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Chapter 20

 Yeon-woo caught her mother-in-law passing by in front of the kitchen and hugged Seon-jae's waist.

They flew to create a picture of a couple who got along.

If you think you fought, it'll look like a conciliatory action.

I grabbed my husband like that.

I didn't know there was such a new world.

How can it be so spacious, solid and cozy.

The sleek texture of the shirt was soft enough to absorb the skin and the thickness of the thin fabric made me imagine the cold muscles in it.


Dudung, Dudung, Dudung, Dudung.

His beating heart was very moving.

It may have been even more poignant because it was the first time to hear his heart beating with his ears on his chest.

The moment it's clear he's a living man.

As soon as I'm confirmed to be a healthy person.

It's a moment to be thankful that he's alive, that everything that's been angry so far has slowly unraveled and returned to the past.

Yeon-woo's arm, which thinks she should keep this heart sound, is energized.

Yeon-woo hugged his waist more tightly without realizing it.

Oh, good. This guy's heart is beating.

I want to stay like this...….

"Get off."

But the time of emotion didn't last long.

As soon as her mother-in-law Mi-hyun left, Sun-jae released her arm and pushed her shoulder away.

Her expression of emotion was relieved, and she also became a sullen face.

Yeon-woo, who became empty, sarcastically sounded as if he could not hear.

"Chi, who's good at acting...….”

"Stop babbling and speak up.”


Yeon-woo returned to the chef's position with his lips twitching as if to look at it.

Her hands taste the soup.

Sun-jae, who suddenly became a mean husband who pushed his wife away, became sorry again.

I didn't push him away because I didn't like him, but because he felt weird.

It was the first time she had rushed since last week's wedding.

It was a kiss back then, but if it was some kind of half-baked artificial respiration, it's a real hug now.

A full hug, fully attached.

It was a scene of experience where you can feel and guess where her body is, where it bulges, where it fits, where it's soft.

The day she fell asleep in front of the porch, the curve, which was hard to take her eyes off, dimly identified the coveted bend.

In addition to that, how can you overcome the cute force on your wrapped arm and the itchy breathing bundle pouring into your chest?

The moment the next urge arose, the power of reason shook her off.

She seems to have sulked again, having blocked such a red herring but not apologising just before.

He talked to me carefully. I couldn't wait to make up and take him home.

"Can you cook?"

"There's nothing I can't do.”

My wife's answer is full of thorns.

"Get out of the way."

Yeon-woo said so, but Seon-jae couldn't leave her side.

It's been a while before she spits out another foul word.

"I've been learning how to cook since I got married, what have you learned?”

I didn't know she'd even learned to cook.

"Have you learned nothing without courtesy?"

I didn't hate him at all even though he was snapping. Rather, I want to follow you around more.

I don't know what the spell is.

She began to babble, perhaps a little relieved.

"Did you know I've been setting you breakfast for a week after the wedding? I don't think you're going to have a sickle, so I didn't put my spoon on you to eat alone."

This is also a newly learned fact.

I vaguely remembered that time.

"I don't usually eat breakfast. And I thought it was your dinner. As you said, there is only one pair of spoons."

"I told him to eat and leave!”

"Did you talk as loud as you do now? You didn't babble?"

That was the case. By the time she was just married, she was timid and had a small voice.

Despite being stabbed to the head, Yeon-woo is even more dazzling. Now, as a reminder, he has to crouch on his own, not ask or question.

Seon-jae gave in to her eyes.

"Okay, I'm sorry. I'll have breakfast from now on."

"Wow, you want me to set you breakfast all the time?”

Alas, her anger index seems to be getting higher.

"Then what do you want? Why are you bringing it up now?"

"You don't seem to know a thing about women.”

Yeonwoo's thumb and index finger were slightly overlapped in response to Sunjae's lackluster appeal.

It may look like a finger heart to others, but that's not Yeon-woo's expression.

"It's not a finger heart, it's really this much. For example, a pinch of salt."

Finger heart. A pinch of salt.

I had no idea, but when she said so, her fingers looked even more like hearts.

The second embarrassing moment.

I'm smirking in the midst of a serious situation.

Finger heart. A pinch of salt.

Oh, this is how cute you want to pinch me.

His whole nerves react to her serious look.

It was thanks to Mi-hyun's timely arrival that prevented Sun-jae's impulse, which was almost pinpointed.


"Yes, yes, mother."

