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Chapter 15

 "Oh, I slept too long.”

These days, Yeon-woo says this as soon as he wakes up in the morning.

The next thing I do is.

"What's the date today?"

To make sure the time is the same.

November 29th.

"You're on the right track."

When she confirms that the time is flowing properly, she then leaves the bed and runs toward her husband's room.

"Good evening, all night."

In addition, I have to check my husband's health to clear the mission in the morning.

"I can't say hello."

But the red light seemed to be on her husband's health.

"What's wrong with you?"


"Hold on, my throat...….”

Yeon-woo, who thought it strange that Sun-jae was putting his hand on his neck, suddenly approached and put my hand between his neck and hands.

But the hand is stopped by him straight away.

"Just do it."

The warmth of talking in Seonjae's office has long been gone.

After a few days, Sun-jae returns to Natural Born and looks at her coldly.

Yeon-woo, a health-oriented girl who did not give in, made her hand go straight to check her anxiety and was caught at all.

"You said you'd touch it the same way you touch it."

Yup, Yeonwoo breathed in.

The black eyes that came close to him stare fiercely at him.

"I can't tie it up."

His eyes gradually tapered, and his strength in his hands was loosened.

Sunjae let go of her hand and turned coldly.

Yeon-woo talked to him in a sad way that his attitude went back to the past.

"Let's check today's health. You said you'd talk about it every day."

"When did I, you promised.”

He accepts himself.

I hated him, who was cold, but I couldn't just go back.

If you don't do it properly every day, it can be a relief to check your health someday.

She poked out her mouth and stood round and looked at him grudgingly.

After a while, Sun-jae, who saw Yeon-woo, turned around again as if he couldn't stop her.

"I didn't sleep well.”

That was the truth.

"That's why I have a stiff neck. Are you done?

"It happens often?"


Nevertheless, Yeonwoo stood like a stone, so Seonjae sighed loudly.

"That's all. It'll heal when you wake up tomorrow."

"Are you going to drive to work today?”

Yeon-woo was worried that he might have an accident because his neck was uncomfortable while driving.

It was not so far from work that Sun-jae sometimes drove to work alone without calling an article. Today was the same day.

"……I'll call a driver and go."

Being so afraid of nagging, Seon-jae gave her the answer she wanted.


Her lips grew longer and became a crescent.

The morning sun breaks into pieces and shines.

Seonjae found himself staring at her lips and cleared his throat for no reason.

That kid smiled at me.

I'm feeling weird.

What is it?

It was Seon-jae who somehow felt trained by her.


Even at the end of the day, Lee's medical checkup continues.

Yeon-woo, who was sitting in the living room and leapt up at the sound of the front door opening, runs to Seon-jae, who came in exhausted after finishing his work.

"You don't look good."

"This is what everyone looks like at work."

"How's your neck?"

"I'm better off when I wake up.”

"Yes, and...….”

"Nothing happened today, not sick, not sleepy enough."

Seon-jae, who identified Yeon-woo's repertoire, recited his condition first before she asked.

"You're in good hands."


"All right, doctor?"



Yeon-woo nods with a serious expression.

Seon-jae, who was passed, is not feeling very good.

Somehow, I feel like I'm a livestock that is checked for disease and health every day.

He said one more thing with a bitter heart.

"Why don't you touch it?"

"Oh, no."

Yeon-woo actually wanted to touch it, but he was afraid of the aftermath.

In the morning, I remembered that he threatened to touch the same thing if he touched it.

I also said I'd touch it grossly on Monday, I guess.

Sun-jae laughed when he saw her eyes moving all over the place to avoid her.

I can read it. I can read it. What are you thinking?

"I thought it was you. I won't touch you."

Yeon-woo, who was caught thinking, laughed shyly after making a surprised sound.

The tip of his tongue, which was slightly revealed and then hidden, stimulated Sun-jae's imagination.

The feeling of blood circulating quickly again on a moderately tired body.

You can't let go of your mind just because I won't touch you.

There was also an urge to touch her as she did in the morning.

