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Chapter 13

 "That's not true…….”

Yeon-woo reacted disapprovingly to Seon-jae's demand for the "right to touch" and drew to a close.

The "right to touch" was a difficult problem to give up because it was a means of stabilizing Yeon-woo's own mind along with checking Sun-jae's health condition.

It was because I thought I could relax only when I saw and touched him alive every day.

"Why would I ask permission if I were to?" Let's just live as we please."

However, from Sunjae's point of view, it is just amazing.

In this case like this.

It's not about romance when I do it, or affair when others do it.

Sun-jae pressed back on the rising resentment.

"Why not me."

"I have a clear purpose, but you don't have a purpose."

"Why don't you have a purpose? You mean I'm going to check your health, too.”

"I'm healthy!"

"I'm healthy, too.”

Yeon-woo closed his mouth when Sun-jae gave strength to his voice.

"Yeah, let's go get tested right away. Are you healthier, or am I healthier."


"If I'm less healthy than you, feel free to touch me. Scan my body or copy it, whatever you want."


"However, if I were healthier."


"We'll see, you."

The thinning eyes of Seonjae gave off dangerous light like predators looking at the food they had stored.

He looked at his body with pressure as if he were tightening each cell.

If he comes out like this, anyone will have no choice but to wake up.

After reading the spite in his eyes, Yeon-woo avoided the eyes and reluctantly apologized.

"It's my fault. I won't touch it. Just be honest with me about your condition every day-to-

"What's so easy about stepping back? I was so motivated.”

Sunjae rolled up one corner of his mouth and smiled sarcastically.

"Please pretend you didn't hear me. Instead, I have another request."

"What else do you want?”

But that wasn't all.

There was one more thing she was asking for.

Seon-jae also listened with the intention of listening.


"Please remove the wedding ring."

The smile hanging from the tip of his lips disappeared at her request.

Yeonwoo also expected that he would be offended. But that didn't mean not to make the request.

The accident of the day happened because of the ring. If he hadn't jumped on the road to pick up the ring, he wouldn't have died.

However, I can't tell all the stories to Seon-jae. There's nothing I can do but pretend to be a little bit more strange.

"I thought my ring finger would be stuffy."

"I've never been frustrated.”

"It's frustrating for me to look at that hand.”

"Are you sick of just looking at it? For reminding me that we're married?"

Not shouting loudly, but a soothing cold voice.

I could feel that his feelings had been cut off.

"No, it's not that...….”

I'm sorry I couldn't tell you the truth, but I'm sorry I'm making such a weird logic out of it.

"I don't deny that I'm married at all married. I've never denied it. It's just that the ring is a bit weird. I can't wear it because it's uncomfortable, but I feel sorry when I see that hand because it's just my senior.”

She had to keep making excuses like that.

"There's a lot of ways we can tell that we're married, even if it's not necessarily a ring. Do SNS profile pictures together or wear couple t-shirts...…no, not that."

There was a gap in her excuse, but he never smiled.

"Can't you just understand?"

"Do something you can understand."

With such verbal rebuke, he took the ring off the spot and put it on the table.

With a face that says he'm sick of.


The sound of putting the ring down stung.

"Are you ready?"


"Is there anything else?”

"I don't want you to wear another ring. I don't want anything stuck in my hands."

"That's it for you?"


Scary of her falling answer, he rose from his seat.

A glance with no warmth was directed at her for a while and then left.

He stomped out that way.

"Have a good day."

She followed him slowly and greeted him, but he couldn't have understood the small voice.


I must have done something wrong.

Yeonwoo's assistant lab.

Yeon-woo, who came to work early, sat with his chin resting on his seat and clicked his mouse and fell over on his desk.

Sun-jae's disappointed expression was stuck in his head. There was also a great deal of guilt.

The atmosphere was fine until we talked about health checks.

However, his expression changed as soon as he talked about the ring.

The ring also buried all previous health stories.

The words that I reflected on my life so far after having a nightmare belonged to a somewhat close axis to the truth, and my mind seems to have also been questioned.

But that didn't mean to let me wear a ring. The ring was the biggest cause of the accident.

Without the ring, he wouldn't have jumped into the driveway. I can't bite that request.

Yet again, his response is worrying.

"What else are you thinking about today?"

Hee-jin, a senior sitting next to him, asked kindly.

There were only Yeonwoo and Heejin in the lab. Two of the lab members tend to go to work the fastest.



"Is there a moment you want to go back in time?"

