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Must be a Happy Ending Manhwa Novel

Chapter 16

 Sun-jae, who walked down the hall with Yeon-woo in his arms, pushed through the bedroom door and laid her down on my bed.

A fallen wife doesn't think to open her eyes.

I held my breath, stopped moving, and looked at her still.

As the room becomes as calm as the universe, slowly, I hear her light breathing sound of breathing.

I don't know why I'm so attracted to the sound.

Sink eyelids, neat eyelashes, tightly closed lips.

I've kissed her a few times, but I've never looked at her face so closely.

Even when he's asleep, he's attracting attention.

No, I think I was more careful because I knew it was eye-catching.

He unwittingly took a hand close to her face.

The soft-looking cheeks seemed to pull his hand.

But instead of touching her cheek to wake her up, he chose to hand over her messy hair neatly.

When I put my hair back, my white face turned out brighter.

The skin is milky, but the lips are red as if they are going to bleed again.

Focusing on those lips gave rise to a dizzying thirst.

Sunjae lowered his shoulders as if he were being sucked in and approached her.

Even if it wasn't a deep kiss, I thought I'd calm down if I kept that lip a little bit.

The moment her hot breath came close enough to be felt from her mouth.


Yeon-woo tossed and turned once with a sudden sound of pain.

Sunjae fell down on her side like a beak.

"I didn't. I didn't."

I haven't done anything yet.

Sunjae, whose feet were numb, muttered quietly.

I'm wide awake.

Sunjae slowly lifted himself up and went under the bed, watching out for the wave of the mattress.

I breathed out my breath that I held while moving at once, and I felt ashamed.

Wow. What were you going to do to the sleeping girl?

It's all trash.

I didn't drink and I wasn't going crazy because I was sleepy, but I saw my wife's new side and the screw fell out.

What the hell is this?

It was pathetic to think how ridiculous Lee Yeon-woo must be when he woke up.

After catching his breath, he turned around and looked at Yeonwoo again.

The wife seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep without knowing where she was lying.

I wish I could take her to her room, but I couldn't hold her again.

If you mess with it quickly and wake up, you'll wake up, and if there's a conflict, the night can fly away.

Or, if you whine again, the screw on the other side might fall out this time.

"You're in a very good position.”

You can touch me however you want.

I can't touch you as I please.

Always in the best position in a relationship.

I've never responded to a deal that's against me and I didn't really care about how others felt.

That's what happened.

Strangely enough, everything is weakened for you.

"Who are you."

I still feel unfair about who you are, but I thought I couldn't disturb your sleep.

Sunjae packed his clothes to change quietly and came out of the bedroom.

Just to sleep with him, brought him with a heart to beat, but he surrendered first.

Having done something he had never done before, his bed became a living room sofa today.

Kang Sunjae, you're a fool.

"Whoa, it's hot."

Maybe it's because I took a hot shower or because the heating is good.

Or maybe it's the fact that she's asleep in my bed.

It was so hot that I didn't need a blanket.

Winter has begun.

Here, this is an abnormal temperature phenomenon.

In this house, where it's been winter.

The snow is melting for the first time.


"Oh, I slept too long.”

A warm morning when the sun tickles my eyelids.

While lying on the bed, Yeon-woo stretched out and stretched his body and pointed to the bottom of the bed like a habit.

To start my day by checking today's date on my cell phone.

"Huh? Where's my cell phone...….”

By the way, mobile phones are out of reach, and the touch of palms holding blankets is somehow strange.

"Wow, where are we!"

Yeon-woo leapt up from his seat and sat down.

Fortunately, everywhere I look through quickly is a place I know. My husband's bedroom.

So I did a time-leaf again? What day is it today?

I had no choice but to tilt my head because I had never slept in his room.

It's not the past.

So it's the future?

But why would I?

"Oh, by any chance! Oh my!"

Lee Yeon-woo, an adult who knows everything, put his hands on both cheeks.

I was wondering if you went to some future where you slept with him.

No, you're dressed right.’

I was in a swamp of illusion, and when I looked down, the clothes were right.

Only then did Yeon-woo suddenly think about what he was doing last night.

'Oh, I was waiting for you in front of the front door, and you fell asleep there?’

I was confused because my memory was blurry, but I think that's right...….

Oh my. Lee Yeonwoo. What are you missing when you guess something you don't even remember?

A pervert of the century.

Yeon-woo quickly got out of bed and went out of the bedroom, reflecting on his imagination.

I had to find a husband anyway. Let's see if he's alive. It's been a long time.

Fortunately, I was able to meet my husband shortly after I ran to the living room and looked around.

Sunjae seemed to have worked out in the fitness room.

The chest cavity, which rises and falls significantly with breathing, gave me an idea of the amount of sincere exercise.

Yeon-woo's pulse, which was feeling a little uneasy, subsided comfortably after confirming him.

Seon-jae is just looking at his eyes that are comfortable towards him without saying a word.

Yeonwoo talked to me first.

"What's the date today?"

"December 1st."

That's a relief.

Thanks for the time that's going by, Yeon-woo let out a deep sigh quietly.

Only then could I ask the whole story.

"Then why did I sleep in your bedroom?"

Sunjae sneaked his brow at her question.

When asked what day it is today, he answered steadily without being annoyed, and there is a conjunction called "Yes" between the answer and the new question.

Then why did I sleep in your bedroom? What's the intention of this question?

Are you saying that you can understand sleeping in my bedroom unless December 1st? Are you saying we can take him from now on?

Trying to think deeply, my head got as complicated as last night.

Now even small talk scratches people's insides.

He spewed out his words.

"That's where I put it.”

Yeon-woo was also offended by Sun-jae's blunt remarks.

I woke up in the wrong place because of you and thought you did a time leaf.