That's how it's coming to life, and this woman, who has cleared all today's missions and is satisfied, immediately says goodbye.

"Yes. Good night, then."

I'm sorry to say goodbye.



"No, good night."


Really, I'm not interested in what's on my mind, just my health.

Yeonwoo's back is moving away in the direction of Seonjae's sigh.


next day

Seonjae left home at dawn.

It was the day when I was scheduled to go on a business trip to Busan.

I didn't say anything to Yeon-woo because I was on a business trip on the same day.

And I came out quietly because I thought she was sleeping.

When I got off the plane and checked the text message, I thought I should tell it the day before.

Did you go to work?

The short text message arrived at 8 o'clock.

Did she find herself in every corner of the house?

You wouldn't be nervous if you didn't.’

Thinking that he was worried about everything, Seon-jae shook his head.

It's been almost a week since she had a nightmare.

It's this sensitive at first, it'll wither away.

And one day, we could go back to our previous silent relationship.

Lee Yeon-woo said he doesn't have any affection for him.

Sighed quietly and sent a reply.


How's your neck?

In less than 10 seconds, the reply came back.

The text made Sunjae pause again.

If I say I'm sick, will this woman follow me to Busan?

So you're gonna reach out to touch it?

I don't think so.’

I don't think so, but somehow I suddenly imagined her chasing me.

I'm all better. I'm fine and healthy.

Seonjae sent her a satisfactory answer. Her reply came back again.

When are you coming?

I'll be late.

Seonjae also sent messages at Yeonwoo's pace.

However, after sending it, Yeonwoo's sullen face came to mind this time.

Oh, it looks like she's casting herself on my palm.

Nevertheless, he had to pick up his phone again and correct his reply.


-I'll be there by 11.

After the crude text message, "I'll be late," I got a text message that I didn't see.

Yeon-woo smiled proudly as he repeatedly checked Sun-jae's last text message.

As she walked satisfactorily on campus, someone from behind called her.


It's a male senior in the next assistant class. He was a senior called 'Potato' because of his potato-like appearance.

"Yeonwoo, did you get a group mail yesterday?" Department assistants' monthly get-together today."

"Yes, but I'm going home early. I'm sorry."

Yeonwoo asked for understanding with a sorry look on his face. The monthly get-together has been missing since we went once at the beginning of the semester.

She had her own reasons not to attend the company dinner.

"The professors aren't coming, and we're the only ones playing comfortably. Let's go together.

"I'm sorry. I told the senior secretary yesterday."

"Oh, is that a married woman's chance? Does the groom tell you to come early? But this doesn't happen every time."

Hee-jin approached Yeon-woo, who was embarrassed, when he was smiling awkwardly.

"Potato, why bother my colleague? Don't bother me."

Hee-jin immediately stopped the encouragement of a senior potato.

He was in college with a senior potato, so he was comfortable.

Potato senior grumbled.

"You see Yeonwoo every day, so there's nothing to be desired, but things are different for us. "If you look good to Yeonwoo, you can get support from the J-Group Foundation."

"Ha ha. That doesn't matter to me."

As a matter of fact, it was such a problem. The real reason why Yeonwoo skipped company dinners.

After Yeon-woo got married, he saw Yeon-woo from a different perspective from his colleagues' assistants.

Yeon-woo, who was uncomfortable with the eyes and treatment, was always uncomfortable with company dinners.

"Or Yeon-woo, bring your husband. Then let's start all over again from looking for a get-together place. I'll take you to the high five."

"Hey, Yeon-woo, where is your husband?”

"But if you like your wife, you can't do anything. "If you have a beautiful bride, you bow to the stake of your in-laws."

Hah, hah, hah.

Even if my husband is free, he's not...….

I'm not on very good terms with my husband.

Yeonwoo smiled awkwardly.

Hee-jin blocked Yeon-woo well so that Potato, who was tired of his grass, left soon.

Yeonwoo said hello to Heejin.

"Thank you. You avoided it well."

"Well, I'm upset that we can't get together every time. I don't know when I drank beer with you.”