"You know, of course."


"Well……about March five years ago?"

"Then you were in third grade."

"Yes, you were a freshman."

"You're pointing it out. I thought you'd want to go to the Joseon Dynasty or the Goryeo Dynasty. Why then?"

Hee-jin, who kept answering kindly, closed her mouth for some reason.

There must be some sad story.

Yeon-woo asked another question without further questioning.

"Then back to that time. Aren't you going to tell anyone that you're from the future, or are you going to tell someone?”

"If you're a reliable person, you could say, but if you are, will you believe it?”

"Right? No one would believe that, would they?"

Yeon-woo smiled with a sad look on his face.

Yeah, we can't talk about that. It only adds to the confusion.

If you rush to talk about it, your husband could grab her wrist and go straight to the hospital.

Worrying, Yeon-woo leaned back against the desk as if he were lying face down.


After returning to his office after working outside the office, Sun-jae leaned long into the chair as if he was tired.

I was short of sleep for a few days. Whenever I had time in the office, I looked up, but I couldn't fall asleep.

It was because of Lee Yeon-woo.

More precisely, I was disappointed at the request to remove the ring.

When I said I wanted to check my health every day, I thought it was funny.

I thought he was up to something, but I thought I'd let him go.

It would be grateful if you really had a nightmare and had a big realization and cared about your own safety.

I was going to give you a second request with a hint of hope.

I didn't expect you to tell me to take off my ring.

What's wrong with him?

What is the correlation between a health check and a ring?

Are you sure you want to kill me?

Are you planning to break up with me because you're comfortable letting me leave my ring early?

But by any stretch of the imagination it is not.

I still don't know much about my wife, but I'm sure she's not strong enough to get rid of herself.

It's like the least faith in a wife.

'Then maybe…'.’

Is it the other way around?

He said people change when it's time to leave.

Yesterday, he raised his voice when he said he would take him to the hospital.

Sun-jae, who had been reflecting on the strange things she had done since then, picked up his cell phone.

As expected, Lee Yeon-woo has been strange but very strange these days.

Condensed anxiety created a place on one side of the chest.

Seon-jae, who called somewhere, spoke politely.

"Yes, I need you to look at your spouse's hospital records...….”

But the words did not end.

"No, I'm sorry."

Sunjae hung up the phone.

If you ask him directly, Yeon-woo may answer unexpectedly honestly and properly.

I thought it would be inappropriate to find out if I could hear the answer myself.

'I'll push you to hear the answer.’

After I made up my mind, I was worried about something else.

What if it's an unexpected serious illness?

While lost in thought, this time the phone rang. It was my mother Mihyun's call.

"Yes, Mother."


"Yes. What's wrong?"

Sunjae asked in a dry voice.

The more comfortable he is, the less agreeable he tends to be. Because you don't have to decorate yourself.

Over there, there was a voice that sounded a bit excited.

Do you know who I got a call from yesterday?]

"To whom?"

[It's my new baby]


[Yeonwoo said he'd come over to my house]]

"Did you put pressure on Yeon-woo without me knowing?”

[What do you think your mom is?]

She asked her mother-in-law as she was curious about what she needed to call her mother-in-law, and Mi-hyun said as if she was offended.

Do you think I ever called my daughter-in-law because I was afraid of him? I heard a new baby's voice in three months. Three months.]

It's a voice that feels resentment.

But there's nothing we can do.

Yeon-woo, who had an unwanted marriage, could not be bothered to attend other than the official event.

Since the show window is also a couple, it is right that the high-income relationship is also a show window.

But it's weird. I can't believe Lee Yeon-woo called her mother first.

[It's amazing that my daughter-in-law just called me, and I wanted to hear my son's voice after a long time, but how can you be so cold to your mom?] Are you good to Yeonwoo?]

The mother's voice continued while she tilted her head in wonder.

Now even a sharp question has been added.

[Come to think of it, it's weird that Yeonwoo contacted me. There's nothing wrong between you two, is there?]

A sound was heard outside the door, unable to answer many things to my mother's concerns.

It was the sound of the secretary in the annex welcoming the guest.

He also rose from his seat with a good excuse.

"Mother, there's a visitor in the office. I'll get back to you later."

[Oh, yeah, yeah] Take care of your work.

Mihyun hung up the phone in a hurry.

The sound from outside was bright. I don't know who it is, but I think there was a welcome guest.

Seonjae neatly dressed and opened the door.


I faced Yeon-woo, the culprit of this sinking mood.


