The two men looked solemn like generals negotiating a truce.

"Now tell me. Your thoughts."

Sunjae said first.

I spoke solemnly to suit his facial expression and posture, but the day before yesterday, he couldn't sleep well.

It was a weekend when time seemed to pass slowly because I was curious and frustrated about what Yeon-woo would say.

"You think I'm weird because of nightmares. It sounds like an excuse to you, but it's true."

However, the long-awaited answer was no different than before.

"After that nightmare, I reflected on my life so far, so I decided to change it.”

Whoops. It's just a sigh.

But if you ask me to believe it, I have no choice but to believe it.

Believing that she has changed since Saturday morning is undeniable.

But that's the result of making up my mind all day yesterday?

The fact that Seonjae was in vain.

Is that all you have to say?”

"No, so I'd like to ask you a favor."

Sunjae decided to listen carefully for now.

It must have been a request to keep an eye on me, but I still wanted to hear what was coming out of her mouth.

"For now……."

by the way

"Give me the right to touch."


Sunjae's eyebrows are bent the other way around.

"I think being healthy is very important to me."

"……Since when have you been so interested in my health."

"So I reflect on everything I've ever done."


"I think you were just a health care worker, and you just have to let me check your health condition.”

Seonjae crossed his arms and made a cold laugh.

"You don't have to overdo it.”

She looks pitiful. The effort to make is pitiful.

"Will human temperament change like changing clothes?"

It reminded me of the night before yesterday again.

Why is she making such a fuss.

It occurred to me that the starting point might not be a nightmare, but a divorce application and the letter.

He said he'd accept the divorce at once.

Maybe she's doing something else out of fear of divorce.

"I'm not going to talk about divorce again, so put that weird effort behind you. You must be tired, too."


"If you do something you don't like, you'll get sick."

Sunjae said coldly.

In the cold response, Yeon-woo shot Sun-jae in the face of resentment.

I was sad that the results I thought fiercely didn't work at all.

How can this person be so cold.

Why am I doing that?

It's all about saving your life, but why don't you cooperate this much?

I pressed down my desire to scream and said grudgingly.

"You're good at it. Unwilling behavior."

"So, you're gonna live just like me?"

"Why, because the stork might tear his crotch while chasing the boatbird?”

"It's like a boat bird chasing a stork."

Oh, I made a mistake again.

I don't know why, why, when I'm nervous, I can't say anything.

Yeon-woo gritted his teeth inside. It felt like I was completely behind in the argument.

He seemed to be mocking the stork with his eyes, saying, "How can the crotch be torn when it is chasing the stork?"

"Lee Yeon-woo."

The eyes glared at him, and he sounded serious for some reason.

"It's embarrassing to show you the letter, so I think it's a post-medicine visit, but I think it's time to call it a day.….”

"Don't use that word!"

As soon as he talked, he snapped his words and really burst out.

"Don't use the word "post-medicine visit!"


Sunjae looked at Yeonwoo with an absurd look on his face.

Yeon-woo didn't seem at all sorry for raising the volume.

Seon-jae was confused again why he suddenly got angry.

"Then what do you say? It's called post-purification?

"No! Don't use the word 'post'!"


"I'm having a bad luck.


He told me, it's a bummer. There seems to be no qualms anymore.

Friend the Member for Norma did.

At times like this, you're saying, "You're even more unlucky, you little punk."

"You're even worse off.”

This word didn't come out when Ki-joon said she was unlucky, but it came out in front of her.

The day before yesterday, yesterday, and today, Lee Yeon-woo is breaking records in many ways.

However, even after hearing that she was unlucky, Yeon-woo showed more aloofness than Seon-jae.

"Yes, then let's move on."

I can't believe you let it go like that!

"Right to touch, check your health. That's all we need to do."

"What the hell is he up to?"

It was a place to listen to Lee Yeon-woo's "Organization of Thoughts."

If the idea was to add to the confusion of Seonjae, it was worse than hearing.

Seonjae's conjecture came to a terrible imagination.

"Do you have to kill me quickly?”

"Why do you keep talking about dying? I told you, it's bad luck!”

He said he was unlucky again.

Kill that wanker, why!

Why are you checking your health?

Am I a cow or a pig?

Does it work if you eat it while you're healthy?

"I'm sorry to keep getting angry. I don't want to get angry. Anyway, don't tell me you're going to die unlucky."

He tells me not to say that I'm going to die of frustration, but I'm going to die of bad luck.

Having been told three times that he was unlucky, Seon-jae stared at Yeon-woo with a face that he would put everything down.

"I don't want anything, I don't need money, I don't need your heart, I don't like you, so don't feel any pressure, just let me check. Just let me scan like I'm leaving my body to a machine.”

However, the more I hear, the more amazing it is.

I don't need it and I don't like it, but I can't believe I'm going to check my health

"Do you want my body?"

"I'm not touching it grossly, I'm checking it very seriously."

"So it's voyeurism."

"Oh, it's not. I'm totally innocent. I don't have any heart!"

"What's your big picture, then?"

"There's no such thing!"

Yeonwoo strongly denied it.

Having given up everything, Sun-jae decided to just accept her request.

"Yes, it's all up to you."

"Thank you."

"Thank you."


"I wish I had the same rights."


"Give it to me, too. Same as you."


"Right to touch."

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a touch for a touch.

That's how you put it.

"I'm not like you, so I'll touch you grossly, I guess."

Very jingle.

I'll touch you the same every time you touch me.


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