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Chapter 17

 The two sat face to face at a Korean restaurant in a nearby hotel.

"What do you want to eat?"

"Seaweed soup for the dried pollack seaweed soup.

The breakfast menu of the restaurant was simple as soup or soup, but Yeonwoo chose the smallest menu among them.

"Eat something delicious.”

"The dried pollack seaweed soup is delicious."

"Two dried pollack seaweed soup."

Seonjae asked the staff for the menu.

After the employee left, Yeon-woo murmured in a small voice. It was a grumbling tone, but the content was of concern to him.

"You don't have breakfast. I hope you don't get sick."

"Sometimes I eat. It's okay."

Seonjae said comfortably.

She has a twitch in her lips, but she is sincere in her health, and she sticks her tongue out.

"What do you want to talk about?"

"No, I don't, why?"

"I was wondering what was going on when you asked me to eat with you."

"What's the point of eating together?"

"It's my first time eating with just the two of us.”

She was also aware that this was her first meal alone.

In that meaningful place, however, Yeon-woo is speculating that Seon-jae may have other innermost thoughts.

No matter how she changes, no matter what he proposes, there is a chronic parallel between the two.

"You're really only interested in my health."

She didn't seem to have the pleasure of having a meal with her, so he pointed out coldly.

"But don't you think that checking your health is too much of a watermelon? You don't have any soul, you just want to check your physical condition. Then wouldn't I be suspicious of your intentions?”

She crumpled her forehead. As if it's unfair.

"Is it because you really care about me, or are you slowly planning to kill me?"

"What do you mean "kill me"?

Again, I was told that I was unlucky.

Meanwhile, the food came out, so the two of them shut up for a while.

As soon as the employee left, Seonjae immediately recovered his horse.

"I really don't think you're in the least, but I'm just being strangely motivated to check my health. Hurry up and eat."

Yeon-woo also calmed down and said calmly.

"I don't think I'm ever going to check my health. If you think that you're really healthy, that you don't have to worry about me anymore, and that I can get out of the nightmare, I'll quit. Thank you for the meal."

Yeonwoo also raised a spoon.

The first meal is served with serious and serious words.

"I wish that day would come.”

Slurping over the seaweed soup, she added.

I meant it.

One day, if she tries, he will be able to escape from the shadow of fate altogether.

That's Yeonwoo's wish.

That he's alive in peace without her worrying otherwise.

To continue to live like that, next year and later.

I sincerely hope that one day, Yeon-woo quietly carried food into her mouth.

Thinking about what happened in "Another Future" made me feel suffocated again, and I was fortunate to choose seaweed soup that went overboard.

"I think I got you wrong."

Seon-jae opened his mouth again as she was diligently moving the spoon with her head down.

Seon-jae had thought that she had nightmares and realized that she had changed her personality.

But now, I'm thinking maybe I've been living off that nature for two years.

"I thought you were gentle and timid, but you're quite a fighter."

And I know how to tighten people's minds.

At his honest comment, she poked her mouth out again.

"If you step on a worm, it wriggles.”

"It's an earthworm."


"Yes, even a worm will wriggle."

A quiet meal where you can only hear the sound of chopsticks moving.

But after a while, a smile comes out of his mouth.

Her face turned red like the flesh of a grapefruit.

He laughed for a long time, unlike Kang Sun-jae, as if he enjoyed her embarrassment.

Yeonwoo who watches that scene gets even more enthusiastic.

"Don't your friends tease you for being sloppy?"

"I'm not teasing you. I'm a very perfectionist."

Yeon-woo spat out angerfully and put a big spoonful of salad into his mouth.

I want to tell you not to laugh.

That face, I feel bad.

It's so bad to tease me, smile, and pop my handsomeness.

That sucks!

I chewed his bad luck in my heart and chewed his vegetables.

The moving lips are dainty.

Seon-jae, who was staring at the scene with a smile on his face, picked up the tissue on the table.

Yeon-woo found sesame seeds on his lips.

But the hand that came close to her lips stopped right in front of him.

Because she slipped her head back in a whimper.

"Clean up, perfectionist."

He became aware of the distance between them in time.

I stopped teasing her because she seemed so sulky and changed the subject.

"Your friend is Suzy's best friend, and Heejin's best friend at school?"

It made me want to check what I knew about her properly.

"My best friend is Susie. We're all close at school. Heejin and I work together as professors and often eat together.”

Yeon-woo also answered his question sincerely.

"Are you closest to Jay's home shopping director Hyun Ki-joon?"”

She also asked him questions of the same nature.

We knew roughly what kind of friends each other had, but we had never asked this question.

"Well, I'm not sure he thinks so, either.”

His answer seemed to have a lot of meaning.

Yeon-woo recalled what her mother-in-law Mi-hyun said in "Another Future."

"He rarely opens his heart. Sometimes my mom and dad hit the wall, too. There's nothing to show that you don't like it, but there's no more to show that you like it. I have a lot of close friends, but I didn't seem to open my heart to them.”

A person who doesn't open his heart to his friends.