Yeon-woo replied, hurriedly hiding a pinch of salt behind his back.

Mi-hyun, who could not have dreamed that the meaning of the finger was "a pinch of salt," showed them her thumb and index finger overlapping as Yeon-woo did.

"Sae, I want you too!"


Mother, that's not what I meant.

What a beautiful misunderstanding.

Since what happened has to be resolved, Yeon-woo comforted her funny heart and gave feedback to her sensible mother-in-law, who also knew finger hearts.

"Yes, Mother. Me too, Mother!"

Cute hearts shining in the air.

Seon-jae couldn't say anything and just stared blankly at Yeon-woo's cute response.

"You're a senior, too."

Yeon-woo, who glared at him, gritted his teeth and quietly instructed Seon-jae.

Seonjae whispered, too.

"You want me to do this?"

"Do it—it doesn't cost you money."


What can you do? If my wife tells me to, I'll just shut up.

Mother, I also...….

For the first time in his life, Seon-jae tried acting cute to his mother.

Unexpectedly, it became a good son.


The table surrounded by Yeonwoo and Seonjae, Mihyun and Unho.

It's time for Yeon-woo to get married and have his first meal together.

Since all the side dishes were prepared, all Yeonwoo did was cook soup and egg roll, but he was proud that he prepared it alone.

"It's beef radish soup. I'm the best at this, but I don't know if it suits your taste."

Mi-hyun and Un-ho, who sat in front of the table, smiled and wondered why.

My father-in-law Unho opened his mouth first.

"Didn't you hate beef radish soup?"

"Yeah, you said you didn't want radish chewed.”

Mihyun helped out, too.

Just a little bit.

Yeon-woo's hand, which was on the table, stopped abruptly.

It was also the first time to eat together, and there was no indication of her husband's likes or dislikes.

It was unfair.

Let me give you a heads-up, man, he knew I was preparing beef radish soup and didn't say anything.

I wonder if it's retaliation for everything she's done yesterday and today.

Seonjae looked at the beef radish soup with blank eyes and slowly raised his head and headed for Yeonwoo.

My wife was glaring in the white.

You told me not to look like that.

Do you think your eyes are so soft?

Her eyes were walking in telepathy.

Hey, husband. Are you going to embarrass me by being fed up with me for not liking it?

Are you going to make me a stupid wife who doesn't even know her husband's taste?

Seon-jae, who understood his wife's wits, recited it like a machine.

"……I like it. I started to like it."

His parents didn't doubt it at all because he was a man who didn't express his feelings even though he didn't feel sincere.

Seon-jae scooped the beef radish soup into his mouth to take responsibility for his words.

Seonjae's beef radish soup is already at the bottom.

"Honey, the soup is so delicious."

"Do you want another one?"


In the end, Seonjae drank another bowl.

Thanks to Seonjae's hard work, it's a warm evening.

"Oh, my God. Sunjae is chewing radish. Marriage is good, of course. I didn't expect you to change like this."

Mihyun said with a proud expression.

Unho helped me with this.

"You deserve to like radish soup. I didn't know my stepbaby would cook so well."

"I know. What can't Yeonwoo do?"

Mihyun asked nicely.

"No, I only know how to cook this."

Yeonwoo's response is nothing short of true.

Seon-jae swallows tears and glances at Yeon-woo.

No, you're a natural genius.


"Did you guys really fight?”

After dinner, Sun-jae, who became a good son, decided to clean up.

Mi-hyun quietly approached and asked such a Seon-jae.

It was just a slight curiosity. I was going to give you advice to listen to your wife seriously if you hear that you fought.

But Sunjae's answer was off topic.

"Mother, you shouldn't be so careless about getting close to Yeonwoo. I'm not good at it either.”

Not only is it cold-hearted.

"Did you have a fight?" He didn't answer that.…what do you think your mother is?"

Mihyun showed her disappointment. However, Seon-jae did not change a single look.

"Everyone does. I think I'm a good mother-in-law, so you have to look back on everything you do.”

"Chi. Yeonwoo likes it."

"That's the problem. If my mom asks me what I should do first, I'll tell her everything I like Yeonwoo. Then, you become neglectful of yourself.”


"Mother, Yeon-woo is the first person to see me hurt this much even if I hurt her this much."

Seon-jae gave a brief account of what happened last night.

He was trying to figure out the peculiarities of his wife, who forgets to take care of her when she focuses on others.

