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Chapter 22

 Susie nodded her head soon.

"No way, Yeon-woo can do that. I'm not going to bring up the old story myself.”

Seonjae was in a hurry.

"Can you talk to me? I want to know."

Susie was a little hesitant. However, since the story has already been brought up, it cannot be covered up.

"I think Kim Soo-ji is the only one who can tell us about this properly."

I also wanted Yeon-woo's husband to know this properly.

Susie spoke again thanks to Sunjae's desperate persuasion.

"I don't know how to live now, but Ma Sang-hee was helpless in high school. When her father said he was going to study with Yeonwoo at school, she let him go, so she sold Yeonwoo and went around a lot. Many high school students crawled into Yeonwoo's house because their alcohol became rice cake. Oh, you've heard about this."

Ma Sanghee's dad. CEO Mar Jin-tae.

He is the president of Jay Natural, a subsidiary of J Group. He and Seonjae meet five or six times a year.

"One day, Ma Sang-hee was having a serious affair with a boy in the school auditorium when she was found by a janitor. Ma Sang-hee's mother, who was called to school, came back home and treated Yeon-woo harshly. How can you not have an important friend?"

Ma Sanghee's mom. Mrs. Ok Seunghye.

Two years ago, at the department store, a woman who gave Yeonwoo a thumbs-up.

Their relationship was very deep-rooted.

"Some time after that, Yeon-woo was beaten by a man on his way home from school. No reason.”

Susie's nose turned red. In no time, tears dripped from her time.

"I'm sorry, black and white. I kind of have this kind of claptrap."

Seonjae silently pushed the tissue in front of Suzy.

I couldn't say anything because I didn't know how to comfort anyone, and he was also a bit of a heavy-hearted person.

Suzy, who had wiped away her tears and calmed herself down, spoke again shortly afterwards.

"There were bruises, wounds, and bleeding, so I called her home on the way to the hospital, and Yeonwoo's mom didn't answer the phone, but Sanghee's mom answered the phone." It was Sanghee's mother who came to the hospital. Yeonwoo's mother was not allowed to contact her. You're in shock."


"And then Ma Sang-hee's mom said I should report it as 'date violence'. If you call it "don't ask, assault," it could be an accident.”

Sunjae was dizzy.

The truth was not dating violence. The long-awaited records of events were superficial.

There was this manipulation behind it.

"The lawyer and whatever, they found out that Yeon-woo did what they told him to do. He always gets first place, so he feels burdened by exams. So he didn't just want his family to hear him out and finish it well. So the wound was healed, the case was handled, and then we found out. "The one who assaulted Yeon-woo was like that with Ma Sang-hee."


A few emotionally bound lamentations came out.

Seonjae swept his mouth with his trembling hand.

"Ma Sang-hee's mother was worried that her daughter was rumored to be in the auditorium with a boy. Then, he covered up Sanghee's case with Yeonwoo. That's why I convinced him to treat it as dating violence. He's dating Yeonwoo, not Sanghee. Then even if there's a bad rumor, I can put Yeonwoo's name on it."

It was disastrous and heartbreaking to think how the devilish people would have taken advantage of Yeonwoo.

"Maybe it was Ma Sang-hee's mom or dad who assaulted Yeon-woo. Ma Sang-hee's boyfriend would have bought him, maybe."

"Yeonwoo…… did you stay still when you found out about it?"”

Seonjae barely made a sound and asked a question.

"I didn't have time to think about it because I'm going to be a senior soon. There are some difficulties if my parents know. They said it's done because it's been managed. I heard that the guy who hit Yeon-woo also fled to the U.S."

He also knows that he went to the United States and was jailed on other charges.

"As you know, Yeon-woo has a strong mentality. He even hid his relationship with my brother-in-law for 3 years from me as a best friend, so I told him everything.”

Just a little bit.

Even though Susie used the intimate title "brother-in-law," Sun-jae flinched as if she had a needle stuck in her horse.

Suzy was also thinking that Yeonwoo and Seonjae had a love marriage.

Yeon-woo didn't tell Su-ji the secret of their marriage.

She must also be a tough woman.

"Anyway, my mom said she was worried, so she stayed at my place for a few days after I was discharged from the hospital. So you still don't know, so you can't tell me."

Suzy strongly asked Yeonwoo's friend.


After breaking up with Susie, Seon-jae went to work, finished what he had to deal with, and then went on his way again.

This time, I moved to meet Yeon-woo's younger brother, Tae-woo.

Sunjae, who moved his car in time for Tae-woo's return home, was able to meet Tae-woo after waiting in front of the officetel for a while.

"My brother-in-law."

"My brother-in-law."

Taewoo came running in a welcoming voice.

Yeon-woo and his one-year-old brother, Ta-woo, have as good eyes as Yeon-woo.

Since she is an undergraduate at the same university as Yeon-woo, she also has a senior-junior relationship, but she rarely met Sun-jae.

Today, Seon-jae made an excuse instead of saying that he came to see his brother-in-law.

"I came to think of something nearby. How have you been?"