A scary, poor man, stuck somewhere in his emotional exit.

Yeon-woo recalled how lonely it must be inside.

For the first time, I wished he was happier, not just alive.

"Someday, we. Let's eat together at home."


Offer and acceptance without a commitment.

It is not known when the fragile promise will become a reality, but there is hope in Yeon-woo's heart.

I felt a little closer to him.

It was a bit of a squabble, but it was still a useful time as a first breakfast for the two of them.


After filling his stomach, Seonjae, who drove Yeonwoo to the front of the school's humanities museum, got out of the car together.

I pulled over in a secluded place, and when he got out of the car, I could feel people even looking at him.

Yeon-woo also thought that he seemed to have a halo.

It feels like the campus is brightening up with trees showing their thin branches due to falling leaves.

"Thank you for the ride. Thank you for breakfast."

However, Yeon-woo said hello immediately to send him back because he felt uncomfortable with the eyes around him.

It was also not to take up any more of his time.

Seonjae was a little disappointed when he heard her greeting.

I wasn't disappointed with Yeon-woo, but I was disappointed that time went by.

Strange, I feel like time flies when I'm with her.

"When are you coming today?"

Yeon-woo opened his lips first because he didn't move like Jangseung even in his greeting.

"I'm going to be late again today.”

I wanted to go home early, but I couldn't help but be scheduled late.

Still, if I successfully carry out today's schedule, I might be able to rest tomorrow.

Then I might be able to eat at home with you.

As you suggested earlier.


Yeonwoo nodded. There's no sign of regret on her face.

Seon-jae really thought he should leave now, and he opened his mouth to tell Yeon-woo one more thing.

I had to ask you not to sleep in front of the front door like yesterday.

"I'm going to sleep in front of the front door today..."….”

"Lee Yeon-woo."

But across the street, I heard someone calling for his wife.

Seon-jae couldn't finish talking and turned his head toward the sound.

There was a man walking in.


Yeon-woo also waved his hand and said hello with his head pulled aside.

As her face, which had only her eyes open like a doll, turned bright, Seon-jae became uncomfortable.

Besides, I said senior. He's my senior.

I'm a senior. He's a senior too.

For her, I'm the same senior as him.


The senior who came to his face quickly recognized his face.

Kang Seon-jae is a person that others recognize without having to introduce himself.

The man introduced himself to him with a nod.

"Hello, I'm Shin Hee-jin. I'm an assistant in the same lab as Yeon-woo."

Sun-jae's eyes, which were staring down at the man, widened.

……Shin Hee-jin?

Shin Hee Jin...... a man?


A long time ago, Sunjae asked a school employee to secretly receive a list of Yeonwoo's lab members.

It was not intended to monitor Yeonwoo. I was worried because I thought she was uncomfortable with men.

At that time, he was relieved of the fact that all the lab members were women and had no worries about his wife.

I still remember the list saying Shin Hee-jin.

No matter how hard I look at it, this guy is not a woman.

Shaven marks, shoulders, flat breasts, and the voice he was calling his wife.

I felt like my head was spinning. The seaweed soup, which I ate quite satisfactorily, seemed to come back.

What do you mean Shin Hee Jin is a man?

I will punish you, this man.

"This is Kang Seonjae."

Seonjae hid his simmering insides and reached out to Heejin.

Hee-jin smiled comfortably and held the hand together.

Usually, if they are like them, they are depressed by his fierce eyes and bow their heads, avoiding their eyes, but Hee-jin smiles proudly, facing the face without any hesitation.

"Talk to Yeonwoo a lot..."…I didn't hear you. Yeon-woo doesn't talk much about the house."

Hee-jin's words were somehow heard in Seon-jae's ears, "Yeon-woo doesn't talk about you."

"What's there to talk about couples?"

Sun-jae responded to the war of nerves by shaking off smirking sales smiles.

"I've heard a little bit. Shin Hee-jin."

And I highlighted the word 'a little'.

In Yeonwoo's life, he had to nail down that a person like you was just a senior.

"I didn't expect to see you like this. I guess you're having a problem over here."

"No, I just came to take Yeon-woo."

Yeon-woo is just blinking, amazed that the two of them finished their communication on their own without having time to introduce each other.

Seeing that, he was a Seonjae who couldn't fall off.

You put this innocent, innocent wife in the same space with someone you don't know if she's going to be that black or red inside.

You're gonna have to stay in that lab forever? Eat together, work together?

"I'm going home early today. Yeonwoo will come early, right?”

I pressed my heart and asked Yeonwoo.

Yeon-woo, who was absent-minded, opened his rabbit eyes to Seon-jae.

"What? You said you were going to be late..."….”

"Because the schedule has been changed."

Seonjae covered her question with his voice.

Yeon-woo, who had been with me until now and had been told when the schedule had been changed, tilted his head with a dumbfounded face, got goosebumps at the continued greeting of Seon-jae.

"I'll see you later at home."



Yeon-woo then wrapped himself in his arms and patted him on the back, failing to give a proper response, and hardened.

What the hell is this?


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