I can't thank you enough for that.

"So sometimes it's scary.”

Following Seonjae's voice, Mihyun became silent.

"So don't call Yeon-woo too often even if she's pretty. Yeon-woo will sacrifice herself and adjust to her mother."

I know it's a cold horse, but Seon-jae thought it was best.


Seonjae, who finished cleaning up, came out of the house because Yeonwoo was not seen Yeonwoo.

Yeon-woo was sitting in front of the oven in the yard and enjoying the fire.

It's rare to make a fire in the outdoor oven of this house.

Today, to commemorate my daughter-in-law's visit, Unho made a special fire.

Looking at the ripe sweet potatoes in the oven, she has the eyes of a curious child.

I felt sorry to talk to him because he seemed to be in a state of despondency.

Looking at her like that for a while, her head turned to him for a moment.


Still sulking at him, she snorts briefly and turns her head back to the oven.

"Why did you come to this house alone?"

After checking the reaction, I feel like picking holes in her for no reason.

Yeon-woo stood up and argued coyly.

"I don't blame you for that, but you did a good job, you did a good job, you got along well with my mom. Shouldn't you be saying that?"

"No, but...….”

He meant to convey what he was worried about her, but her eyes were intense.

Yesterday, she told me not to look at her, so I can't even stare at her.


"Okay, good job, good job. With my mother...….”

When he tries to thank late, she cuts him off.

"That's enough."

After that, I can't believe what I'm saying.

"I don't want you to poke me in the ass."

I'm going crazy.

Why are you poking me in the butt? Your butt.

She still has a sulky face after spitting out ridiculous words.

You didn't catch the slip of the tongue.

Oh, let's not laugh. He's serious right now...….

Seonjae had a hard time holding back his laughter.

The tip of the lips kept trying to soar into the sky regardless of their will.

Why is a student so weak at idioms? Maybe it's on purpose to look cute.

With all his might, he held back his laughter and called her quietly.

"Lee Yeon-woo."

I think I need to untie the knots from yesterday.

“??, ?? ???? ??? ? ? ???.”


“??? ??? ???? ? ?? ? ???.”


“?? ???? ??? ? ??.”

??? ???? ??? ??? ????.

“?. ?? ??.”

??? ???? ??? ?? ????.

“?? ????? ? ?? ??, ??.”

??? ??? ?? ?? ?? ????.



“?????? ??? ???? ? ???.”

After a while, to Seonjae, who recalls more topics, her voice sinks nicely.

"I'm sorry, too."


"You went to the hospital with me yesterday, and I got mad."

He shuddered to be apologized for a problem he didn't care about at all.

It's an apple as clear as her heart.

And then after a while, her voice becomes even smaller. Like a murmurmuring.

"And calling you a senior one day...….”

The voice was so small that I couldn't help but concentrate on her.

"Someday we'll find another alternative, right?”

She, shyly hesitating and making a small voice, looks at herself with a sparkling smile.

A smile stays long.

I want to keep that smile.

Other latent desires also wriggle.

My heart throbbed mournfully.

"Not a play, but a real one?”

I approached her at once and got rid of the gap.

Yeon-woo, surprised by the suddenly narrowed distance, stumbled. Seonjae held on to her so that she wouldn't be shaken.

In time, he found himself fully in his clean eyes and gently swept away her soft hair and felt her fine jawline as if tickling it.

Yeon-woo was accepting his touch, unable to understand the English language because he didn't tell me what he was really doing besides the play.

The warm body of the oven could not move as if fascinated by his cool fingertips.

At that moment he strode down his head down.

What... what?

Her lips opened blankly as his face popped up and burst into a hot breath.

Through that gap.

He gradually pushed the heat of his own.

Carefully, not to be surprised.

But Yeon-woo's hands couldn't overcome the embarrassment and shook in the air.

Sun-jae followed her arms, passed through her tender wrists, and held her hands tightly.

Her hand, held in his big hand, wriggled a few times.

Her movements subsided as she gently wrapped her hands in relief.

The soft tongue was sweet as if it were melting.

Her breathing, gulped into herself, groaned like a groan. My head is ringing.

His hot breath exploded again.

The moisture she was hugging was distant and tantalizing. I felt dizzy and thirsty at the same time. The instinct to covet deeper and deeper moved.

I can't believe how I've been acting.

I don't want to see this moment any more.

To a place where there's no one.

I want to go to a place where only the two of us can be.


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