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Chapter 14

 Yeon-woo wiped away the tears around his eyes with his sleeve.

Since she has never shown tears in front of her husband during her marriage, it is understandable that she is embarrassed by the tears of the day before and today.

Sunjae asked his secretary to reschedule and returned to sit in front of Yeonwoo.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but my schedule...….”

"It's not a big deal.

Before Yeon-woo could finish his sentence, Sun-jae answered quickly.

After that, Sun-jae didn't say anything until Yeon-woo's complexion got better.

The next question followed quite a while later.

"What, did I get hurt in my dream when I got hit by a ring?”

Yeonwoo shook his head.

"Then is your ring on fire?”

Oh, no, it doesn't make sense that the ring is on fire. It's not a fire ring from the dispatch zone commandos.

As Yeon-woo shook his head repeatedly, Seon-jae tilted his head frustratedly and asked again.

"Did I look like Gollum obsessed with rings? Or was I Gollum in my dream?"

She doesn't laugh, even though the atmosphere is evil and she says it jokingly. It's just a facial expression.

He quickly raised other speculations, picking up Seon-jae, who he thought was too much.

"Well, did the ring roll over and I try to catch it and get into a car accident?"

Oh, my goodness.

Yeonwoo took a deep breath at his tweezers. I couldn't show tears again, so I needed mind control.


Perhaps the figure was funny, Sun-jae's laughter was heard.

No, this isn't a laughing matter, what's wrong with this guy?

As Yeon-woo slowly sheds his eyes, Sun-jae says a word.

"It's an accident that only happens when you take off the ring.”


"I don't take off my ring."


"I don't take it out when I sleep or wash my face."


"Really, do you want me to prove it?”

Sunjae put his cell phone down in front of Yeonwoo.

A cloud folder was connected to the mobile phone screen that I looked into. It was a photo album.

"These are the pictures that the secretary organizes. Every event has its own photos taken, photographed, and everything. There's a video."


"If you look carefully, you'll probably find pictures of them coming out of the bathroom. There'll be pictures of you taking classes at a business school and eating meals."

Following his instructions, Yeonwoo scanned each picture.

Indeed, he did not miss his ring, not to mention in Korea, when he was taking classes in the United States, or when he was sleeping on the plane.

"Are you sure you don't want to take it out.

"I won't take it out. Look."

This time he suddenly put his left hand in front of her.

Surprised Yeon-woo gulped his breath and blinked as his hand suddenly approached me.

He flipped his palm once before her eyes.

As my hands grew bigger, I felt the unnecessary movement.

Yeon-woo already seemed to get motion sickness from the nothing movement.

He said, putting the back of his tendon hand close in front of her, suggesting his momentum.

"The place with the ring has a different skin color.”

For some reason, Yeon-woo, who looked at his sexy hands as if he was possessed without knowing why, lamented, "Ah."

The secret of the ring finger on the left hand, which seemed only sexier among the long-stretched fingers, was that there was a white band around the ring finger.

It was a sign that he was the one wearing the ring. It looks like the shape of the finger changed slightly to match the ring.

If you show these kinds of evidence, you will naturally have to accept it.

I thought it was great in a different way.

He sighed as if he were holding a white flag.

"If you're worried about something weird like that, you don't have to make me do anything to take off my ring.”

"But there could be circumstances beyond our control."

But it's heartbreaking to see the ring again, so Yeon-woo grumbled with one thing in mind.

"Lee Yeon-woo."


"You can't leave the house if you buy that kind of worry."

He called her name heavily, but at the end he smiled faintly.

Like don't worry. As if to trust.

I wondered how long it has been since I saw such a comfortable smile with my eyes. No, I don't know if it didn't happen.

The smile and all the words weakened Yeonwoo's mind.

"Promise me, I'll never take off my ring."

But I didn't forget to get a solid commitment.

"No matter what."

At the end of the day, I made a crying voice. That's how desperate she was.

"I did it from the beginning."

Sunjae replied.

Upon hearing the answer, Yeon-woo took out a handkerchief from his pocket.

As I unfolded my handkerchief, Sun-jae's wedding ring appeared in it.