Did you say you put it back? Like a pack?

"Why? If you're going to put it in my room, I'm going to put it back in my room.”

I asked him, but he was too timid to speak out.

"I was sleeping in front of the front door, and I moved it because I thought my mouth would turn. Everywhere you put it, it just needed to be warm."

"So where did you sleep? Did you sleep in my room?"

"Why am I sleeping in your room!"

Surprised by his scolding, Yeon-woo wince.

"……Why do you keep getting irritated?"

"This is the way I talk."

He also turned a blind eye to her response.

"You surprised me. I was sleeping on your bed."

"I was surprised, too. Because you're sleeping in front of the front door."


"Don't wait there from now on. Don't fall asleep anywhere."

Sun-jae spat it out and headed to the bedroom.

However, Yeon-woo quickly caught up.

"Why again?"

"How's your health today?"

Oh, his health.

"Very, very healthy.”

Seonjae gritted his teeth and replied.

Yeon-woo swallowed dry saliva with his fierce eyes as if he had a sharp blade.

Why is this guy so low in the morning?

I knew my husband was poisonous before, but I feel more toxic today.

"Did I weigh too heavy. Did he just move it to his bedroom because he couldn't bring himself to walk to his room because it was so heavy yesterday? Is that why you're annoyed with me?’

Yeon-woo's imagination becomes very specifically whimsical as he only hardens his face without saying anything.

Yeon-woo, who became heavy-hearted, could not ask Sun-jae any more questions and turned around feeling down.

I came back to the room and checked the time and it was 8 o'clock.

"What? Is it really 8 o'clock?"

I woke up an hour and a half later than usual.

He slept like a log because he was in someone else's bed. I felt refreshed when I opened my eyes.

That's why he's annoyed.

I felt sorry because I thought I could know how he felt about losing his bed.

I was also grateful to him. Anyway, thanks to his transfer, I slept like a baby after a long time.

I should go and say hello when I go to work. Thank you for moving me.’

I diligently prepared to go to school by making up my mind.

Immediately after washing up and changing his clothes, he heard him leave the house.

Yeon-woo ran to the front door and called him.


Sunjae's movement to put on the coat slowed down.

He stared at her face and asked for her business with his eyes.

Yeon-woo also came to look at him with a pause. It was an inevitable visual stimulus.

There's a man like this in the world. Oh, my God.

A man who reveals the sexiness of a businessman just by wearing a suit now extends his coat to the maturity of an adult man.

Why did you make a pictorial on your way to work? It makes my heart flutter.

After two years as a couple, I can get used to it, but maybe because I'm not close to him, I still can't adapt to his appearance.

I didn't beg you to marry me, but I'm sorry I'm his wife.

"……thank you for moving me to bed so I can't talk. I slept comfortably thanks to you."

His voice, stimulated by his appearance, expressed his gratitude quietly.

Then I was going to say hello as usual, but he suddenly asked.

"Are you going to school?”



"I'm going now."

"I'll give you a ride. Let's go out together."


Yeon-woo's eyes widened at the sudden suggestion.

He's just staring at her without any facial expression. Look at him like he's going to scold me refuse.

"I'll give you a ride."


"Why do you give me a ride for a reason?"

"No, the driver gave me a ride, so I'm always going well."

"I'll drive you today."

"No, you don't have to. I'm sure you'

She refused, even though she looked like she was going to scold. I felt like I was bothering you during rush hour.

"I'll give you a ride, so get out right away."

But his suggestion was stronger.

It's not a proposal, it's just an order.

After talking, he opened the front door first and walked out.

Yeon-woo, who was standing in a daze, hurriedly prepared to go to school and came out.

As I went down to the parking lot, I saw him pull over nearby and wait.

"Sorry, it took a long time.”

"Oh, that's a long time.”

"You must be busy, just go to work. I'll take care of myself."

"I'm just saying. What a serious face."

He's a man who just says what he says seriously.

Having said it this way, every word feels like a mockery.

That's why it's hard to get close.

Yeon-woo put his seat belt on the buckle with a pout.

Soon Sunjae started the car.

After the car became quiet, Yeon-woo secretly peeked at his side like a thief.

It's like a scene from an ad when you're skillfully turning the wheel with one arm.

He didn't do anything to himself, but just watching him drive makes me excited.


Feeling her gaze, he broke the silence and asked.

I was going to peek like a thief, but Yeon-woo was already looking at him as if he were possessed.

He asked and Yeon-woo turned his head away.


Pretending not to care, pretending not to react.

Pretending to be nothing is powerless. Even if you pretend to be calm, your heart will pound and your face will heat up.

Yeon-woo turned his body a little more to the opposite side of Seon-jae, trying not to notice the sound of his face and heart.

However, this time the other agency is in trouble.



I've been thinking so much since this morning that the organs in my body seem to have worked out hard.

Oh, I'm so embarrassed. I'm sure you heard.’

His face remained motionless and could not tell whether he had heard or not.

At times like this, he seems to have a good personality that is serious to the core without jokes.

Yes, but I was winning the game saying, "It's better to growl than fart," and he talked to me first after a long time.

"Let's go somewhere and have breakfast. You can eat at a hotel restaurant nearby.”

That's what I heard.

"Can I get you there by 9 o'clock?"

I appreciate the seriousness of proposing a meal without making fun of him, but it was embarrassing to be embarrassed.

Yeon-woo turned down the offer.

"It's okay. You can eat at school.”


"Yes. Hakgwanbap is delicious."


"Yes, you can call Heejin and eat together. Or you can buy triangular kimbap at the snack bar.”

Sun-jae stared at her in a short gap while waiting for the signal, disapproving of the answer.

"Just eat with me now.”

This is today's second request following 'I'll give you a ride.'

Why can't this guy talk like this?


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