"Are you okay to study?”

"Yes, thanks to you. You came all the way here. Would you like to come in?"

Taewoo readily guided Seonjae into the officetel.

I always wanted to get along with Seonjae, but I couldn't contact him hastily because my brother-in-law was busy and difficult.

I can't help but be thankful that my brother-in-law came to Taewoo himself.

"Shall I? Thank you."

Sunjae also appreciated Taewoo's suggestion.

Taewoo's officetel was not big, but it was a cozy space with everything.

My younger brother seemed as neat as my older sister, so Seonjae was amazed.

"It's a man's house, but it's not dirty.”

"If you don't clean up, you'll get in trouble."

"Yeonwoo sometimes goes there, right?"

"Yes, I come to get you side dishes or to nag you like a storm."

"Yeonwoo, do you nag?"

"Have you ever heard him nag?”

"……No, do it to me, too."

The embarrassed Sunjae's reply was a little late.

Well, it's not a lie to say stay healthy, it's a nag.

Seonjae quickly changed the subject.

"It's almost my first time talking to each other like this. I married Yeonwoo when I was in the army.”

"Right. I couldn't say hello properly because I had to come back right after seeing your wedding.”

"You must have had a hard time since you were discharged from the army. My mother and father went down to the countryside from Seoul and lived alone as soon as they were discharged from the military."

Seon-jae talked about the changed environment after Tae-woo was discharged from the army.

"It's more comfortable. I like everything."

"Did you feel uncomfortable in your previous home?"

"I was tied to Mr. Marjintae's family."

The topic became the direction that the forerunner wanted.

"When I lived in CEO Margin-tae's house...How was Yeonwoo?”

"You don't really talk about that, do you?"

Tae-woo, who knows Yeon-woo's personality well, asked Sun-jae comfortingly.


Sun-jae's answer made a knowing nod.

"Majintae's daughter..."….”

"Ma Sang-hee?"

Seon-jae intervened in the gap in the story and asked.

"Yes, Ma Sang-hee. She's the same age as my sister. That's why Ok Seung Hye had a complex. Ma Sanghee is behind my sister in everything.”


"They went to the same elementary, middle and high school, and my sister probably did all of Ma Sang-hee's homework. If I was asked, I just did it's okay. My mother and father are working at the house, so I think they've noticed."

It breaks my heart just to hear the story.

"Did Yeonwoo have a hard time?”

"I don't usually show that. There were some things that annoyed me about housework. Cleaning or laundry...…. Sometimes we fight childishly. But I'm very shy to my parents. It's a fox, a fox."

Taewoo teased Yeonwoo who wasn't there. It's typical of a younger brother.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

Tae-woo, who gossiped to his heart's content and belatedly looked at his brother-in-law, laughed, too.

"No, it's not.

In fact, I wanted to hear more about Lee Yeon-woo's appearance that I didn't know.

A woman who throws a childish fight at her younger brother's nagging and becomes a straight fox in front of her parents.

In the imagination, the figure is wrapped lovingly.

"Thank you for telling me.”

Seonjae looked at his brother-in-law warmly.

I hope we have more opportunities to talk together like this.

"But, brother-in-law, I've been wanting to ask you this for a long time.”

But Taewoo called him at the end of the conversation.

"Yes, go ahead."

"Why do you like my sister?"

Tae-woo asked with a look that he couldn't figure it out.

It was the look of an ordinary brother who couldn't understand every man who liked his sister.


quitting time

After leaving the lab, Yeon-woo shrank in the cold weather and hurried her steps.

When I came down to the first floor, I could feel my breath in the hallway.

Suddenly, I remembered Sunjae's advice to wear pants because it was cold.

It has been a cold war with Seonjae for four days.

I was familiar with the situation because it was no different from before I went to "Another Future," but somehow I was getting nervous and heavy-hearted.

"Am I being too harsh?’

Not long ago, you were grateful that he was alive.

You put your pride in such a thing.

It's a shame he didn't divorce me.

"What if I ask for a divorce because I can't solve my needs?’

That's what I thought at the end.

Yeon-woo, who thinks he is just dissatisfied with his needs, was just imagining what fits the frame.

Still, I am grateful to him for confirming that he is alive in the morning and evening.

It's good not to make unreasonable demands after Saturday.

"So shall we end the Cold War? It's comfortable to say hello.’

It is also easy to manage whether he is healthy or safe to maintain a close relationship with him.

"Sigh, but how can we make up? I pushed him away."

I want to keep checking my health.

I'd like to refuse to approach you, saying I'd kiss you.

It is very difficult to continue a relationship that fills his greed and blocks his greed.

But it's all ultimately for his life.

I just want him alive pure and simple, but I'm upset that it's hard.

I walked with a sigh of thought on the street and reached the driver every time.

By the way, it wasn't a knight who was waiting for her.

The guy who was sitting on the bench and stood up and took a photo shoot with the winter man theme on campus.

"Why are you here?"

Yeon-woo asked Seon-jae, who quietly breathed white at him.