"I'll give it back to you. I'm sorry to say that."

As soon as Sun-jae received the ring from Yeon-woo, he put it on his finger.

The ring shines again in his sexy hands.

"Did you feel at ease?"


"Do you really mind if I wear it?"

"If you'll be careful.”

"Are you going to check your health every day?"

"Isn't that already passed?"

"Because of his nightmares, by the way...….”

But I think it's right to be thankful that the nightmare gave us a chance to have such a candid conversation.

"Oh, are you serious about that?”

"What? What?”

"I'm not getting divorced because I like kissing.”


Yeon-woo lowered his head and made a strange sound when asked by Seon-jae.

Strange laughter, no sobbing, no laughter...….

A voice that could not be described tickled his heart.

She said with a vague look whether she was laughing or crying.

"Please forget that…….”

Is that a lie?

I knew it.

I didn't expect it, but I don't know why I feel bitter. Sun-jae laughed because he was speechless.

It's time to move on for the next schedule.

For some reason, 30 minutes together was short.

Sunjae, who stood up with Yeonwoo, took her hand over her head.


I was just trying to pat her, but Yeon-woo cringed like he thought he'd be right.

In the wind, Sunjae's hand stopped in the air for a while.

But soon the hand gently lowered over her head.

It's okay. I'm not trying to hit you.

Patting. Patting. Patting. Patting.

He worked hard on his hand gestures, hoping that he was now aware that he was not a dangerous person.

In the meantime, her face turned red like a thousand and one hundred and one thousand.

He soon pulled out because she seemed to be having a hard time.

It was regrettable to think that this was too much.

Yeonwoo was right to have a hard time.

It was different from Sun-jae's guess that he was nervous because of the violence and fear of men.

"Oh, my hands are so big!"

Why is this man so sexy even with his hands?

As he patted his head, he felt as if he had become a obedient dog, and as if he had become a dog that was willing to be loved by its owner.

My heart is gentle, but my heart is pounding.

Those elegant fingers throbbed as if they had touched their cheeks and swept their bodies.

No, no, I kissed him several times, but now that I'm so nervous about patting him, I feel like a pervert.

"Ee, I'm going out now.”

Yeon-woo, who was awkwardly hesitant, moved to the entrance.

I wanted to get away from him quickly, but Sun-jae followed me as if to see him off.

The secretary of the annex who saw Sunjae come out together stood up and said.

"Vice president, we've put off the schedule for half an hour. I couldn't take it out."


The secretary greeted Yeon-woo this time.

"Thank you for the cake, ma'am. I enjoyed the meal with my colleagues."

"Oh, yes."


Sun-jae listened to the conversation between the two and asked fatly.

"Yes, my wife gave me a cake.”


Yeon-woo and his secretary's movements hardened at the same time. I was surprised because he wasn't the one asking that.

In addition, the secretary was embarrassed to eat up the cake.

Yeon-woo, who read the embarrassed secretary's expression, quickly changed the subject.

"Uh, when are you coming in?”

Why, give me a cake? I'd like to ask, but Sun-jae had a lot of work.

"It's late today. Go to bed first."

Yeon-woo nodded and said hello.

"Yes, I'll go then."

This time, cold sweat flows behind Sunjae's back.

In front of others, my wife bowed to me 90 degrees and turned around.

Very gently and naturally.

The secretary who looks at this looks like he is wondering if this was the Joseon Dynasty or the end of the Joseon Dynasty.

"Saying hello, isn't it cute?"


"It's always like that out there."

Seon-jae made excuses for what the secretary didn't ask.

It's okay. It was natural.


On my way back home after meeting Seonjae.

Yeon-woo's footsteps were incomparably lighter than when he went to meet Seon-jae.

Get to know new facts.

Funny how two years of preconceived notions, he wasn't an incredibly scary man.

He still tends to be swept away by him when he faces his eyes or facial expressions, but he didn't have to be so scared.

What did you say with that scary look today?

"Tell me what the disease is. I'll make sure you get better with the best medical staff in the world."

I didn't think much at the time, but when I recalled it again, I laughed.

With her eccentricity over the past few days, he, too, has made his own guesses.

