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Chapter 21

 The first kiss from two years ago.

What he said then is still stuck in his heart.

"I need to do a play. Can you do it?”


"We have to make them trust us."


"that our marriage is real."

"Hold on."


"Tell me if you don't like it. I won't do it if you say no."

But unlike the dry words, the kisses that followed were fascinating.

A kiss that allows her poor situation and shows her desire while comforting her.

I was sad that the calm yet desperate movement felt somehow affectionate.

I was caught up in that.

After his lips fell, he was as dazed as if he had swallowed his soul.

The stinging words I heard then.

"There will be nothing forced. That's all you have to do. I don't want anything else."

That was the first thing Seonjae said after taking off his lips.

It became a curse.

Yeon-woo's heart, which was briefly enchanted, was relentlessly abandoned.

So I was surprised.

This person can kiss like this even though he doesn't have a heart.

So I got scared.

How much I will be swayed by the eyes, the way I speak, and the kind words.

It was a night when I realized what it meant to get married that I couldn't reach.

However, Yeon-woo did not cry because it was his own choice.


I can't always come to my senses that he gives me.

I think I was looking at him and chirping like a sparrow until just now, but I don't know when my hands were held together like this.

His breath surrounds himself hotter than the oven.

Soothingly gently and gradually tied up and eventually stuck.

So that I can never think of anything else, so that I don't have time to look away.

Just focus on him.

He just makes it happen in one fell swoop.

Such a kiss became a habit, and unlike my heart, I became a habit, and I was dragged away again.

When Yeon-woo's movement stabilized, a large hand that held her hand again climbed up her arm, swept her shoulder, and gently wrapped her back neck.

Fingers penetrating the collar were a little dangerous as if they were trying to touch the skin even more.

She backed out in surprise. My lips fell off.

But Sun-jae filled her steps as much as her missing spot.

His expression, which approached him with his head tilted at an angle and his eyelids lowered, showed a desire that had not yet been washed away.

To continue the kiss, he reached out again to grab her.

Yeon-woo's eyes were like a slide into a deep well.

When I got into that grasp, I felt like the moment of silence and the long darkness would begin again.

The time I spent focusing on his safety in the past seemed to be scattered.

You'll go back to the way you used to be when you couldn't say a word to him properly.

Yeon-woo, overcome with a sad feeling, turned his head to avoid him.

And in her sight, it took the front door of the open mansion to close.

It seems like the mother or father was watching.

It's a play.’

It's not real.

Boom, I came back to reality.

"You're a little mean."

You must have taken me easy because I've been fresh.

But I also wriggle when I step on it like an earthworm.

His eyes widened at her resentment.

"But you can't do this. You know I'm afraid of you."

Yeon-woo said calmly, although she was forced to get wet on her voice.

I hugged you in the kitchen earlier and you told me to stay away.

A man who doesn't even blink and can say what he really wants to say.

She's still scared of him. It makes me feel that something that's not real is real.

At her harsh words, Seon-jae also escaped from the spell of indulgence and returned to reality.

The heart that came to mind to be happy quickly sank to the floor.

"Am I just scared?"

"I can't move because I'm scared. I can't move if you hold on to me.”

She spoke stiffly as if she were rebuilding the relationship I've restored.

The lights in his eyes were seen shaking, but Yeon-woo couldn't read what the eyes longed for.

I didn't think I should read it.

Today he wanted to claim he was over the top.

"Unlike my heart, I'm completely swept away by you."

Don't get excited.

Don't move on.

Don’t count on it.

Every time he kissed me hotly, the words he shouted at my heart came back to life and roared in my head.

The two men had a two-year wall.

For that long time, the two were a thorough show window couple.

The time before Sunjae takes the emotion out of his kiss.

It's time for Yeon-woo to expect nothing from Seon-jae.

Yeon-woo was hurt by Sun-jae's play, creating calluses in his heart to avoid further injury.

But if you approach me with the word to cut off the calluses, I can't help but get hurt myself again.

Please, just let me focus on your safety and not on you.

While he was as stiff as he was afraid, he came one step closer.

But this time Yeon-woo ran away two more steps.

And one more step, one more step.

Yeon-woo, who was walking backward, soon turned around and left the house.

"We're going to go now.”

Yeon-woo, who came into the house, said to Mi-hyun.

"Go? You can sleep over."

"No, I'll come back later."

"Did you eat sweet potatoes?”

Mihyun's question reminded me of the sweet potato of the oven.

Just five minutes ago, I wanted to take out sweet potatoes quickly and eat them, but now my appetite has gone away.

When Yeon-woo didn't answer, Mi-hyun glanced at Un-ho.

"Honey, did you just go get the sweet potatoes?"

"Hmm, hmm."

Unho, who was wandering around the living room for no reason, cleared his hoarse throat and went outside.

Yeon-woo found out that it was his father-in-law Unho who saw what had happened in front of the oven.

I was embarrassed.

Yeon-woo went outside with Mi-hyun and watched Un-ho take sweet potatoes out of the oven.