"I've been waiting."

"Why? What's wrong?"

"I just wanted to wait.”

Seonjae captured everything in Yeonwoo's eyes as if he were absorbing it.

I just met two people closest to Yeonwoo, and it seemed like I came back after a long journey.

"I was wondering how you felt."

Yeonwoo thought. There's nothing to be curious about.

"What about you, sir.

"I told you to just go in."

"Did you have dinner? I ate."

"I know."

Seonjae's attitude reminded me of the time when he approached his mother-in-law's oven a few days ago.

I can feel the stillness of his eyes wet with excellence.

Not to mention being naturally enchanted by it.

Yeon-woo turned a blind eye to himself and asked in a sullen way.

"Aren't you going to ride it? It's cold."

"Let's type."

In response, Yeon-woo stepped toward the car next to the bench.


Then, Sunjae suddenly covered one of my eyes with his hand and made a groaning sound.


Yeon-woo stopped walking and turned around to bite.

"I think I have something in my eye."

Seonjae was forced to sit back on the bench again.

His answer prompted her to rush back.

"Get your hands off me."

"It stings."

Yeon-woo took off Sun-jae's hand wrapped around his eyes.

And I opened my knitting eye with my fingers.

"Ah, why, why."

"What an exaggeration. Hold on a second."

Yeon-woo gathered wind in his mouth and blew it in front of Seon-jae.

And one more time, huh.

"Are you okay? Can you see it?"

Her mouth-to-mouth skin tickles.

Seonjae blinked his eyes.

It stings and gives pain, and things in the world disappear and are blurred again.

In the meantime, her face is clearly captured.

Seon-jae looked at Yeon-woo's face, which was close to him.

"Why did you come all the way here? Because you're doing something you don't even ask...….”

Yeon-woo, who was raising his voice with excitement, hurriedly blurred the end of his words as if he could not speak anymore.

Seonjae also has a stiff heart.

Which one is real?

Is it true that you worry about me like this, or is it true that you push me away?

I can't say anything because both looks sincere.

I thought that what you've left behind and what you haven't asked for was to protect you.

I couldn't keep anything.

I thought this would be okay, but I was negligent.

It was a silent violence.

I've become a violent person to you, too.

I let you be afraid of me.

"Now I can see well."

I can see it now.

Now I see you right.

"You scared me."

She glanced lightly at her predecessor.

"Will you be able to drive? Should I call the driver again?”

A woman who doesn't have to move for herself, but can throw herself for others.

There's no word in the world to define you.

"I'm sorry."

He apologized with all his heart.

"That's enough. It's okay as long as you're okay.

She's trying to apologize for what just happened. I asked her like that.

"Aren't you upset?”


"That's how I made your first kiss."

Frustrated by the sudden story, there was a slight earthquake in her pupils.

"Well, what do you mean by that? How did you make it?”

His voice got louder as if he was really embarrassed.

"I'm fine."

And yet a woman who pretends to be nothing about past wounds of the past.

"I'm really, really fine."

"You were keeping in mind what I said back then.”

"It's just....”

Yeon-woo shouted while rolling his eyes in a hurry.

"It's because I have a good memory!"

"Then why did you do that."


"I don't care, why?"

I thought I was avoiding men because I was hurt by men.

So I couldn't get any closer.

It was so stupid.

No, no matter what the cause of the wound was, I shouldn't have left you like that.


"You were nervous when I got close. You didn't even look at me properly.”

Now I'm asking. It is a question two years late.

What we needed between us was not time, but a question.

"Well, that's, uh, for some physical reason."

Yeon-woo stuttered as if there was a poking corner.

"Did I scare you?”

"……I told you. The snow."

It's as if you've answered the question right.

"The look on my face scared me.”

Still, the conversation flows smoothly. Long time, no see.

"Then what am I supposed to do. Shall we close our eyes and talk?”

"Why are you talking so softly, scary."

"Don't be afraid to speak softly."

"Why are you pushing me, scary."

Reflecting on myself in the past when I was frightened by your frightened appearance.

Let's take a step forward.

"Are you still afraid of me?”

"Not like the old days, but...…”

She babbles again. The lips were so dainty that I laughed a little while I was eating.

"Okay. Let's take it easy."




"And me."

Yeon-woo swallowed dry saliva even though it was a most praiseworthy voice.

Somehow I felt like he had leveled up in the meantime.

I don't know which theme it is, but its presence has become more terrifying.

"Don't let you be afraid of me."

It's even scarier to approach with that saying.

This person's charismatic face is the problem even if he says all kinds of nice things.

With a face that looks like the most dangerous person at this moment.

"so that you can believe I'm a safe person."

It is to make an argument that is not convincing at all.

"so that you can trust me and follow me."


Resisting his presence, Yeon-woo asked unevenly.

"If there's anything to be fixed, you're the only one who needs to be fixed.”

"Because I want to do a lot of things with you."

And I want to protect you.

Seon-jae replied in a clear voice.

"Let's be a real couple, man."

Just as you approached.

I'm coming, too, to you.


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