He also expressed his willingness to cure the disease at all costs.

She may have said it out of pity because she thought she was seriously ill, but it itself is more reliable than anything else.

Why was I so intimidated by everything.

"Because of the first kiss of the curse. If it hadn't been so poisonous, there wouldn't have been a wall like this.”

But also, his responsibility is great for not thinking about having a proper conversation with him.

Thinking that he should try one by one from now on, Yeon-woo moved home.


Golf meeting between wives of conglomerates and mid-sized companies.

Kang Yoon-mi, Sun-jae's aunt who participated in the meeting after a long time, wanted to show off her skills, but she couldn't.

It was to check the Goryeo celadon problem Yeonwoo said at Saturday's wedding.

And after a few phone calls, I found out that the seller of the listener was a fraud.

I didn't know the celadon I bought for 200 million won during my trip to China was fake.

[That's why it's so cheap] Even the certificate was fake. He's been swindled.]

My friend who traveled with me said on the phone.

It was about 200 million won, so I just had to shake it off as if I had lost a few pennies, but it was sad that I lost face.

The celadon was purchased for only 200 million won, and it felt like a great fortune to bring Goryeo celadon back to Korea, so I bragged a lot.

I was worried that there would be a shameful rumor as I bragged a lot.

"If there's a rumor, what a disgrace…….”

Yunmi, who hung up, muttered to herself.

In addition, I first became interested in my niece-in-law who recognized this important fact at a glance.

I said a lot of bitter things because I didn't like being Sun-jae's wife, even though I had nothing.

I did, but last Saturday I replied to myself with no discouragement.

In retrospect, everything Yeon-woo said at that time was right.

I thought maybe it would be better to shorten the distance from now on than to gossip away.

"Are you not moving?"

Someone next to me talked to me when I was lost in thought.

Yunmi recognized the person she was talking to and pretended to know.

"You've met twice, haven't you?”

"Yes, it's my third time today. How did you do?"

Ok Seung-hye, wife of Jay Natural CEO Ma Jin-tae, an affiliate of Jay Group.

She seemed to attend this golf club every week, but she didn't tend to go out for some reason.

The feeling of appearance was not very elegant, but it seemed to have some ability to keep the position that he had won with effort.

Come to think of it, two years ago, this woman sparkled and became a hot topic.

It was around the wedding of Yeonwoo, the niece-in-law.

Yunmi recalled an old fact.

"Come to think of it, my niece-in-law used to live at Ma's house, probably?"

She spoke with pleasure.

Now that you've met an old friend, you'll be able to get some more information about your niece-in-law.

"Yeonwoo, I heard you studied well. I've been very smart since I was young.”

Yunmi started her fortune like that.

"I did."

However, suddenly Seung-hye sighed quietly.

"I've been really like a family with Yeonwoo for over 20 years. We trusted each other and relied on each other. We were close enough to be envied."

Seung-hye had a wistful expression that reminded her of old times.

"I see. You're happy that we're so close, aren't you?"

"There are some things that make me happy, some things that make me sad. I had mixed feelings."

"Well, there must be a sense of loss."

"My daughter is the same age as Yeonwoo. They were very close at the time."

"Are you saying not now?"

"After Yeon-woo got married, she gradually lost touch. There's nothing we can do. How busy you must be since you became a wife.”


"When we were best friends, I think I had a bit of a thing in mind when my daughter was in vice president Kang Sun-jae's school. I talked about it to Yeonwoo, who just became my wife. We were very close, so we talked about it well.”


"But after that, Yeonwoo was dating or what? I think my daughter told Yeon-woo how I felt and they started dating in less than a month."

Yoon-mi frowned at Seung-hye's story.

It was a different story from the direction he wanted to know.

Seung-hye's story went smoothly.

"But there's something else that's weird. When she was in high school, a guy in the neighborhood was chasing her to death. "I was worried that she was hung up on my daughter, but at one point, Yeonwoo and I were dating."


"I thought it was because it was about the kids, but when I heard that you and Vice President Kang Sun-jae were dating, it was a bit cheesy."

Yoon Mi also felt her spine was getting cold.


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