Sitting with his knees folded in a chair, Yeon-woo seemed embarrassed and could not open his mouth first.

Sun-jae, who could not know what she had come for, first spat out bluntly.

"I'm more likely to be out of the office. We might not be able to see each other if we come here.”


She nodded and slipped the coffee tray off the table.

"Would you like some tea? I brought this and that."

There were still four steaming cups of tea in the tray. They must have bought it nearby.

"I didn't buy coffee because it was afternoon. This is caffeine-free rooibos, this is high blood pressure buckwheat tea, this is stress-relieving chamomile, this is a thousand-day black tea."

Seon-jae listened to black tea without saying thank you.

Yeon-woo checked where Sun-jae's hand was going and said, "Mental stability."…' I nodded, talking to myself.

Until Sun-jae swallowed two sips of tea, no words came out of Yeon-woo's mouth.

It's a big deal to come all the way to work...….

Seonjae, who has anxiety engraved on his chest, chose to pass it over.

I thought I would know the truth only if I asked for an answer with the biggest bomb in mind.

"It's good for you to be honest. I could find it myself, but I held it in because I thought it would be better to hear it from you."


Surprised that he opened his mouth first, Yeon-woo is just blinking.

Sunjae asked for more certainty.

"Tell me what the disease is. I'll make sure you get better with the best medical staff in the world."

"What do you mean?”

Oh, is it not?

"Wasn't it a hard disease to cure?”


"……or that's fine."

Her face color and facial expression suggest that wasn't it either.

Then the question of why on earth is left, but one possibility can be put aside.

Again, the office falls into a labyrinth of silence.

Yeon-woo's head, which had only blinked, also slumped down again.

"Tell me what's going to do. You wouldn't have come for nothing."

The unbearable Seon-jae pressed.

I had no choice but to. I had to leave to digest my next schedule soon.

Yeonwoo called him quietly only then.



Sun-jae muttered along Yeon-woo's words equally.

"I can't get used to the title for two years."

Yeon-woo's hand, which held the cup to dampen his lips before starting talking, stopped.

The chills of memory that regenerate again.

He also said this in 'Another Future'.

She continued quietly, trying not to let off steam.

"……You were offended by the ring. I'm sorry."

After staring at Yeon-woo for a while, Seon-jae put down the cup and replied.


At heart, he thought he was lucky she brought it up.

"I don't care if you wear a wedding ring or not. I know that women's rings have big eggs and rough surface, so it can be difficult to keep wearing them. I understand."


"That's why I didn't ask you to wear a wedding ring. Just as I don't ask you to do that, you have to keep the good."


"I'm the one who wore the ring for two years of my marriage. If such a person suddenly takes off the ring, they have no choice but to explain it to the people who found it. Maybe there's a strange article coming up."

Yeon-woo remained silent and listened while his voice continued to be so quiet that it was hard to figure out his feelings.

I could see he was more disappointed than I thought.

The word 'strange knight' hit home.

It was sad to think that an article titled "Jay Department Store Vice President Kang Sun-jae took off the ring after two years of marriage" could be circulating on the Internet.

"I didn't think of that.”

"And another one."

Seonjae added the words.

"You don't have to feel sorry, feel ashamed and suffer for what you didn't do."

He was as serious as he could be.

"I didn't do anything to make you feel that way."

The words themselves don't have a bit of sweetness.

"I don't want you to mean too much. Don't let the weird stuff get you through."

The words, "Don't struggle," were soothing to all the things I've been through so far.

Still, he couldn't weaken his mind, so Yeon-woo clenched his fist and insisted.

"But…… I don't think I can yield a ring."

I'm sorry for him, but it was for the best.

"What's the real reason?"

As expected, he was very frustrated.

"In that nightmare, did I get hurt by a ring?"

Oh, I got goosebumps.

Her eyes widened as she tried to be sad.

The question he uttered in his voice had a sense of reality that seemed to regenerate memories.

My heart ached, but when I recalled the memory, my heart was pounding and I was about to cry.

"……Don't cry, you."

Seon-jae also seemed embarrassed by her response. His eyes fluctuated in his big eyes.

"Just cry."

However, Yeon-woo was in a hurry to push toilet paper in front of him.

Soon he jumped up, sighed heartily and opened the door.

"Can you push back the schedule for 30 minutes each? It's better if you take it out."

"Yes, I will."

The voices of Seon-jae and his secretary were clearly heard in Yeon-woo's ears.


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