Seonjae helped with the rhyme.

The roasted sweet potatoes in the paper bag were placed in Yeonwoo's chest through Mihyun's hand.

"Daughter-in-law love is father-in-law. Yeonwoo, your father-in-law never did this to me."

"Why not? There must have been one."

Mi-hyun smirked at Un-ho's sullen remarks and asked questions.

"Oh, Sae-ah, do you have time next week?”


Seon-jae, who remained silent, pressed Mi-hyun's question.

Less than an hour after Yeon-woo told her not to call her too often even if she was pretty, her mother, who was trying to make the next appointment, was unhappy.

But Mihyun did not lose either.

"I'd like to buy you some dresses for your daughter-in-law. Your dad's 60th birthday party is coming up soon. Yeonwoo, if you have time, let's stop by the shop together."

"Yes, ma'am. Okay, ma'am. I'll be free on Friday afternoon."

"Okay! Then I'll book a shop for Friday afternoon."

Mi-hyun welcomed Yeon-woo's answer and gave Sun-jae a hint.

Seonjae said no more in front of him.

Sun-jae, who broke up with her parents and took Yeon-woo out of the mansion, opened his mouth a few minutes after driving away.

"You don't have to go see your mother on Friday. I'll talk to my mother well."

"I said I was going because I wanted to.”

It was a dry answer with no emotion.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Yeon-woo turned his head out of the window. He seemed to turn a blind eye on purpose.

Seonjae couldn't speak any more.

What she said in front of the oven kept ringing in my head.

"Unlike my heart, I'm completely swept away by you.”

Contrary to my mind.

Indeed, a word that confirms that there has been no other emotion in her actions.

I found out that she had this heartless side of her, who had been very active in recent weeks.

It's as confusing as it was when I found my divorce application.

Can't we go any further because that's how we started?

Is it an illusion to think that our relationship has become closer?

Seonjae didn't want to admit the illusion.

Arriving at the two's house, Yeonwoo went up first.

After parking the car, Seon-jae followed Yeon-woo and headed straight to Yeon-woo's bedroom.

Yeon-woo was also sitting on the bed without taking off her coat because she had a lot in her head.

"I'm sorry."

Seonjae apologized.

It's already the second time I've apologized today.

"But there was a time when you insisted that you couldn't get a divorce because you had a good kisses.”

Yeon-woo, whose face turned red, looked at him with sad eyes.

I know that the words of the time were just a stopgap.

However, I couldn't help but think about what would have happened between the two if Seon-jae had really snapped a kiss.

If you did, would you have this much displeasure today?

I pushed one more step with regret over the past times.

A relationship that has become flexible at best cannot be re-solidified.

"You shouldn't be afraid of me. 'Cause I'm your husband.'

Seonjae also said what he had in mind.

I also had to stop because you were afraid of me, but now I can't show my back.

"Just as you've changed, we need to change. We can't stay like this."

She spoke in a brave voice, fearing she'd be frightened again, but with strength.

Yeon-woo's clear eyes somehow felt pathetic. Like his heart.

"So you, too, have to try to accept me.”


"Even if it's hard, get through it. I'll help you."

I wanted to push it further, but I understood her mind and said softly.

But her acceptance was another shape.

"What, what do you want me to get through?”

Yeon-woo asked, "I don't know what you're asking me to overcome."

I think I really need to point it out one by one.

"Get through me."


"Everything I do. Everything I'm gonna do."

"What are you going to do?”

I really, really need to get this straight.

"What you were afraid of."




"And one day it'll be more than that."

He confessed everything as much as he wanted.

I didn't think I'd say it around the bush.


Yeonwoo's answer is also relentless.

"All you have to do is play."

Her expression shows her cold will to keep her current position firmly.

"You said that. I just need to play a little bit. I don't want anything else."

Yeon-woo once again brought up the words from two years ago.

"Can't I get something more to ask for?"

He was also desperate.

But the mind couldn't touch the action.

He's just sticking to his guns as he's always been.

"You shook me, too.”

"You're not a rocker."

"How can you not shake when you shake."

He was a poor speaker.

"You're my wife. It's natural to be next to you, to hug you, to kiss you."

"So, you're asking me to release my libido?”

Yeon-woo uttered a word with a look of resentment.

Seon-jae, here he is, in a bleak position, which he cannot shout no.

That hot craving is sexual desire.

But it's a little unfair to trap my heart in a word.

"You're right, though."

It was frustrating that there was no clearer vocabulary.

"But there's no point in having fun alone."

He finished there to cool off each other's exasperation.

"Go to bed."

Without gaining anything, she turned around without any persuasion.

"I'm sorry if I've changed a lot lately and given you some room for misunderstanding."

Then he heard a heartless voice again.

"It could have looked like you were trying to look good to him. But that's not my original personality. It's just a product of effort. Like I said a week ago, I don't care about you."


"I just want you to live a healthy life.”

Sounds like she won't be in the future where he's doing well.

Does she still have a divorce in mind?