Hee-jin smiled lonesomely.

"If you think about your drinking habits, I'll never let the groom drink outside."

Hee-jin, who thinks Yeon-woo is taking care of himself because of his drinking habit, said.

Yeonwoo just laughed haha.

The groom doesn't even know my drinking habits...….

Yeon-woo was thinking of beer and salivating in his mouth.


It's past midnight.

Seonjae came back home only then.

I couldn't keep the time I told Yeon-woo because of the delay in work.

The slow-open front door, thinking she'd be asleep by now.

But there was a bright light in the house.

And a woman lying in front of the front door.

"What. Lee Yeon-woo!"

As soon as Seonjae found Yeonwoo, he fell down in front of her and lifted her head and shook her body.

"Lee Yeon-woo!"

You pretended you didn't have a bottle on Monday!

What the hell is wrong with you?

That's when I was looking into it properly. I didn't want to find my wife collapsed like this.

You cared about other people's health, and you couldn't even take care of yourself!

By the way, what she's saying is that she barely woke up and regained consciousness.

"I couldn't drink beer……. I wanted to eat it.….”


"I'm afraid I'll fall asleep."


Yeon-woo fell asleep while waiting for Seon-jae in front of the front door.

She barely spoke out and closed her eyes again.

Yeah, I heard a rough breath for a while as if my nose was clogged.


Sunjae became as if he had been riding a roller coaster.

It took time to control the floating and plunging heart and make it peaceful again.

"You look asleep now, don't you?"

"……How's your health today?"

"In the meantime, do you ask that?"


"Very healthy."


"Were you here to ask you that?”

I was amazed, so I laughed together and asked.

"I'll see you when I'm here."

The voice of answering with his eyes closed is so peaceful.

"To see for myself."

"What are you checking?"

"Today's health."


"And come home or not."

It was quite a wifely thing to say.

He was an hour behind the time he had told, and I was sorry that I didn't contact him in advance.

"Once a day. Let me see it with my eyes."


"Today's health."

She says she sees him once a day instead of blaming him for being late.

I'll check his health with my eyes.

"Take care of your health."

Seonjae had a strange experience that made his heart warm.

How can you be interested in my health all of a sudden because the nightmare was a shock?

I think it's too much, but I wonder if I should consider it pure.

I felt bitter because I was acting weird all of a sudden, and I thought I was being used.

I set up a blade not to be used.

If I can keep seeing you like this, I think it would be okay to keep being used.

Sunjae spent more time sitting in front of her.

She's as pretty as a sleeping baby deer. I never thought a baby deer was cute, but she is.

It looks vulnerable here and there, so it looks like it's going to break, but it has a surprisingly straight skeleton and the curves of the body are accurate.

The bulging chest, the soft waist, the elastic hips, and the smooth stretch of legs.

The flexion and softness that make fine lines make the urge to sweep them with your hands.

It would be healthy and natural for ordinary people to feel this way for his wife, but for Seon-jae, it was a dangerous world.

"You're the one who's talking. Go in and sleep."

"Yes, a little later…….”

"You're not going to get up soon? Go in and sleep."

Worrying about her, she went to the bedroom and tapped her arm in the hope of a good night's sleep.

Then a whining voice returns.

"Yeah, I'm not sleeping."

The voice was so cute that a screw seemed to fall out of my head.

It's taken me so long to kiss someone who erased my emotions, and how can you break those efforts at once.

"When you get in...….”


"... I'm coming in.Oh……."

The dying voice is pathetic.

As much as I want to hold you so you don't disappear.

Seonjae gave up waking Yeonwoo up and hugged him.

The sleeping face has a faint smile.

I wonder if he's using himself because he doesn't want to walk on his own.

Still, I just decided to be used.

The step to move to her room becomes heavy.

Not because she was heavy, but for another reason.

You, if I leave first tomorrow, and you come late.

Are you going to fall asleep waiting for me at the door like this again?

A night when it's expected and yet so worrying.

"Let's just sleep together."

He turned his body.

The heavy walk gives me strength again.


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