Does this mean that they will reject deeper relationships in order to move away easily someday?

"I'll go."

Seon-jae couldn't answer Yeon-woo's question anymore and left the room.


Three days went by without a fuss.

Seon-jae took some time to find a building during his working hours.

The opposite of entertainment.

It is a building where Yeon-woo's best friend Su-ji works.

Three days ago, I heard harsh words from Yeonwoo, but he didn't give up. I couldn't give up.

He thought Yeon-woo should properly dig into the source of his fear of men.

But I couldn't ask Yeonwoo directly, so I used my friend's chance.

Since he didn't even know Susie's contact information, Seon-jae went to the office recklessly.

At the entrance, the desk staff handed out their business cards and let them into the office without saying a word. Susie was also able to confirm that she was in her seat.

His business card was no match for a free pass card.

When I entered the office on the second floor, I saw Susie.

Susie was busy walking around the office, talking on the phone in one hand and a bunch of paper in the other.

It was like an office worker working hard.

Suzy got up and walked around, so I could find Seonjae faster than anyone else.

However, Suzy only blinked after recognizing Seonjae's face.

He didn't think he'd have business with him.

But since she's the husband of her best friend, Susie approached to pretend.

"Hello. I'm Yeonwoo's friend."

"Yes, I know. Kim Soo-ji."

"Oh, you know. How did you get here? Who do you want me to call?"

"I'm here to meet Suji Kim. I wanted to talk about Yeonwoo."

Su-ji's expression, which was pleased that Seon-jae recognized her, changed fiercely.

What is the reason for a busy person to come to his friend to talk about his wife? You can ask them yourself.

"Are you available? I'd like to talk to you now."

It was embarrassing, but Susie couldn't say no somehow.

Standing in front of him, I felt very depressed.

I still can't believe Yeon-woo, who is always calm, met such a man.

No. Is it because it's Lee Yeonwoo?

Does Yeonwoo dull this man's sharpness?

It's still confusing, but honestly, he's a very attractive person.

This man also pioneered a new area of eye purification for Suzy, who has a strong immunity to handsome people by looking at her awesome friends after getting a job at an entertainment agency.

Susie had a lot of work to do, but it was easy to get out of the office.

My boss, who knows who Kang Sun-jae is, told me a bunch of profile documents asking me to introduce our singers to Su-ji because she will do everything she has to do.

Susie's shoulders became heavy in many ways.

Seonjae, who recognized Suzy hesitating because she was embarrassed to come up with profile data, asked first.

"What are you holding, will you give it to me?"


Susie was mortified but couldn't help but seize this opportunity.

"Oh, I really shouldn't do this, but I was asked by the manager...…. It's the profile of celebrities in our company, so you just have to take it. I got it on condition of leaving the office for a while...…. Don't feel pressured."

"Thank you. I'll refer to it when I need to shoot an ad."

Seonjae gladly received Suzy's data. Let's talk about the commercial first.


Why is it so easy?

Susie was surprised that things had been solved easily.

I wonder if he's here to ask for something incredibly urgent.

"……I appreciate it, too. But what brings you here?”

Susie asked straight away what she was curious about.

Seon-jae couldn't bring up his business right away as if he couldn't easily drop his mouth.

It was Suzy, not Sunjae, who was nervous about this.

Someone who can't relax at all.

As expected, his presence was great.

Yeonwoo had a secret relationship without even realizing it.’

Suzy came to think that Yeon-woo must have hidden her love affair from her under the influence of Seon-jae.

"Does Yeonwoo talk about me a lot?"

After a while he opened his mouth.

"Yes…… No, no…"….”

Susie stuttered because she was worried that her answer would embarrass Yeon-woo.

"You can speak comfortably."

"I don't do much. I'll just answer the questions briefly."

Susie told the truth.

"I'm telling you."

"Yes, I'm guessing."

Seonjae added an answer.

"Yeonwoo doesn't talk much. It takes a long time to open up."

And soon I brought up the real business.

"I think that's because of what happened seven years ago."

Susie looked blankly at Sunjae.

Sun-jae spoke slowly, looking at Susie's countenance.

If Susie doesn't know, she'll make a big mistake.

"……about Yeonwoo's second year of high school."

"Sigh, yes..."That's right…"

Su-ji, who understood Seon-jae's words, nodded loudly, pouring out lamentation.

Fortunately, Suzy knew the story.

"Ma Sang-hee gets angry even when I sleep thinking about what she did."

However, somehow the direction of the story was different from what I thought.

Susie clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. I feel like I'm dying of injustice.

"Date violence? It's not funny, you've been in a relationship.…. If I run into you on the street, I'll pull your hair out."

Sunjae frowned at Suzy talking in excitement.

"……Ma Sang-hee?"

Ma Sanghee.

The name of the woman who remembers as the only daughter of Ma Jin-tae and Ok Seung-hye came from Su-ji's mouth. Out of the blue.

"Oh, Yeonwoo didn't tell you that?"”

Susie asked with a bewildered look.


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